Welcome to the Evolution of Free Health Workshop Events and “Cooking Intuitively Classes

Are You Ready for an “Intuitive” Journey with Food and Life?

A Road that is “Guilt-free”, Anxiety-free and Delicious?

Welcome to the Evolution of FREE Health!

When what we eat and more importantly “Think” are in alignment with health and happiness – health and happiness are inevitable.

• What if you knew exactly what foods your body needs at any given time?

• What if you could hear the conversation between your body and food?

• What if you could tune-in and discern your body/mind messages?

• You would be the “Commander of Your Vessel”

I am Gail Blair. As a Food & Medical Intuitive I have helped over a thousand human and animal bodies remember their Natural God-given Health.

In these workshops I take you along the path I have already traveled. It is a path to freedom as you re-connect with what you already know “intuitively” about health and healing.

Investment in each “Evolution of Free Health” Workshop is $125 per person and limited to 20 participants.

Cooking “Intuitively” Classes are $75 per person and limited to 15 participants.

Follow the links below to register for the events that best suit you…

Boulder, CO Events take place at:
The Riverside Event Center
1724 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 443-2322

July 12, 2020: 1 ~ 5:30PM – “Evolution of Free Health” Workshop in Boulder, CO

July 13, 2020: 2 ~ 5:00PM – “Evolution of Free Health” Cooking Class in Boulder, CO

Mesa, CO Events will take place at:
Six Eagles Haven
50158 Eagles Way, Box 520
Mesa, CO 81643

For alternative payments options or more information please call 469-640-0615 or email: [email protected]

Here’s what is being said about these workshops:

” If you’re looking for a way to practice listening to your body and trust your intuitive wisdom gail’s workshop is a great resource.She’ll introduce you to the steps to taking control of your own well-being, harnessing the power of your mind and healing your physical body. She is a mentor I am indebted to. I have referred countless clients to her.
~ Charna Cassell

“I highly recommend Gail‘s intuitive guidance as well as her workshops. I went to her workshop twice in one week just to anchor the learning. Gail’s offerings have continued to create radical and powerful shifts in my thinking.
So grateful she and I found each other!”  

~Kris Richardson Brewer/SF, CA

“There aren’t too many opportunities in life to be fully exposed to a truly authentic healing energies. Gail just happen to be that gift that one can’t afford to miss, you owe it to yourself. In a few hours of a workshop and an amazing dinner prepared by Gail, I have received so much beauty and wisdom. So grateful to know her.”
~ Anatoly Volokh, San Anselmo,CA

“Gail is a gifted healer and teacher. In her workshops she reconnects you to your body’s natural intelligence and helps you nourish and heal yourself based on your body’s ever changing needs. I can’t recommend Gail’s sessions and her workshops enough. I recommend Gail to every friend with health or food sensitivities issues. To this day, everyone of them has improved.”
~ Aja/Woodacres, CA

“After following the food charts, I was feeling much better within a week.  Knowing which foods to eat allowed my body to heal– my gut, my adrenals, and my thyroid.  The fear is gone and I know how to take care of myself.  Additionally, after taking a workshop with Gail last weekend, I know how to test myself for food compatibility. Food is medicine. Thank you Gail!”
Tanya Zolotnitsky/Oakland, CA

“Gail’s workshop is engaging, enlightening and inspiring. This workshop validated my abilities and I know that I can now go forward and intuitively know what will be helpful to my body.” ~ ~ Daina Volodka./Frisco, TX