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The Power of the Creative Moment

“We are in the “Presence” of our Creator (God if you will)
when we are in the creative moment”.

I experienced this in a most real way this weekend and yesterday as I worked in the kitchen training two new chefs so I can expand myself and stay focused on the healing work that is mine to do and the books that are mine to publish.

I’ve learned there is “Nothing for Nothing”.  There is Good to be uncovered in all things. Situations that seem most inconvenient can lead us into massive, mind-bending revelations if we remain open to them.    

What was the inconvenience?  My air conditioner went out this last Friday evening .   Terrible timing!   Not only are we in the “Dog Days” of summer in Texas, my son (an A/C guru) had just left town.  “After hours and weekend services” (emergencies) are super expensive.    I knew my son would be back on Sunday evening and I was willing to wait it out.

However, leaving for cooler shelter was not an option…I was committed to training these chefs Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I needed them trained this weekend for chef services already committed to.  I texted them and explained the situation, telling them I would totally understand if they wanted to re-schedule.  One said “no problem”.  She has owned several restaurants and is used to hot kitchens.   “If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen”…right?   Things shifted with the other and she ended up coming on Monday (I thought the A/C would be fixed by then).   As it happened I ended up not cooking on Saturday. It was late Monday night before the air-conditioning was up and running.

Over the course of the day on Monday all three  of us experienced the same “ah ha”.  When we were focused on the cooking; totally engaged in creativity, we were completely unaware of the heat.  We started at 92 degrees and ended at 97. (Saturday was not so bad.  The house had not had enough time to really heat up.)

We noticed at one point none of us had broken a sweat!  As soon as we brought our focus back into our surroundings we begin to notice the heat.  It was only then that we became uncomfortable and wet. 

What could have been a miserable experience, became a pleasant and even at times a joyful and fun one, full of awe and wonder as we became aware of this phenomenon. 

What became so clear to us through this experience?  What we focus on becomes our reality.  This is Quantum Physics in a nutshell.    And, the world disappears as we come into the Creative Presence.

“There is a way to be in the world and not of it”.  This is the way.   We are spirit having a human experience.  We are in a body, but what the body experiences does not define us or change who we truly are.  

“Nothing we could ever think, say or do will ever change what is True”.

When we are in our creative, infinite, undefinable state of being, we are living our True Nature as timeless spirit.

I challenge you today to prove this to yourself.   Our faith is reinforced through experience.   Change you focus, or as a client so eloquently said the other day, “Take a Shift!”   Shift the focus of your thoughts and see what happens.    Take note of what happens when you are in “creative mode”.  Bear witness to how the world disappears and with it any discomfort as you come fully into the present moment. 

I would love to hear about your “Creative Moment” experiences with this experiment.  Email me…

Here’s to your Peace, Joy, LOVE and Abundant Health!

P.S.  Stay tuned for “Could Mindfulness be the Cure for Forgetfulness”.

Healing the Relationship with Food… Part 2

Here is Part One in case you missed it:

Healing the body for many may mean re-establishing the relationship with our collective mother “Mother Nature”…What I call God’s Birthing Place.  The nurturing “organic” substanence for all forms of life comes from this womb.

The archaic definition of “organic” is “instrumental”.  Mother Nature is instrumental in the formation and nurturing of our bodies. 

Merriam Webster also defines organic as “organize”.  There is an organized structure to the creation of life.  Also, the word “fundamental” comes up.   This organic structure Mother Nature provides is fundamental in forming (informing) the “organized” organic whole.

A chemical reaction occurs when combining organic matter.  It is not the fundamental cause.  It cannot happen without the building blocks (the organization) that Mother Nature has already provided.

With all this being said, it makes sense that to rejuvenate, restore and maintain this human body and all bodies in nature for that matter, we need the perfect structure and building blocks that Mother Nature provides.  The chemical process is a step removed from this or can be many steps removed.

It is true we can raise the vibration of our food with our love and gratitude prayers and bring it more in alignment with what we need.   However, the more chemical a food becomes the further removed it is from Source and its nurturing, life sustaining energy.  Organic food is naturally most compatible to our organic bodies.

So, does this mean we must always strive for Mother Nature’s perfection in what we eat?  NO. Perfection is not a requirement in life.  Ironically, the need for perfection can take us out of alignment with our health and happiness by creating stress.   Judgement = Stress.  The body makes acid when under stress making it very hard to maintain a healthy pH.

If you are very inflexible with your food; always eating “the right” thing for fear of getting sick or beating yourself up for eating the “wrong thing”, the fear and judgment will sabotage your best efforts.   Fear is the energy behind all eating disorders; whether it is eating for perfection or eating to destroy perfection (your body).

Intention is everything.  If you are a “health nut” you can know if fear is running the show by asking one simple question.  “Am I eating to honor my body and support my God-given health or avoid dis-ease?”  

If you answered yes to the latter, you may want to take a closer look at what you are really trying to avoid.  What is the underlying fear?  As we undercover these fears, we uncover our Truth.  Someone said it like this (I can’t remember who), “Fear is just an initiation into fearlessness”.

There is “nothing for nothing”.
Every experience we have in life brings us closer and closer to our True Nature….LOVE. Through my experience with many clients over the years, I’ve come to realize, for many the relationship with food is mirroring a childhood perception of what “love is” based on their experience with a mother figure.  For instance; they may have felt unnurtured. 

Stay Tuned for Part 3 of “Healing the Relationship with Food”. … When the relationship with food is mirroring a mother/child relationship.  In this part I will share real life success stories from my client files. 

Thank you for tuning in and sharing.   Until next time, here’s to your Peace, Joy, LOVE and abundant Health!

Chef Gail

photo credit/Karen Guthrie

Curious if a Food IS Talking Intuitive Food Compatibility
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About Gail:

Gail Blair’s intuitive journey began as she began working her passion for food in 2009. In 2012 she birthed “Food Revelation” not having clue how relevant the name would prove to be.   Shortly thereafter she experienced a “spiritual awakening” and her intuitive gifts were ignited. 

As a plant-based chef turned Food & Medical Intuitive she has helped hundreds all over the U.S. and Canada remember their natural, God-given health through her “Food ISTalking” Intuitive Food Compatibility process.

Over the years, as her gifts have expanded, she has become a conduit for revelation (the name she gives to the Divine Wisdom she receives).  The 7 most important revelations led her to create the Evolution of FREE Health books and video series. The “Evolution of FREE Health” is the remembrance of our natural, God-given health. 

The first book released in 2016, “The Quinoa Cookbook Journey” is a super creative and tasty introduction into the series. The 2nd book in the Evolution of FREE Health series, “The 7 Missing Links to Abundant & Sustainable Health” is the focus of her latest speaking tour and the video series she is releasing to the public as she goes through the publishing process.

Keep up with Gail at:
Intuitive Chef Gail Blair on YouTube

 Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed nutritionist.  I am an intuitive.  Services and information provided in the form of tips, recipes, and nutrition advice does not qualify as a substitution for your medical doctor’s protocol or advice. I encourage you to trust your instincts and do what feels right to you, but seek guidance from your doctor concerning your health and wellness.

The Surrender Experiment…Cont’d

You may be wondering what has happened since I said YES to the “Surrender Experiment” on Sunday May 6th, 2018. Here’s the story in case you missed it:

I can tell you it has been quite a ride! The feeling of peace, I experienced after I said YES has not been totally consistent, but consistent enough to hold attention.  The ego is very persistent and insistent when it thinks you might be in any kind of danger – danger of monetary lack, danger of judgment from others, danger of failure and the greatest fear of all; danger of the unknown.

Shortly after I said YES I was telling my friend and mentor how the “surrender experiment” , reminded of a summer about 35 years ago when I was bound and determined to get up on a slalom ski.  My ex-husband and brother in-law were all excellent slalom skiers.   They were having so much fun pushing their limits and pushing my buttons.   I just had to learn how to do this!  I think this was the beginning of the knowing I could accomplish whatever I wanted as long as I was committed.

After drinking my fill of the lake all summer long, I finally found myself on top of the water.  Woo Hoo!   As soon as I was up I knew exactly what I had been doing wrong all along.  I was resisting resistance.   I was trying to pull myself up instead of letting the force that was pulling me up have its way.   It was so simple in hindsight.

The surrender experiment has taught me to stop resisting life; to stop resisting resistance.   It has taught me to open up to the guidance life’s events are offering , even when it seems that life is not on my side; when it seems to be “the resistance”.    It has taught me to talk back to my fear and look deeper into the face of fear for any untruth buried there.  My faith has been built to an unshakable level as I realize that life has never been my enemy; it has always only been my guide.    My entire response to life has shifted.   And, the confirmation that “YES Gail, by golly I think you’ve got it” arrived in church – again!  Go figure!

It arrived during a prayer.  I am a Prayer Chaplain and a couple of weeks ago I agreed to volunteer as Chaplain on this Sunday.  The Chaplain’s duty is to lead the congregation in prayer and to be available for those who would like private prayer support.   Often times I do not remember the prayers.  They flow through me.  This time I remembered the message.   It was confirmation for me and a message for others.  Someone came up to me during the offering and said he was going to request prayer with me after the service, but this prayer was what he needed.  It created a shift; a new perspective.  The Course in Miracles says the miracle is a shift in perception.

When we change our mind, everything changes. 

What has shifted in me is a much deeper understanding of oneness.  The “oneness” message has come up over and over again in the last couple of weeks, challenging me to go deeper and contemplate what it really means to be one with God and creation.    And, the prayer explained it so simply.  I love this quote from Einstein I’ve used many times (I love rhymes), “When the solution is simple – God is answering”.

I don’t remember the entire prayer.   I remember the main message:

If God is the cause of all life then God must be in all of life.  Therefore, I can my trust my life.  I can trust the ebb and flow of life to guide me.

If the Love that birthed me is within me then I can trust my heart and the emotions that spring forth to guide me and to let me know when I am out of alignment with this Love.

How does this relate to my experience over the last few months in this surrender experiment?  Since July I have experienced over 2 months of being in the flow.  Everything flowing so easily.  And, then the flow stopped.  The ego of course was fearful.  In the past I would jump in the boat with the fear and take a long tumultuous ride.  This time, I remind myself of what I now know and ask Spirit – what’s up?  What are telling me?  Where are you guiding me?

Something told me I already knew the answer before even before I asked the question.  Still I found myself trying to “figure it out” like our thinking mind likes to do.     Finally, I decided to ask my friend/mentor if she had any ideas about what was gumming up the works.  She always asked amazing questions!  It is one of the things I love about her.  The right question can knock a piece of sludge from the mind allowing the light of Truth to shine so bright!

The Answer – The Surrender Experiment has ended.  I had a feeling it was temporary when I said YES and said as much at the end of the initial blog.   It served its purpose so well.

Surrender is no longer an experiment – It is now a way of life.

I have seen what the power of surrender can do.   I have full faith in the flow of my life to
lead me to the extent I am willing to be led.
What does this mean with my work now?  I let Divine Guidance tell me what to charge or who
needs to be gifted the help.   A set fee schedule doesn’t work for everyone.  Every case is as
unique as we are.
This asking and receiving is no different than the guidance I receive in sessions or in my
private life. For instance: “Is it for highest best for all concerned to attend this event?” or when I
ask for a number I receive it; like asking for a body pH or asking, “How long is this food chart
good for?” 
  Simple and natural…this giving up and receiving.
We all have the ability to ask and receive divine guidance.  Surrender is the key; a giving up
of what we think or expect and a quiet mind to hear with.   Easier said than done….there is
work involved and we do the work when we are ready.
This is what I know for sure….As long as my only intention is to serve and I am willing to
receive, I am in alignment with the never-ending flow and the endless Source of Good.
There is nothing separate from me; not any person, place or thing – including money.   It has
been proven to me.    I experience this oneness with all as I perceive all through the eyes
of oneness.
This new faith I have is not a blind faith.  It is a faith built on experience through
experiment.   What is an experiment?  It is a challenge.  Show me what is true.   Truth
survived the Surrender Experiment.
What has transpired in my life since I said yes to the Surrender Experiment is nothing short
of miraculous!  It has also taken me way out of my comfort zone…for sure!   I’ve done a lot of
talking and soothing my fearful ego mind (I’ll tell you about Bailey, the “horse messenger”

#1 – I am now working with an incredibly gifted doctor/healer (Pamela Smith) in her clinic 2
days a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at “The Healing Sanctuary Institute of Texas”.  Her

methods support the body’s natural ability to repair itself.  I am so grateful to be another
tool in her toolbox.  I use my spiritual and intuitive gifts to help her patients align their
physical and energetic bodies with their natural God-given health.  This includes “Food IS
 Intuitive Food Compatibility Testing and other energetic work.  The vision I saw

years ago has come true and still I am pinching myself – “What just happened!”

If you are ever in the Uptown area of Dallas, stop by and say Hi.   If you are looking for a truly
holistic approach to abundant health and aging gracefully; your body, mind and spirit are
welcome here.

#2 – In 2 ½ months I saved over 60% of my income and bought a new car.  I have never
experienced such an ongoing cascade of abundance!   “The Car” in itself is a miracle.
Someone asked me, “Gail, with all the choices how did you choose?”  It was easy, the car
found me.   I have owned 3 Mitsubishis.  The last one for 18 years.  It has been a remarkably
dependable car.   For some reason, I had it in my head I wanted a Subaru (I’ve owned one of
these too and it was a good one).  I realized pretty quick the Subaru was not within the price-
range I was looking.
And, then my car showed up and low and behold it was a Mitsubishi and the color was right
up my alley – Starlight Blue!  (Some of you will get this.)   Out of 432 cars at (I was guided there – Chris Cazorla was amazing, by the way) that
met my criteria, there was only one Mitsubishi and it was absolutely perfect! What I wanted
was a small SUV with excellent gas mileage.   At 42 MPG, the gas savings alone makes the
very small car payment (I financed some) and the increase in insurance.    I love it!#3 – Just when I thought I was shifting away from cooking for clients, in 2018 I have found
myself doing more than ever.  I have said yes to this and this path has led to the most
amazing experience.  Something totally unexpected – beyond my wildest dreams!   I am
providing custom nutrition according to the Food IS Talking food compatibility chart for a
precious 14 year old with a brain injury on a feeding tube.  I can see the vision I saw at the
end of 2017 started to manifest….A full blown kitchen and retail space committed to custom
food and take out.

I believe we arrived on this planet with the perfect toolkit for maintenance and repair of
these natural organically grown bodies (all bodies in nature) and it comes from Mother
Nature herself – God’s birthing place.  We cannot duplicate what God has made through any
human effort.  What God has made is perfect for our bodies.
It makes complete sense to me that the body requires a lot of nature-made nourishment to
heal itself; something that is sorely lacking in many of the formulas available for feeding
tube patients.   Most of these formulas are packed full of processed sugar, oils and chemicals.
The improvement in her health, appearance and movement has been astounding since we
began in September.  It is truly amazing what can happen when the body is getting exactly

what it needs.

Thank you so much for following this journey and now for the delicious part!

Here’s to your Peace, Joy, LOVE & Abundant Health!
Chef Gail


We are at the tail end of fig season and I was blessed with a bumper crop from my daughter.  Here is what they made… Delicious!

Rosemary Infused Fig & Orange Jam

 (Inspired by – Gluten-free, Sugar-Free and All Plants)

2 cups fresh or frozen chopped figs, stems removed
2 tablespoon honey or to desired sweetness (for no sugar us 8 drops organic liquid stevia)
1 sprig of fresh rosemary about 2” long
2 drops food grade essential oil like Do Terra or Young Living (or 1 teaspoon orange zest)
1 cup water
2 tablespoon chia seed

In a medium sauce pan add all ingredients EXCEPT CHIA SEEDS.   Bring mixture to a simmer.  Cook for about 15 minutes stirring often.  Remove from heat.  Remove rosemary sprig.   Use a potato masher to mash or process for a smoother texture.  Lastly, stir in chia seeds.   Ladle jam into a glass jars.

Refrigerate overnight to let the chia seeds work their magic and for the flavors to meld.  Or, use traditional canning method to preserve for pantry storage. This jam will keep up to 10 days in the fridge or freeze up to one year.

Serving tips:   Of course, this jam is delicious on toast or bagels with cream cheese; even peanut butter sandwiches.   It also makes this impressive appetizer even better:  Top fresh baked crostini with a little goat cheese then a small dollop of fig jam.  Drizzle with honey if desired.

Note:  the chia seeds are a perfectly healthy alternative to the gelatin used in traditional jams and jellies and blend in with the seeds of the figs.   This recipe also works great with any fruit that has seeds like; strawberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Figs are full of essential nutrients.  The men will love this – figs support testicular health.   Go figure… What do they look like?  Mother Nature works like that.  For example:  Beets are good for the blood and heart health.  Carrots are good for the eyes – ever look close at a slice of carrot?  Avocadoes (shaped exactly like a womb) support womb and cervical health.

Here is a fun informational video on figs: 


photo credit/Karen Guthrie

Curious if a Food IS Talking Intuitive Food Compatibility Session with The Intuitive Chef can help you?  Schedule a “No Charge” 15 minute exploratory session here:

About Gail:

Gail Blair’s intuitive journey began as she began working her passion for food in 2009. In 2012 she birthed “Food Revelation” not having clue how relevant the name would prove to be.   Shortly thereafter she experienced a “spiritual awakening” and her intuitive gifts were ignited.

As a plant-based chef turned Food & Medical Intuitive she has helped hundreds all over the U.S. and Canada remember their natural, God-given health through her “Food ISTalking” Intuitive Food Compatibility process.

Over the years, as her gifts have expanded, she has become a conduit for revelation (the name she gives to the Divine Wisdom she receives).  The 7 most important revelations led her to create the Evolution of FREE Health books and video series. The “Evolution of FREE Health” is the remembrance of our natural, God-given health.

The first book released in 2016, “The Quinoa Cookbook Journey” is a super creative and tasty introduction into the series. The 2nd book in the Evolution of FREE Health series, “The 7 Missing Links to Abundant & Sustainable Health” is the focus of her latest speaking tour and the video series she is releasing to the public as she goes through the publishing process.

Keep up with Gail at:
Intuitive Chef Gail Blair on YouTube

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or licensed nutritionist.  I am an intuitive.  Services and information provided in the form of tips, recipes, and nutrition advice does not qualify as a substitution for your medical doctor’s protocol or advice. I encourage you to trust your instincts and do what feels right to you, but seek guidance from your doctor concerning your health and wellness.

Revelations, Resolutions & Recipes

Welcome to 2018!
For the last 4 years I have chosen a word to encompass and infuse every goal for the new year.  Last year it was “Expansion” and boy was it ever a year for that!



Creative expansion topped the list of all the ways I expanded.  I started drawing again.  Something I had not done since a child.  I took me 9 months to birth the horse in my mind’s eye – I was very resistant…lol.

I started writing poetry (the latest is below) and published Christmas cards with Spiritual Artist Pete Taboada (who is an “Expander”) and

I introduced the Evolution of Free Health  video series LIVE on Facebook! And, I have a new YouTube Channel – “Intuitive Chef Gail Blair“.  Talk about overcoming fear!  The goal is to have the next book complete and published in the first quarter of 2018.

And, I became a Prayer  Chaplain, something totally unexpected.

My WORD for 2018 did not show up until yesterday.   It was a recent family crisis that brought it forward – here’s the video  The word for this year is “REMEMBRANCE”.   The remembrance of who I AM and who everyone is.

What ever is going on in our lives or in the world does not change the truth of who we all are at the very heart….

We are LOVE, Born of LOVE, Pure & Innocent at the root.  In our human form we forget and then events help us remember.  This is the year I look for the Truth in every one and every event.  

The light of unconditional love is the mirror that others see themselves clearly in.  “I am looking for love in all the wrong places” (In the seemingly unloving and unlovable).  This is going to change everything in my world!  And, I am grateful!

This is the poem that was sparked by the event:

The Tear

A New Year is once again about to be here. Reminding me that life is oblivious…It has no mission other than to support our every commission.

From the death of our Truth into life’s illusion, we experience the world and get caught up in delusion. A tear is created.

As I count my blessings, many and more. I am aware of a shift…something new to be thankful for.

The Holy Tear that tears us apart creates sacred space to mend every heart.

Without the rift we would remain forever adrift….to the Truth in our hearts that was there from the start.

Without pain and great sorrow there could be no great joy. Without anger and hate we would not know what love is about.

Without judgment, unconditional love has no meaning. We would have no reason for being.

Today I am grateful on the edge of a New Year for the river of love that flows through each tear. Filling every crevice, mending every part until the tear is no longer and we are one heart.


Wondering what to do with your New Year’s dinner left-overs? Here is a delicious solution:

New Year Savory Pie

(Gluten-Free, Vegan with Vegetarian option)

This is my all-time favorite savory pie! It is designed for leftovers, so feel free to use whatever is in the fridge or frozen vegetables.

The mushroom, leek and shallot sauce will be good with just about anything or add more milk for the best cream of mushroom soup ever!

The oat crust has a delicious flavor and rustic quality that is perfect for this savory pie. However, if you’re in a hurry, buy ready-made crust or just pour the filling into a casserole and top with cheese and bake….yummy!

Oat Pie Crust

1 ¼ cup of oat flour
¼ cup tapioca flour
6 tablespoon butter, cold (or Earth Balance for vegan option)
½ teaspoon sea salt
4 – 6 tablespoon cold water

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. In large bowl, sift all dry ingredients together.

Chop butter in to cubes and cut into flour with fork until mixture is crumbly. Or use processor, pulsing a few times until butter is roughly incorporated. Mixture should resemble large crumbles.

Make a well in center of flour mix and add 4 tablespoons of water. Mix until dough holds together when squeezed. Add more water if needed 1 tablespoon at a time. If using a processor, dough is perfect when it starts to clean the sides of the bowl. Knead dough a few times and cut in half. Wrap dough in plastic and refrigerate while making filling.


2 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon butter or Earth Balance Vegan butter
3 leeks, clean and chopped with a little of the green part
2 shallots, minced (or garlic)
1 cup button or baby bello mushrooms, roughly chopped
1 teaspoon fresh chopped rosemary or ½ tsp dried
1 teaspoon fresh chopped tarragon or ½ tsp dried (thyme works well too)
3 tablespoon oat or rice flour
¼ cup dry white wine (chardonnay is good)
1 ½ cup vegetable stock (I love Better Than Bouillon concentrate in a jar)
¾ cup So Delicious coconut milk beverage, unsweetened (or organic milk for vegetarian)
2 dashes fresh grated nutmeg (or ground)
1 teaspoon sea salt and cracked pepper or to taste
1 cup wild rice, prepared (quinoa works well too)
1 bunch collard greens, chopped (boil or sauté until just tender and still bright green)
1 ½ cup prepared black-eyed peas (canned is fine – just rinse first)
2 cups cooked and cubed butternut squash
1 cup shredded gruyere or Swiss (optional for vegetarian version)

Preheat large skillet over medium high. Add butter and oil and swirl to coat skillet. Add mushrooms, shallots and leeks to hot skillet with a dash of sea salt. Sauté for about 3 minutes then add herbs. Stir frequently until leeks are translucent and mushrooms have released their moisture (5-7 minutes total).

Add flour to mixture stirring for a minute until well blended. Deglaze pan with wine and simmer for a minute. Add broth and bring to high simmer. Gradually add milk stirring constantly until sauce is thickening. Stir in nutmeg. Add salt and pepper to taste and set aside.

In a very large bowl gently mix together, rice, collards, peas, squash and mushroom, leek mixture.

Remove dough from fridge roll out each half of dough on parchment or wax paper for a 9” pie crust or 10″ seasoned iron skillet. Invert one crust into pie plate or skillet and gently peel paper away. Press dough evenly into place and finish edges as desired. Reserve other half for top of pie.

Spread veggie mixture evenly on top of finished crust. Spread cheese if desired on top of veggie mixture. Gently lay rolled out dough on top and pinch the top and bottom edges of dough together to create a tight seal.

Brush top with milk and pierce a few times with a sharp knife to vent the steam. (Or you can do a tart with top open – freeze the other half of crust).

Bake at 400 degrees F for 15 minutes then reduce to 350 degrees for 30 minutes or until pie is golden and bubbly. Let pie rest for at least 15 minutes before serving.



Photo Credit/Karen Guthrie

Photo Credit/Karen Guthrie

Curious if a Food IS Talking Intuitive Food Compatibility
Session with The Intuitive Chef can help you?  Schedule a “No Charge” 15 minute exploratory session here:

About Gail:

Gail Blair’s intuitive journey began as she began working her passion for food in 2009. In 2012 she birthed “Food Revelation” not having clue how relevant the name would prove to be.   Shortly thereafter she experienced a “spiritual awakening” and her intuitive gifts were ignited.

As a plant-based chef turned Food & Medical Intuitive she has helped hundreds all over the U.S. and Canada remember their natural, God-given health through her “Food IS Talking” Intuitive Food Compatibility process.

Over the years, as her gifts have expanded, she has become a conduit for revelation (the name she gives to the Divine Wisdom she receives).  The 7 most important revelations led her to create the Evolution of FREE Health books and video series. The “Evolution of FREE Health” is the remembrance of our natural, God-given health.

The first book released in 2016, “The Quinoa Cookbook Journey” is a super creative and tasty introduction into the series. The 2nd book in the Evolution of FREE Health series, “The 7 Missing Links to Abundant & Sustainable Health” is the focus of her latest speaking tour and the video series she is releasing to the public as she goes through the publishing process.

Keep up with Gail at:

Intuitive Chef Gail Blair on YouTube



2016 The Year of Harmony & Health


New Year Change2016 holds so much change and promise and it starts inside each of us.

I attended a New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Service last night at a beautiful little church (Unity on Greenville in Dallas, TX).  If you are wondering what a “Burning Bowl” service is; it is a special time to release to the Universe beliefs that no longer serve you or the greater good.

You may be holding onto thoughts that have kept you from enjoying your God-given inheritance of Peace, Joy, Bliss and even Health.  This is a good time to let them go.  As you let them go, you make room for new ideas and higher solutions.

As the pastor stated, “Gratitude is key.   It is impossible to be in a state of gratitude and be angry, resentful or unhappy”.  The more grateful we are, the happier we become.

It takes Faith to be in gratitude. The Faith that all is working in our favor, no matter what it looks like.  We learn from our experiences and then we get to choose better ones; ones more in harmony with the truth of who we really are – PURE LOVE made in the image of our Creator.

While listening to an incredible songwriter and singer last night, her words kept reverberating in my head.  I must share….

“You have the power to plant any flower and watch it grow”. -Robin Hackett.

Maybe this year you want to plant the seed of health.  Mother Nature provides our “nature-made” bodies with the tools we need in “nature-made” food.  If our mind and body can find harmony we find health.

Our bodies are governed by the same laws of nature as all of creation. When creation is in harmony it thrives.  When it is out of harmony it dies.

We may have an expiration date, but pain and suffering like gratitude and happiness is a choice.

All of creation is connected.  Every action affects the whole.   It is the same with our bodies.  What we EAT and “THINK” is the action that determines the effect on our “whole” body, mind and soul.

As we learn how to find balance and harmony within our bodies and minds; not only do we begin to heal ourselves – we begin to heal OUR WORLD.

It starts with just one.  YOU saving yourself.  You are the change.  BE that! And the world will follow.

I hope you enjoy the delicious, nourishing recipe below.  And I pray for your health and happiness in 2016.

Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

The Intuitive Chef

Getting Ready to take this to a New Year’s Celebration!   Adding brocolli for something green…

The Best Mac & Cheese Ever!  (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)                   Serves 6-8

4 cups cooked gluten free macaroni, shells or penne (Ancient Grains is great!)

2 cups So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage (plain unsweetened or make your own)*

1/3 cup nutritional yeast

3 tablespoon tapioca flour or arrowroot

1 teaspoon Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

½ teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon sea salt

¼ teaspoon white pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

½ teaspoon garlic powder

½ teaspoon smoked paprika

4 tablespoons Earth Balance Buttery Sticks (or real butter for vegan version)

Preheat oven to 350F.  Cook pasta according to package directions minus 2 minutes.  Drain and stop cooking process by placing in bath of cold water.  Set aside while you make the sauce.

Whisk together balance of ingredients in sauce pan.  Gradually bring to high simmer while stirring constantly.   It only takes a minute until it starts to thicken.  Remove from heat immediately.  CAREFUL! If you cook too long it will become thin again.  Remove from heat.

Place pasta in a 2 quart casserole or 8 x 8 glass baking dish and pour sauce evenly over pasta.   Dot top with butter and sprinkle with sweet paprika or smoked paprika for a smokey gouda kind of flavor.  Bake for about 20 minutes or until bubbly and starting to turn crisp a little on outside edges.  Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.

Tips:  Substitute cauliflower florets instead of pasta for a grain-free version.   Serve sauce over broccoli, or on pizza; drizzle over nachos.  Options are endless!  For vegetarians, add a little shredded cheddar on top to completely fool everyone.   Delicious, Cheesy Decadence!

*Process together 1 can of lite coconut milk and 3 cups of water.


Is The Re-invention of Mother Nature Hazardous to Our Health and Our Planet?

Three questions –

  1. If genetically modified food is so safe why the enormous push to keep consumers from knowing it is genetically modified?
  2. Is it possible to improve upon Mother Nature?
  3. Do our natural, organic bodies recognize this modified food?

Lab test may compare and confirm similar nutrient profiles between genetically modified fish and natural wild caught, but can we really know exactly how Mother Nature has created her bounty and duplicate it or improve upon it?

It is one thing to prove the nutrient content of a food, but another to prove the body’s ability to assimilate and use it.  I’m sure we have the ability to test this (I test it intuitively).  Measuring the vibration of the body before and after a meal would be one good way.  If the body is well fed, its vibration (energy) should increase.  Wouldn’t we want to choose the foods that have the highest energy?

Is it scientifically possible to measure the vibration (energy) of food?   I have a feeling we already have this technology and I for one will be searching for it.   Until we all learn to use our built-in guidance system (our intuition), science-based fact is how we make educated decisions about our health.  Today, science-based decisions are no longer a guarantee of safety as $$$ influence the outcomes of scientific research.

The body cannot digest and use foods that are not compatible.  Have we gone so far that the human body doesn’t recognize what we are feeding it?  Could this be one of the biggest factors in our decline in health today?

Good Food for Thought….

The Face of Starvation in America

Obesity in America

This is NOT FUNNY.  These kids are starving..

I wonder how many people are addicted to junk food. I know quite a few personally. Sodium and MSG are powerful flavor enhancers and over stimulate the taste buds. It’s like a sex addiction. The addict is desensitized. The taste buds are desensitized and it takes more and more flavor to be satisfied.

When addicted, moderation is not a part of your vocabulary. When I was cooking for clients to help them lose weight, I had to create a lot of flavor for them to be satisfied. A big part of the reason, people fall off the diet wagon – they don’t know how to create flavor, healthfully.

I’m glad to see mainstream media finally picking up on the “malnourishment” aspect of obesity. We have hunger pains for a reason. It tells us the body needs nutrients. When the body doesn’t get what it needs the hunger switch doesn’t cut off and we keep eating and eating.   Junk food only satisfies the taste buds, not the body’s nutritional needs.  

And then there is this – All the chemicals, non-beneficial fats, processed carbs, sugar and meat that makes up the bulk of fast food fare – is all acidic. You would need a lot of vegetables to balance this kind of acid. A McDonald salad along with your burger, fries and soda is not going to do it.

At the root of all the diseases mentioned is inflammation. Inflammation happens when the body is too acidic. Just like acid irritates and causes inflammation on the outside of the body, the same thing happens on the inside.  How well would you be able to focus on your work if your skin was in a constant state inflammation?

An inflamed body cannot function properly, it is handicapped.   If the imbalance goes on long enough the body starts to shut down.  This is chronic disease and eventually a painful death.  

Good Food for Thought…

The Chef's Journey

I’m not surprised my passion and purpose revolves around food – We’ve been in love for a very long time. I discovered, at about 11 years old, I was CRAZY about cooking while spending time in the kitchen with my father preparing meals for our large family of seven. I took little miss “susie homemaker” VERY seriously.  I remember my Dad would take my creations all over the neighborhood (I pretended embarrassment).  Over the years I have always found immense pleasure in the loving preparation and celebration of food.  I get a huge kick out of re-vamping old family favorites into new, delicious healthy traditions that shut everyone up! In the silence the appreciation and love of the food can be heard.  Of course, I never share the “healthy” part until the plates are empty…

The “food and body” connection clicked in for me early in my adult life, watching my mother struggle with and die young of heart disease (1 year younger than I am today on Labor Day).  It hit me then, this was not natural and her doctor confirmed her lifestyle was a major contributor to her chronic conditions.  It would be many years before I realized my love for cooking and my mother’s experience had led me directly down the path that would become my life’s work.  I believe that all experiences in life happen for a reason.  Looking back I can see the synergy of events (hind sight is 20/20 – right?). One thing I know for sure – when you find your passion and passionately eat, sleep and work it, it will lead you directly to your purpose and that will lead you to joy and abundance (and I’m not just talking about the green kind).  As an accomplished plant-based chef, I have been sharing the delicious, healing power of food through public and private cooking classes and seminars for years now.  My favorite title; The Plant-Based Chef for Meat Lovers and Vegetable Haters…

This passion for healthy cooking has also been extended into volunteer work.  One of my deepest desires is to witness in this lifetime the end to our healthcare crisis and world hunger.  Just because people are well fed, doesn’t mean they are nourished.  Health and malnourishment cannot co-exist.  I have been blessed to take part in the re-vamping of the local food pantry where I live.  It is now a remarkable “Nutrition Center” that focuses on “real food” (lots of organics); fresh produce, whole grains and staple cooking ingredients.  I look forward to seeing this concept take off nationwide.  And of course, learning how to cook is KEY to the success of these programs.  One of the reason’s we are in this health care crisis boat is we have given over control of what is in our food.  Cooking from scratch restores control.  I share my love and talent through volunteer culinary classes at various community outreach centers locally.

As we all know – one thing leads to another and the chef experience was just one layer of this amazing journey. A life-long love affair with food has led me to the most surprising “Revelation” of all! Our body knows exactly what foods it needs and doesn’t for optimum health at any given time. Food is not just our fuel, it’s our “tool kit” for repair and maintenance. If we can know what this amazing, miraculous machine knows, we can be in control of our health. With that revelation, the “Intuitive Chef” was born and since many have enjoyed the health advantages of very specific; “unique to their body only” Food Compatibility Testing.  The process is called “Food IS Talking” and it is gaining momentum worldwide as the world becomes more and more aware that our collective state of health is not improving but deteriorating under our current health care system.  We are looking for real answers.

I knew when this revelation appeared, “the gift” was meant to be shared.  And so it is!  “Food IS Talking” workshops are now available worldwide in public venues, personal one-one-one workshops and online via Skype and video conferencing. Don’t we live in a magically time!  We can learn just about anything the world has to offer without leaving our chair. This is an intuitive process anyone can learn – It’s only a matter of flexing and building the natural intuitive muscle we were born with.  It is my purpose and sheer joy to share this revelation with the world.  Health is Freedom Baby!

Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health! – Intuitive Chef Gail

Creating Mindfully with Meaning..

It is not the thought itself that affects the individual or the collective – but the judgment of the thought that creates effect.  The energy of the thought is neutral until we give it meaning.  When we give it meaning it means something to us; it matters to us.  When it matters to us we create “matter”.

We have a Free Will choice in what we do with the thoughts that come into our minds; which ones we want to keep; believe in or give meaning to, and which we wish to discard.  We are creating our reality and future reality with every decision we make mindfully or unmindfully about the thought.  No matter what we create, the thought becomes powerful energy the minute we judge it and that energy is felt and is NEVER PRIVATE.  The energy of the judged thought cannot be contained or harnessed.  Every single one goes out into the Universe and fills the pool of collective energy.  Nothing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first, with meaning….Good Food for Thought.

Fungus Among Us

Pretty Fungus

Fungus is an amazing, beautiful and often delicious life form.  All life forms are here to serve and thrive.  Parasitic fungus that invades the human body is “serving” as a very important messenger.  It is delivering a lifesaving message that if left undelivered leads to chronic disease and even death.

As a food and medical intuitive, I have known for some time that fungal overgrowth in the body is a very common condition today that goes most often overlooked and unchecked by the medical establishment. Our high sugar, processed food, fast food; fast paced stressed out life style has created this hidden epidemic.

It is the most common condition affecting about 60% of the clients I test for food compatibility (people with fungus are not compatible with foods that are fungus, feed fungus or harbor fungus).

I recently ran across this study by the Mayo Clinic, totally confirming in 1999 that most all sinus infections are fungal. (

Fungus overgrowth can also result in pneumonia, cancers and a host of auto-immune disorders.   Viruses and fungal infections are not eliminated with antibiotics; however they are often mistakenly treated like bacterial infections.   The over-use of antibiotics actually encourages more fungal growth by killing off the body’s stores of “good” bacteria (nature’s army), further suppressing the immune system.

The over-use of antibiotics has created “Super Bugs”.

Fungal infections are very common in cancer patients who immune systems have been intentionally suppressed by cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

OBGYNs now regularly prescribe a strong probiotic (good bacteria) along with an antibiotic to avoid yeast infections (fungus overgrowth).

Fungal infections begin with an imbalance in the body and thrive on acid and sugar.  When the body becomes too acidic, it becomes prime “real estate” for fungus, bacteria and viruses.  Bodies with fungus crave sugar and carbohydrate rich foods liked baked goods.

I love this analogy a client gave me.  He said, “Now I get it!  It’s like a swimming pool.  When the pH is out of balance, it grows stuff.  When the body is out of balance, it grows stuff”.

The imbalance is a result of what we eat and what we think.  Stressful thoughts affect the body at the cell level, making it hard to maintain a healthy pH no matter what the diet.  (

The body knows exactly what it needs to create balance and optimize every system and function.  If we can know what the body needs and provide it; eliminate what it doesn’t need from the diet; and get the mind out of the way; it will do what it is designed to do – make repairs and regenerate.

There is only one way to rid the body of fungus; cut off the food supply and raise the body’s pH.  The fungus will then leave to find a more hospitable host or it will die.  All of life is striving for life; even fungus.

Below are some helpful diet tips to restore balance to the body and kick your unwelcome guest to the curb.  Most of the following information is based on hundreds of “food intuitive” sessions over the last 4 years and “revelation” (knowledge revealed – not learned).

NOTE: Not all of the foods suggested below for consumption are compatible with every body.  Our bodies are as unique as our DNA with ever-changing needs depending on what is going on physically, mentally and even by what was consumed the day before.   For instance, if you ate a pound of spinach yesterday you may not be compatible with it today.   If you want to know exactly what your body wants you can contact me at

  1. Eliminate all sugar including honey and maple syrup.  If you need some “sweet” use Stevia or Birch Xylitol (Zyla is one brand)
  2. Eliminate all grains with the exception of quinoa.
  3. Eliminate all potatoes and winter squash, corn, carrots and sweet peas. (Steamed or boiled sweet potatoes are compatible to some people with fungus).
  4. Beets are good in moderation with protein.
  5. Eliminate nightshades (zucchini, eggplant, white potatoes, pumpkin and most peppers).  The acidic body is also inflamed (acid eats flesh inside and out).  Nightshades irritate inflammation.
  6. Add lemon to the diet.  Lemon water, lemon on veggies, etc.  If upper GI is inflamed take it slow at first until it cools off a little.  You will know if the lemon burns going down.  Once assimilated it is alkalizing to the body.
  7. Eliminate processed table salt.  Replace with Himalayan or real sea salt for alkalizing minerals.
  8. Eat a lot of green stuff; asparagus, cucumber, spinach, swiss chard, kale, sea veggies.
  9. Cook most veggies (steam, sauté, roast “al dente”) or drink them processed in a smoothie (whole veggies – not juiced). The inflamed body needs its energy for repair.  Easy to digest food saves energy.  Ask your health care provider about adding a multi-enzyme supplement if you consume mostly cooked food.  Enzymes are found in raw food.
  10. Limit fruit to berries and cherries (low sugar).  One to two ½ cup servings a day with protein and fat (smoothie is perfect).  No dried fruit.
  11. Restrict starches to one serving per meal (good rule to follow for life).  For instance: don’t have lentils with quinoa or sweet potato.
  12. Eliminate all process foods and baked goods.
  13. Eliminate cashews, peanuts and anything in the orange family (harbor fungus)
  14. Eliminate all legumes except lentils and occasionally lima beans and spit peas.
  15. Eliminate mushrooms and sprouts (fungus and harbor fungus).
  16. If a meat eater, reduce or temporarily eliminate meat and most dairy* until the body is balanced.  All animal sourced food is acidic with the exception of *yogurt, *kefir and *cottage cheese. Turkey is the least acidic.  Eating too much meat is one way to get out of balance fast.  Replace meat with high protein veggies like; lentils, quinoa, hemp hearts, nutritional yeast, asparagus, kale (power house), all greens* broccoli, seeds, avocado.  *For some reason, mustard greens have never tested compatible to my clients with fungus.
  17. Read labels for hidden sugar (plant-based milks often add sugar).
  18. Eat lots of garlic, onion and leeks.
  19. Do not drink beverages 30 minutes before or after meals.  Doing so dilutes the digestive juices necessary to digest food (good life long rule).  Never, ever drink high pH water at meal time.  It will neutralize stomach acid and totally interrupt digestion.
  20. No alcohol, fermented veggies or beverages (kombucha).
  21. Eliminate coffee or replace with a lower acid, chicory blend (French Market from Louisiana is my fav).  If you drink a lot of coffee or caffienated beverages – do not eliminate it suddenly unless you want to suffer.  FYI – Some bodies love a little caffeine.
  22. Important note:  As the body finds it balance normal compatibility is restored.  It is important to add healthy acidic foods back into the diet to maintain optimum balance. The body can be too alkaline as well (harder to do – but possible).  Normal average alkaline to acidic ratio for healthy pH maintenance is 60% alkaline and 40% acidic.

Most Important Tip:  Gratitude

Be grateful to the fungus for the message it has delivered.  Without the undesirable symptoms the fungus has produced, you would not know of the imbalance in the body until serious disease sets in.  Be grateful for all dis-ease.  Disease is not the enemy.  It is always sending a lifesaving message.  Receive the message, make corrections and be well.

Health is Natural – Chronic Disease IS NOT.

Here are some “Good” signs the body is balancing and fungus is retreating.

Usually within the first week of cutting out the food supply and lasting 2 – 4 days:

  1. Cold-like symptoms
  2. Headache
  3. Unusual feelings of anger or irritation (unhappy fungus)
  4. Tired

Within 3 weeks on average:

  1. Hair shredding and dandruff stops.
  2. Skin is hydrated and fine lines disappear.
  3. Sleeping through the night (less nighttime bathroom interruptions).
  4. Clear headed (brain fog has lifted).
  5. Weight loss as body releases toxins and fungus. (A balanced body does not store toxins.  An out of balance body does not release them.)
  6. Abundant energy
  7. People start asking – What are you doing?  You look amazing!

It is my truest desire this information is a blessing to those seeking wellness.  I believe these miraculous bodies are always striving for life and when provided with the right tool-kit they thrive!

Here’s to your Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

Gail Blair/The Intuitive Chef

Food Revelation



All the above is based on my experience as a food and medical intuitive.   I am not a medical professional.  The information above does not in any way serve as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.  If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.  If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.  You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information given here or any other related written or verbal information from Food Revelation, The Intuitive Chef or Evolution of Free Health.