Due to the Corona Virus the Colorado events have been postponed. The Mesa trip is re-scheduled (see dates below). Boulder dates are pending. I’ll keep you posted!

Are You Ready for an “Intuitive” Journey with Food and Life?

A Road that is “Guilt-free”, Anxiety-free and Delicious?

Welcome to the Evolution of FREE Health!

When what we eat and more importantly “Think” are in alignment with health and happiness – health and happiness are inevitable.

• What if you knew exactly what foods your body needs at any given time?

• What if you could hear the conversation between your body and food?

• What if you could tune-in and discern your body/mind messages?

• You would be the “Commander of Your Vessel”

I am Gail Blair. As a Food & Medical Intuitive, I have helped over a thousand remember their Natural God-given Health.

In March and April I will be in Boulder and Mesa, Colorado presenting the
“Evolution of Free Health” Workshops and Cooking Classes.

Investment in each “Evolution of Free Health” Workshop is $125 per person and limited to 20 participants.

Cooking Classes are $75 per person and limited to 12 participants.

And as each has only limited space, register early to reserve your spot!

Follow the links below to register for the events that best suit you…

Boulder, CO Events take place at:
The Riverside
1724 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
(720) 443-2322

March 28, 2020: 1 ~ 5:30PM – “Evolution of Free Health” Workshop in Boulder, CO

March 30, 2020: 2 ~ 5:00PM – “Evolution of Free Health” Cooking Class in Boulder, CO

April 4, 2020: 1 ~ 5:30PM – “Evolution of Free Health” Workshop in Boulder, CO

April 5, 2020: 2 ~ 5:00PM – “Evolution of Free Health” Cooking Class in Boulder, CO

Mesa, CO Events will take place at:
Six Eagles Haven
50158 Eagles Way, Box 520
Mesa, CO 81643

For alternative payments options or more information please call 469-640-0615 or email:

Here’s what is being said about these workshops:

” If you’re looking for a way to practice listening to your body and trust your intuitive wisdom gail’s workshop is a great resource.She’ll introduce you to the steps to taking control of your own well-being, harnessing the power of your mind and healing your physical body. She is a mentor I am indebted to. I have referred countless clients to her.
~ Charna Cassell

“I highly recommend Gail‘s intuitive guidance as well as her workshops. I went to her workshop twice in one week just to anchor the learning. Gail’s offerings have continued to create radical and powerful shifts in my thinking.
So grateful she and I found each other!”  

~Kris Richardson Brewer/SF, CA

“Gail is a gifted healer and teacher. In her workshops she reconnects you to your body’s natural intelligence and helps you nourish and heal yourself based on your body’s ever changing needs. I can’t recommend Gail’s sessions and her workshops enough. I recommend Gail to every friend with health or food sensitivities issues. To this day, everyone of them has improved.”
~ Aja/Woodacres, CA

“After following the food charts, I was feeling much better within a week.  Knowing which foods to eat allowed my body to heal– my gut, my adrenals, and my thyroid.  The fear is gone and I know how to take care of myself.  Additionally, after taking a workshop with Gail last weekend, I know how to test myself for food compatibility. Food is medicine. Thank you Gail!”
Tanya Zolotnitsky/Oakland, CA

“Gail’s workshop is engaging, enlightening and inspiring. This workshop validated my abilities and I know that I can now go forward and intuitively know what will be helpful to my body.” ~ ~ Daina Volodka./Frisco, TX