Missing Link #2: Preview from the Evolution of Free Health Book Series

Today I’m sharing a preview of the 2nd Missing Link in the upcoming book, “The 7 Missing Links to Abundant & Sustainable Health”.   In case you missed it, here is Missing Link #1:  “Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies”

This 2nd book in the Evolution of Free Health series has been writing itself over the years.  Many of you reading this now have been an integral part of the revealing of these big revelations, received over the first 7 years, as you worked with me and the Food IS Talking intuitive food compatibility charts.  If it were not for you, the book would not exist.  Thank you!

Okay…Here goes!

The 2nd Missing Link to Abundant and Sustainable Health:  

“The body is a reflection of what we eat and “think”.  Primarily what we think.  We can improve our health with food, but if at the root of chronic dis-ease is what you think, this will only be a temporary fix.  The root will have to be addressed to have lasting resolution.  The root of chronic dis-ease is always energetic; energy we can’t see, like thoughts and emotions.

Ease or dis-ease is how the body responds to the energy of our thoughts and emotions.  The physical body is also energy.  Everything is energy for that matter…that’s the science.  A healthy body is much lighter energy than a sick body.  If everything is energy then everything is malleable and pliable.  This is really good news!  As the body “lightens up” energetically, it comes more in alignment with the spiritual body and closer to “Living Truth”.

The 2nd Missing Link revealed itself while working with my first “mainstream” clients; meaning they were not into the metaphysical or knew very much about alternative healing modalities.  They were just regular folks, working regular jobs, some of them extremely demanding; for instance, in the service industry or in sales.  Some were doctors.

What I noticed working with them over the course of several food charts, some were benefiting from the food charts faster than others. 

Science has proven that stress has a huge impact on the body. 
I understood from my own healing/awakening experience (they are one and the same) it is our conscious and “unconscious” thoughts that are at the root of stress.  Unless you are in real imminent danger, the so-called stressful event is reminding you of past stressful events or what you learned to be afraid of.  Your body is re-acting regardless if the threat is real or imagined. 

The clients that had the most stress were the ones that were still struggling even as they worked the food charts consistently.  Even with their best efforts to correct negative conscious thinking, what was running in the background was holding them down.

Early in my “Intuitive Chef” journey I had Divine Help seeing the unconscious thoughts that were holding me down and affecting my health and my ability to be present.  Apparently, it was vitally important I got this!  Spirit would often pop my left ear to tell me to pay attention to what I was thinking.  I was thinking A LOT about what I didn’t want…unconsciously.   I used the “One Minute Meditation” tool I’ve shared with many of you to clear my own mind from unhealthy, negative unconscious thinking.   My body responded and continued to heal as I worked through my own food charts until I was free from the chronic dis-ease; digestion issues, constipation, migraines, angina, high blood pressure, I had suffered with for years.  Some of these were “cord energies” that didn’t even belong to me!

What I did not understand yet, was “how” our thoughts were creating stress on the body.  I got it was important for me know this to better help my clients move into “healing mode”.   Remember the 1st Missing Link?  “Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies”.  They are in decay mode, detox mode, healing mode or thriving mode at any given time.  What we eat and “think” determines the mode.

One of my Spiritual Gifts, is the gift of seeing.  And one of my specialties is seeing numbers.  NO, it does not work for gambling…tried that!   But it does work for virtually everything else for Highest Best Good.  For instance, I can see the exact pH of the body.  I can know how many pounds of toxin-related fat a client’s body is holding on to (explanation below).   Oftentimes, it is the exact pounds they cannot lose no matter what they do.

From my Naturopath, I already knew how vitally important pH balance was in healing and maintaining health.  When the body pH matches the blood pH (between 7.35 and 7.45) the body and every organ is in perfect balance and in “thrive mode”.  Getting my client’s body pH was a part of every client session.  It helped me to track their progress.  It didn’t take me long to put 2 and 2 together…

Those clients that were under the most stress had the lowest pH numbers.  How can that be when they were following the food charts and eating mostly, if not all alkaline foods to bring their body back into balance?  I got it!  Their body was producing acid in response to “acidic”, stressful thoughts, which made it impossible to sustain a healthy pH. 

My clients had actually guided me to the “root” of most dis-ease and the solution!

The body will always let us know when what we are “thinking” and/or doing (like eating) is out of alignment with health and well-being.

The solution is always found at the root of a problem or what I like to call a “situation”.  They mirror one another exactly.  For instance, if at the root of chronic dis-ease is what we eat and think, then the solution must also be what we eat and think.  It’s simple.  I love this quote from Einstein…

“If the solution is simple, God is answering” 

This excess acid was causing inflammation in the body.  It was burning the body.  Inflammation means there is a fire in the house!   You have to put the fire out before the body can actually heal.  Makes sense!

Spirit provided the rest of the picture…literally.  I was shown a “river rock” to further explain how the body was responding to excess acid.  The message…

1. The body cannot effectively hydrate.  If you drink a lot of water, you pee a lot.  And often the urine is clear; a sign you are flushing out critical electrolytes which leads to dehydration.  Dry skin; dry thinning hair and getting up to go to the bathroom multiple times at night, sleep issues, are some of the signs your body is acidic. 

2.  It cannot absorb nutrients effectively, leading to malnourishment.  I got as well, that obesity is often a sign of malnourishment.  We experience hunger for a reason…it lets us know we need nourishment.  When we are not nourished, we stay hungry and eat too many calories. 

3.  The body also cannot release toxins.  Toxins are stored in the fat cells.  Where you have the most fat cells are where you will see an accumulation of fat when storing toxins.   For most people that is around the middle.  You can diet and lose weight, much of the time where you don’t want or lose muscle and still have a layer of fluff around the middle.  As soon as you stop the diet, you gain back the weight and then some.  Can you relate?   You cannot lose this toxin-related fat until your pH is corrected. 

In a nutshell, when you are in acidic mode, your body is stuck.  And, that is not all that is happening.  You are aslo in “decay mode”.  Stay tuned for Missing Link 3 & 4.

The focus of my work with clients drastically shifted with this revelation from food being the number one priority to uncovering the root cause.   When the root is uncovered and corrections are made at that level, the body is free to heal.  It just needs the right tool kit.  The Intuitive Food Charts provide the tool kit to bring each unique body into balance, then into detox mode and finally into thrive mode…our natural way of being. 

There are other energetic root causes to chronic dis-ease as many of you are aware.  But over the course of 13 years and thousands of food charts it has become clear, our thoughts are the most common root cause.

Of course, there is a purpose and Divine Timing wrapped around each of these 7 revelations.  The 2nd Missing Link is knocking hard on the door of the 7th.  The body is a messenger…

It is so hard for me not to jump ahead since I know the story and many of you do too!   So, I’ll leave it here…

Welcome to the Evolution of Free Health where we leave the prison of the mind and chronic dis-ease behind.

Feeling Anxious?  Stop, Breathe and Drop!

When people first seek me out to help them get to the root of their dis-ease, what comes up often is breath work. As soon as I get this message, I know chronic stress is an issue.  They have forgotten how to breathe.  How is that possible? It’s not only possible, it’s common.

Watch a baby or an animal breathe.   When they inhale, the belly expands.   For many, this is not what is happening.  Take a deep breath right now.  Pay attention to what expands.  The chest?  The diaphragm? Do your shoulders come up?  Does your belly constrict? 

I had forgotten how to breathe.  This can happen when we are chronically stressed out.  Or, like me, you may have been taught, as a woman, it is not at all ladylike to let you belly pooch out.  Or, a combo of both. 

When under stress your first response may be to hold your breath.   I remember, when I started practicing yoga in 2007, how hard it was to breath correctly.  Thank goodness I stuck with it!  Still, when under stress, breathing hasn’t always been my first response.  It is a necessary response to stress if you want peace.

“If you can breathe through life – You can breeze through life.”

You may be holding your breath more than you realize, cutting off frequently the very source of life, causing the body distress.    

Unless you or a loved one is in imminent danger or you are about to hurl yourself out of an airplane, or ski down a black diamond slope for the first time, your anxiety is probably based in past experience.  The moment at hand is just reminding you of what you have “learned” to be afraid of, and your thoughts are taking you down a rabbit hole of fear or judgment.

If you are not in real danger, anxiety is the body’s way of saying you are thinking about what you do not want and are afraid you might get it.  It has been proven your body responds the same to a real or imagined threat. 

Systems shut down to conserve energy and adrenalin is released, all to get your body ready for fight of flight.  A system that was divinely designed to save your life, in the rare occurrence that you may really be in danger, has become a way of life.  Chronic stress is telling you that you are focused on what you DO NOT want much of the time.

And sometimes the thoughts that are causing the stress don’t even belong to us; that goes for many of my clients that are healing facilitators.  If you are reading this, you may be one.  These individuals are very sensitive empaths…sponges.  Empaths possess an amazing gift that can feel like a curse when there is no barrier and no break from the bombardment of energy all around.  This is the root cause of life-long digestive dis-ease for many gifted empaths.   They cannot digest the scope and magnitude of the information coming in. There is a way to receive what you need to know without receiving all the rest.   Reach out for more info.

“When the root cause is uncovered, so are the solutions.”

Sometimes the thoughts are just a bad habit.  So ingrained, like any other bad habit, you may not even be aware you are thinking these negative fearful thoughts.

Regardless of the source of negative, stressful thoughts, the result is the same…anxiety and dis-ease.

There are ways you can nip stress in the bud, before it wreaks havoc on your body.

Before you do anything!  Stop, breathe, and drop!

1.  Stop what you are thinking and doing immediately.  Be still. Take a big deep breath with the intention of clearing your head and any non-beneficial energy you may have attracted.  Yes, whatever you are putting out there, you are attracting.

The breath serves many purposes besides keeping us alive.  It has the capacity to clear our head.   How many have heard this saying, “Take a deep breath and count to 10”

With intention, it can clear non-beneficial energy.  It brings us into the peaceful present.

Our breath has the power to lower our blood pressure, raise our pH, and regulate systems in our body.  It is a healing force.

In serves in other mysterious and magical ways as well.  I’ll save those for another time. 

The book Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor is a fascinating read.  In the back of the book are many, breathing techniques serving different purposes. 

The breath always tells us when we are anxious.  It is one of our first signs.  It is hard to take a deep breath.  Or, we may even hold our breath, compounding stress.  A panic attack is a good example of stress that is out of control.  Simply taking a deep belly breath at the first sign of stress can stop stress in it tracks.

2.  Drop your roots and ground:Being ungrounded means your energetic body is not quite grounded in your physical body.  This happens under high stress and high excitement…like jumping out of an airplane or riding the high of a roller coaster.  It happens at night in our sleep and with drugs and alcohol.   Extreme ungroundedness can result in passing out, seizures and blackouts.

Take your shoes off.  Place all your attention on your feet meeting the surface under them.  Feel the sensation of being supported.  I love this visual grounding technique passed down from my mentor:

See your pure white roots growing from your feet like a tree.  Drop them deep into Mother Earth connecting with a ball of white light at her core.  You should start to feel heavy in your feet or lower extremities.  Your feet may even tingle.  Enjoy the sense of calm and stillness that comes with being grounded.  Remember how it feels, so you know when you are not grounded.

3.  Protection:  See a bubble of the brightest white light you can imagine coming around you, encompassing your body and entire energy field (if you have been introduced to your Sword, you may use it for this).  This light you see around you is your protection…Source Love.  I call it the Armor of God.  Sit and experience how it feels to be secure in this embrace so you know when you are not protected.

Once you are clear, grounded and protected you are ready to question what has caused the stress.  Is it your own “stinkin thinkin” as my mentor calls it?  Does it belong to someone else?  If it belongs to you, you now have a chance to heal a sore spot or begin to break a bad habit. 

“If you are going to question anything, question your thoughts.” Fiona Moore

The Tools:
“The Work” by Byron Katie:  A great way to gain insight and new perspectives on what is happening in the present moment.  

One Command by Asara Lovejoy:  A powerful manifestation tool to align your thoughts with what you want:  https://a.co/d/3JEBbM5

One Minute Meditation audioTo help you become aware of unconscious thoughts and processing corresponding emotions.

 Tools for Staying Clear, Grounded & Protected audio

Welcome to the Evolution of Free Health where we leave the prison of the mind and chronic dis-ease behind.

What is the brain for anyway?

A client asked me this question the other day as we were discussing “Living Divinely Guided”.   “What is our brain for?”   This is the first thing that flowed into my mind immediately and of course it came out as a rhyme:

“Our brain is for following through on what Spirit wants us to do.”

Sweet answer!  There is a Higher Purpose and Plan for our lives.   Our Spirit; or Higher Self knows its connection to Source Good/God and knows exactly what is good for us and how to guide us there.  Our ego only “thinks” it knows.   We are connected to the Source of All Knowledge.   We can save ourselves a LOT of trouble by going to the Source.

Some may call accessing this Higher Knowledge intuition.  Honing your natural intuitive skills is part of it; a step.  At some point you will become a channel for the free-flow of information available from Source as you open your mind and heart to it.  Decluttering the mind and body helps.

My “Protocol” that guides me in client sessions is a good example of the difference between intuition and channeling.  The information there has drastically expanded over the years, but it is still limited by what I have experienced or know so far.   I am “intuiting” from a known list (field).  The last question I ask is, “What else is possible?”  This is where Spirit lets me know there is more to get.  At that point, I sit still, listen and receive.

Our mind is for receiving.

 Artists understand very well how this works.  They receive inspiration and use a combination of learned skills and inborn gifts to bring this inspired idea onto the canvas or media of choice.   Most artists are very intuitive.   It is over-thinking that often clogs the wheel of the creative process.

Many times, at least in my case, we don’t know how to do something or get stuck.  Spirit will come to the rescue as we ask.  We can be guided into what we need to know to carry out a task.  Where to look, or a short cut, may come to you out of the blue.  You can tell when “you” thought of something and something just arrived.  Over the years, I’m still awe-struck every time it happens.  

Our brain is for creating.  This is what thinking is for…

We are creators.  We cannot NOT create.   It is a gift unique to the human animal.  Lower animals do not create anything but their nest, webs, etc.   They live in the present moment and respond (not react) to imminent danger.   Some animals are more intelligent and do suffer from “thinking”.    Thinking is our gift but can feel like a curse when it is fear-based.

 “It is our thinking mind that keeps us in a bind”. 

We create by what we focus on.  We have been creating unconsciously, out of fear for eons.   We have collectively created much to fear.  Worry, fear and managing the resulting chronic dis-ease has become a way of life for many. 

“Our brain supports our dreams.  Our mind can destroy them.”

We don’t have to figure everything out.   And worry won’t make it happen.   Someone said, “Worry is praying for what you don’t want”.  As we remember who we are and our connection, we know longer need to rely only on our learned knowledge or worry about the future.    We all have the ability to “live guided”; to know what the next best step or right action is.   It is our natural way. 

“If you are ahead of the next step – you are just in your head.”  

This is how we get overwhelmed and stress out.  Can you relate?  I can!  All we need to know is the next step.  When we take it, Spirit will show us the next one.  You may be, probably will be, totally blown away at where you arrive!  I was and still am! 

Can you imagine the freedom of not having to rely on your mind to make a decision…big or small? I can tell you from experience it is the only peaceful way to live.   We were born to live free; worry-free like all animals.  And we did until our natural way of living was taught out of us.  We are now, in droves, finding our way back to our Self and joyfully experiencing life rather than being at the mercy of it.

To become a clear conduit and fully conscious creator, all unconscious thinking must be brought into the conscious mind, where you have a choice; and all wounds must be healed.  Until then the body and mind will respond to the past rather than the present moment. 

For instance, in a food compatibility session your body may say green peas are compatible, but you associate green peas with a bad experience as a child.  Even though your body is saying yes, your mind is saying NO.  Your body will respond to the NO.

Even as an adult, we can let our mind override our body.  Let’s say an expert told you a certain food was bad for you years ago and you haven’t tried it since.  You recorded that in your memory banks.  So even though your body is saying you can have it now, your mind remembers the NO.   Your body will react to what you think.  That is the Placebo Effect.

The Good News!  We can bypass the mind while we continue the work of decluttering it of negative, unconscious thinking and healing old wounds.

Reach out if you are interested in further exploring how you can become a clear channel and conscious creator.  It is our destiny.   I have created “A Course in Discernment” for those that are ready to “Live Guided”.

We are quickly entering into the Evolution of Free Health where we leave the prison of our mind
and chronic disease behind.

Gail’s Fun Creation Story

In January I bought a new computer from Amazon to place my ancient one.  It arrived and was set up with ease, joy, and glory.  It didn’t take long to realize it had some major issues; randomly shutting down and file indexing problems.  

My wonderful team at Invisus went way beyond the call of duty to try to solve these issues.  I cannot recommend them enough.   Do you like getting a real person that can really help you on the line on the first ring?   If you love good customer service as much as I do, check them out.  Ask for Sam – he is amazing!  

We concluded this was a hardware issue and it would be best to send the computer back.  Somehow, I missed the 30-day deadline to send it back to Amazon.  So much easier.   So, I had to send it back to the supplier.  They were awesome too and sent me a RMA label right away.  My son came over and helped me get it packed up.  Thank goodness I kept all the packaging!

Now the fun starts…

I arrange a pickup online for a Wednesday with instructions for the driver to ring the doorbell.   Late afternoon I get an email that my pickup has been completed and I’m given a tracking number.   The pickup did not happen.  I still had the computer. 

I get a hold of a live person at UPS (not an easy feat) and convinced them the computer was not picked up.  They agreed to send out the driver again the next day.  It was raining cats and dogs when he arrived.  The front walk was flooded so he had to come around to the driveway.  I had the box ready to go at the end of the carport so he could load it up without getting too wet.  It all happened in a flash.  As soon as he pulled away, I realized he did not scan the label.  They always scan the package!   Otherwise, it will not be in the system and not traceable.  My mind is already spinning on WHAT I DON’T WANT.  

I go through the rig-a-ma-row to get UPS on the line again.  They assured me since it was later in the day, the pickup confirmation and tracking number would show up in the system the next day.  It did not.  4 days later I still did not have a tracking number.   I realized what I had done!  I created perfectly what I DID NOT WANT!  

I went to my dad laughing my butt off and explained what had happened. He was worrying about it too.  He understood very well what I had done.  I can’t count how many times I’ve said to him, “Think about what you want – Not what you don’t!”  He totally gets it, but has had a hard time breaking the habit of worry.    Apparently, I have not totally broken the habit either!

Now, it was time to undo this!  I just need to change my focus. “One Command” was introduced to me early on in my healing journey.   It is one of the most powerful manifestation tools I’ve ever used to align with what I want.  I think of it as a form of prayer.   I’m aligning with the good that is already waiting for me.  I don’t get too specific.  For instance, I just want the situation resolved.  I don’t know how that will happen and I surely don’t want to get in the way.  So, I set this intention, “This or better please.”  Sometimes God’s Good shows up in unexpected ways…

This was my One Command that day, “I don’t know how this situation gets resolved with ease, joy, and glory, I only know it does now!And, I am grateful and fulfilled.”  

Here is the link to read more about this magical tool and the creator.  

Another call to UPS and I was finally connected to someone in Dallas.  They explained to me the seller would have to file a claim since this was picked up on an RMA, something no one up to that point had mentioned.  That made since to me. 

Then I find myself thinking, “Okay, there is no proof the package was ever picked up from me and I’m at the mercy of the seller to file a claim.  It looks like I may be out $950 dollars”.  There I go again! Thinking about WHAT I DON’T WANT …LOL.  It seems the more dollars at stake the more there is to worry about.  Money always gets our goat…right? 

I was aware immediately of what I was thinking.  I reminded myself this situation is already resolved and took a deep breath and let it go…the breath and the worry.

I had been chatting online with the seller’s customer service rep and was guided to find a telephone number and pick up the phone.  The nicest person answered right away.  No hold, no transfer.  It was late Friday and he suggested we wait until the following Tuesday to start a claim in case it showed up late Monday. 

There was still no tracking number in the system when I called Tuesday morning.  He put me on hold to go check with the receiving dept on the off chance it had arrived and wasn’t scanned when received.   It did arrive that very morning!   A miracle!  Without a tracking number, this package could have been in limbo no telling how long!

The nice person told me a credit would be issued to my credit card in about 5 working days.  Another miracle… The credit showed up that Sunday (a non-working day).   

It’s amazing how easy it is to fall into the old habit of fear even when you know how it works!   I’m not sure why this happened other than to test me and provide me with a really good story!   A great one for the Monthly Miracle Board hanging on the refrigerator.   Have you got one yet?  

Happy Creating!

7 Missing Links to Abundant and Sustainable Health: Missing Link #1

Okay!  it is time…finally!  My website and newsletter are being re-vamped, I’m getting all my ducks in a row in anticipation of the launch of the second book in the Evolution of Free Health series.  Progress on this has been stalled several times over the years.  Life happens and change happens…right?   Ironically, that is the subject of today’s post.   And…Divine Timing is always perfect!

My “Intuitive Chef” journey began with foodRevelation.com in 2012 and the “FoodISTalking” Intuitive Food Compatibility charts.   Like all journeys the road did not stop there.   12 years have gone by already!  It has certainly been a wild ride, packed full of revelations!   I share these “Divine Downloads” here at Revelations & Recipes; the new name for my blog that is also a book in the making.

Over the first 7 years of this journey, I had 7 BIG reveals.  I call these, The 7 Missing Links to Abundant and Sustainable Health, the title of my next book in the Evolution of Free Health series.  The first one I released in a cookbook format, Quinoa Cookbook Journey.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSY3XGP/

Some of these missing links are so logical, you will wonder as I did, how we could possibly forget some very basic, simple Truths, like the one I’m about to share.   And, then some of them are mind-blowing and life-altering. 

I will be sharing all 7 of these missing links with my clients and readers over the next few months.   If you feel inspired, please share these with others!  We are moving out of the Evolution of Dis-ease and quickly into the Evolution of Free Health!

The first Missing Link arrived early on as I worked through multiple “FoodISTalking” Intuitive Food Compatible charts with clients.  It became apparent that what the body needs is constantly changing.   Imagine that!  We’ve all heard the old saying, “The only thing we can count on is death and taxes.”   In reality, the only thing we can truly count on…is change.

It is easy to forget this simple truth when we find ourselves in a challenging situation…

“Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies or our experiences.”

This means not one good food or one “so-called” bad food could possibly be good or bad for every “body” all the time.   Food compatibility changes as change happens.   

For instance, the world says raw food is great for you!  However, if you have a serious digestive issue like diverticulitis or a leaky gut, raw food could send you to the hospital.  This is what happened to my sister-in-law when she was listening to the so-called experts tout the benefits of a raw food diet.  She didn’t know she had diverticulitis.  

Let’s say your life just delivered you a boat load of change, like an injury or illness. Or, you become pregnant, or get fired from your job, or move to another country.  Or maybe your suddenly inspired to become a body builder.  Your nutritional needs will change…sometimes drastically!

If you eat too much of any one food, it may become temporarily incompatible or “on the line” of compatibility.   This comes up often with the intuitive food charts (it happens also when you don’t like something).  The food chart tells us what you’ve been eating too much of.  It’s saying, “I don’t need any more of that.”  If you keep eating what you don’t need you will develop a food sensitivity.    If you leave this food out for a while, it will come back into compatibility.   We could see this if the food sensitivity test (like the Alcat) were run more often.  But they are expensive and insurance would not pay for it.

Any blood work or test is just a snap shot in time.

A diagnosis is just a label to describe a symptom that Is currently happening so a medication can be prescribed.  Without a label and insurance code, the insurance company will not pay for the medication.   Your diagnosis can change and become obsolete based on the action you take.

Not one good healing modality, medicine, natural remedy, or dosage is good for every body all the time. 

Not one good healing facilitator (even me) is perfect for everyone.
And the list goes on and on…

We are unique individuals and so are our bodies.  A “one-size-fits-all” approach to health is never going to work for every “body.”   Your body has requirements and solutions that are unique to you.

Our bodies are in decay mode, detox mode, healing mode or thriving mode.  But they do not stand still.  What we eat and “think” largely determines the mode we are in at any given time…the topic of the next Missing Link.    

The good news?  With every change comes opportunity for healing and growth. 

The Tools to Manifesting a Joyful Life

In order to create what we want, we must release any thoughts that oppose what we want.  As children of Source Creator, we inherited the power of creation.  Our most powerful creative tool is the focus of our thoughts.   Quantum Physics with the “Double Slit” experiment proved this Spiritual Truth. 

Nothing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first!

We are moving from being “unconscious” creators to “on purpose, conscious creators” as we move into the light of consciousness, all unconscious thinking and consciously focus on what we all truly desire…a peaceful, joyful, happy, abundant life full of love!  This is our true way of being.

These are the tools that have worked for me and many others over the years.  Some have come from others and some have come to me.  They are all Divinely Inspired.  

The challenge for all of us is to use the tools all the time, especially when the going gets tough.  In the tough times we tend to throw our toolbox out the window.  I know… I’ve done it plenty.  

Don’t give up!  There will come a time with diligent use of these and vigilance you will find yourself consistently creating what you want and living a joyous life.  I know… I’ve done that too.   The occasional clog in the wheel of your happiness and peace will then simply be your sign to stop and observe the message life is sending.  

You can trust your life!  If you look back on your life, it is easy to see that what you focused on became.  Your life doesn’t lie.  It clearly tells you when you are in or out of alignment with your Good.  If life is flowing…keep going (in that direction).  If life stops…a door shuts; a road block appears, STOP and ask questions.   “I wonder what this is for?”  

Final note:  If you think that life just happens, then you are at the mercy of life…a victim with no power to change your circumstance.  You are not limited, because Spirit (of which you are) is not limited.   You know or have seen people that seemed so limited and did amazing things!

When we own our creations we are owning the Powerful Creator we are!  If you can create what you do not want, then you can just as easily create what you want, just by re-focusing the mind.

The Tools

1.  Value/Integrity Discernment Tool: 
If you don’t know what you want; or you know but you are not in integrity with it, life will be hard.   That’s where the “Value/Integrity” tool comes in.  When your thoughts are in integrity with what you say you want, your experiences will begin to align with your values.  With nothing opposing what you want; no conflict of interest, no contradictions, you will bring to you what you want.   It is the Law of the Universe.  You cannot receive what YOU have not asked for. You asked for this life experience.  You are asking with your thoughts and feelings.  A vibratory match is always on its way.  

Someone ask me one day why “pure evil” seems to prosper when good people seem to live in so much lack.  Spirit said, “Pure evil has no opposition…it’s pure.   It operates unopposed.  You could say it has no conscience.   Pure Good is even more powerful because in operates in Truth.”

Ask yourself in meditation what 3 things are most important to you in life.  And, then think about being at the end of your life and what was important looking back; what’s important may change.  Don’t rush.   If you have never asked this question, it might take a bit to get clear on it.  Once you know what they are, write them down. 

When you are struggling with stress and worry or with a choice or decision, run your thoughts or choices by the measuring stick you just created.  Simply ask yourself, “Is this thought or choice in alignment with what I say is important to me?” It will be easy to discern.  Now, you can discard the thought that is not in alignment and replace it with what is.

Here are my top 3 values and how I use them as a measuring stick for my thoughts:

 a. Freedom.  Is my thought in alignment with freedom or is it trapping me in a downward spiral of negativity and causing constriction in my body.   My breath will tell me.  
bHealth and well-being.  Is my thought contributing to my health or creating dis-ease?  
c. Harmonious relationships.  Is my thought creating harmony or disharmony within (my feelings)?  They will be made manifest without (in my relationships). 
 This is a wondrously freeing tool!

 2. One Minute Meditation Tool:
Get a journal, small enough to take wherever you go.  Set your phone alarm to go off every hour and sit with your breath for 1 minute.  Set an intention to have any negative, unconscious thinking rise into your conscious mind during this one minute.  Notice the thought and go back to your breathing.  Afterwards, right down in your journal what thought was opposing what you want. It is very important not to judge any judgmental, negative thoughts.  A client said this to me one day and I had to laugh!   “That would be compound judgment!”  Judgement is what buried our Truth to begin with and it will keep us buried.

Immediately after the meditation (if you have time) or at the end of the day, re-align the thoughts that are opposing what you want with what your truly desire.  Use the next tool…One Command.

 3.  One Command (by Asara Lovejoy)
Any negative or opposing thought can be re-aligned with the One Command practice.  Get the book and learn how to effectively create what you want by aligning with the vibration of it in the Quantum Field.  There is a scientific element to this that is fascinating!   I can attest this magical tool works if you work it!  It changed my life from living with just enough to living abundantly without worry. 

 4. Commanding your Spirit Tool:  You are Spirit!  Your breath is your Spirit!  You can call on this Power within to help you stay in your “Heart Space”; your loving nature.  This is a powerful tool past down to me by my mentor. Say…
 “I Command my Spirit to take my thoughts into my heart”.  Repeat 2 more times and count back from 10 – 1.  Take a big deep breath to restore your mind.  It is so!

 5. Hold ALL situations and people including YOU in the Light:
See the Light of Love infuse and surround you/them and the situation.  Ask your Spirit, “Show me a Higher Perspective”. Or, “Show me the Perfect Solution that will bring light and healing to this situation.”   Without judgmental thoughts in the way you will receive it.

 6.  Stay in your own business and respect others’ journeys:
One of the most important lessons I’ve learned and one of the hardest!  You will get dragged through the mud when you are interfering with another’s journey.  Ask your Spirit, What is mine to do?  Sometimes it is only to love people from afar.  Focus on what you want for them; see them happy, healthy and enjoying life.  If you have a part, let your Spirit guide you into the Right Action that will support healing.

 7.  Your breath is the most powerful clearing tool:  It is your Spirit!  A deep breath can clear negativity; non-beneficial energies and restore peace of mind in an instant!   Remember the old saying, “Take a deep breath and count to 10?”

 8. Stay protected from non-beneficial energies by staying out of judgment and fear.  The minute you are judging someone else you have connected to their fear.  When you are judging yourself, you have connecting with fearful experiences of the past.

If you find yourself going down a rabbit hole of fear and negativity, use your breath to clear and put your protective shield back up around your energy field.  Note; a negative thought will not crumple your protection; we are in a human experience.  Going down deep rabbit holes with negativity will.  Anxiety, spinning thoughts and nightmares; any dis-ease are all signs you are not clear or protected..

 9.  Use alignment tool to re-align with Truth.  See a white/gold rod moving through all your chakras and extending upward into the galaxies into infinity and downward through Mother Earth, the galaxies and into infinity.  Say, I am grounded in Truth and Anchored in Love in all of space and time and eternity”.  See this alignment up and down and then extend around you, moving outward.   Breathe deep…it is done!
10. Tools for staying out of judgement:  Like a picture is revealed in a dark room, the contrast; darkness is revealing us.  It creates the hard knocks in life we wake up to.  Who are we to judge what hard knock will finally cause someone to open the door to their Truth?  Our judgment keeps others buried.  It keeps us buried.  Self-judgment is what buried us to begin with.
As we forgive our own self-judgments we become the mirror of Love that other’s see themselves clearly in…as Love.   It starts with Self-Love.  We can and must keep ourselves protected from those that are operating out of pain and fear. They can be dangerous; and at the same time, we can stay out of judgment.  

Use these tools in lightness; without judgment.  Laugh A LOT!  Laugh at yourself.  Don’t take life so seriously!  You are here to enjoy life, not to be at the mercy of it. 

In love, gratitude and service,


Divine Planning

Staying present with what’s on your daily plate.

I hear this all the time, “I’m so overwhelmed!”   This was a common theme in my life and for many I know until I understood this:  It is not what is happening that is causing this overwhelmed feeling.  It is what I’m “thinking” about what is happening that is the cause.  When I am thinking, I am not present with what is happening…I’m in my head.  We cannot be “thinking” and “being” present at the same time. 

Once “overwhelm” takes over it can be hard to stop the anxiety that accompanies it and pull yourself out of the downward spiral.   This system will help keep you from spirally out of control to begin with.  And, if you are like me, “a little ADD” the system I’m about to share has worked magic in keeping me focused and present.   Before I discovered this, it would take me forever to just clean the house.   I would start in 1 room and go into another to get something, and BAM, I’m off and running in that room without finishing the room I exited.   Can you relate?

 Someone suggested I try a “Day Planner”.  That was a nightmare!  I also tried a huge wall calendar.  The fuller the page or calendar the more overwhelmed I felt, until I literally felt paralyzed.   It became clear to me, the systems that work for so many, were not working for me.   I needed a system that would keep track of my “To Do List” and at the same time help keep me focused only with what was currently on my plate.   This idea hit me one day as I was staring at all the Sticky Notes on my desk; reminding me of all that was left undone!

I call this method “The Sticky Note Weekly Planning System”.   Not very glamorous, but it works!

1. First Step: You will need a journal (make it light and fun!)

Block off about an hour on the weekend (or your days off) to Divinely Plan your week.  Get grounded and still.  Reflect on the projects you would like to complete.  Write the projects down in your journal as they flow into your mind.  Don’t think too hard.  Just let them come.   DON’T number them. 

Choose your words carefully. Words are powerful energy that can help or hinder.  They have a vibration.  Some are higher vibrational than others.  For instance; you might have noticed I used the word “like” rather than “want or have to”.  It feels lighter.  “Projects” and “complete” feels lighter to me than “task” and “accomplish”.  I use the online dictionary a lot to find acronyms that “feel” better.  

2. Once you have your list, ask yourself, “Is this list complete.   And, is this all “mine” to do this week?”  Be still and let the answer be revealed. You may discover some things can wait and should wait (this is not the same as procrastination).  Or maybe you have bit off more than you can chew.  Or, that you can put some of what is on your plate on someone else’s.  I used to think I had to do it all myself or it wouldn’t get done; or done right.  My ex-husband called that way of thinking, “Do It Self Me Syndrome”…LOL.   Letting go of that idea saved me a LOT of anxiety and time.

There are several ways you may hear “Spirit” answer.  Try just asking the question and taking a deep breath.  Your breath is Spirit and therefore can be the best discernment tool.  Can you take a complete breath while holding the question in your mind?  This is a good sign you’re on the right track.  Is there a hitch or hang-up; constriction anywhere in the body with the breath?  This is a good sign your list has a cliché somewhere, maybe for one of the reason stated above.

Pay close attention to the body as you breathe.  You may feel a discernible lightness or heaviness in the body with your question.  The lightness is saying YES.  The heaviness…NO.   You may even hear the answer (we all will eventually as the mind declutters).

You may use a tool if none of these methods seem to give you a clear answer (remembering your natural way of receiving can take some time.  It has been taught out of us).  Your body is an amazing tool in itself!  Stand relaxed with your feet hip distance apart.  Get grounded; see your roots growing from your feet into Mother Earth until your feet feel heavy or tingle.  Then, fold your hands over your chest.  Ask first to see how your body responds to a “Yes and No” question:

Say, “Show me a YES”.  Your body may sway forward.  This is a YES.  Say, “Show me a NO”.  A backward movement is a NO (unless your polarity is reversed and then the answers will be backwards; another reason to test your yes’s and no’s before you start asking questions.  Most of you know what “reversed polarity” means.  If not, reach out.    

The first time you experience these movements, it may be overwhelming!  OMG!  This is for REAL!  Our bodies are a conduit to Source; Our Creator; GOD.  They become better and better receivers as we declutter our bodies and minds.   If you got excited….ground again.

 3. Now comes the really fun part!  Put the list in “Divine Order”.   You may be completely surprised that what you thought was most important on your list… may not be. 

Note:  To receive Divine Guidance, it is crucial to get your head out of the way.  Spirit will not argue with you.   If you have already made up your mind you will get the answer “you think” is right.  This is called “Free Will” and what science calls “The Placebo Effect”.  This following statement works well at bypassing the mind…

“I don’t care what the answer is.  My only desire is to know the Truth”.

State it and take a deep clearing breath to clear the body and mind.  Using any of the methods above that work for you begin putting your list in Divine Order. 

While holding the first item on your list in your mind, ask “Is this number 1 on my list?   Breathe and discern. If you get a NO, then go to the next item and do the same. Continue asking and receiving; denoted the appropriate number by the project on your list until all is in Divine Order.

Write down project number 1 and maybe number 2 on Sticky Notes.  NO more than 2 to start.  Over time I have been able to have 3 or 4 sticky notes on my desk without feeling pressured as I get better and better at staying present. The visual of seeing the Sticky Notes disappear as I move from project to project is very rewarding! 

4.  See in your “Mind’s Eye” all the other projects contained in separate bubbles that are placed on a shelf where they will remain until you are ready to pull the next one down; write it on a Sticky Note and place it on your desk (or refrigerator).  I am forever grateful for my mentor for this wonderful visual! 

Now close your journal.  You know the old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind”.  You can relax now knowing you will not forget anything.  It is written in your journal and it is safe on a shelf.  You will not look at your journal or think about what else is on your list until you complete these first 1 or 2 projects on your Sticky Notes. The less I have to remember, the better.  It leaves my mind clear for “receiving”.  

An “Automated Scheduling System” was one of the best investments I’ve ever made for my business and personal planning.   I don’t busy my mind with keeping track of client appointments anymore and I can block off any personal time I desire.   I also may intuit how long it will take me to finish a project and block off that time accordingly so clients cannot book in.

With clients all over the US and beyond, “Time Zones” can be a challenge (I know some of you are laughing right now, remembering how I’ve messed up your appointment times trying to schedule sessions on my own).  The scheduler takes care of all of it!  I’ve used ACUITY for years and love it!

5.  Get set for success!  Start your day by doing some breath work to empower and align you with Truth.  I’m into the Wim Hof breathing technique.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzCaZQqAs9I ) I set an intention for every in and out breath (whatever feels supportive for that day).  For instance I might say, “With every breath in and out let Healing Light shine within and without!”  I see God’s Light expand in my body from every chakra into all the meridians and into the physicality.   Then, I see that Divine Light expand outward into my day; lighting my path with ease, joy and glory.  I see this Healing Light continue to expand further to others and into the world. 

I then see a white gold rod pierce all my chakras and continue to extend upward into infinity above my head and extend downward into infinity below my feet.  I state, “I am grounded in Truth and anchored in Love.”  And I AM!  I am raring to go!

Last note:  It may be helpful for you to start with the planning of just one day then move into weekly planning as you practice “Staying Present with Planning” (another blog coming soon).

If this sounds like something that might work for you, as it has for me and others, I would love to hear about your experience.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out!

In love, gratitude and service,

Presence on Demand

About 4 years after I put my shingle on the door and came out as a Food & Medical Intuitive, it dawned on me, the clear connection and guidance from Spirit I felt and enjoyed in client sessions was for the most part absent from my private life.

During my weekly bathtub meditation, I thought to ask Spirit about this.    The responses are always mind shattering in their simplicity.  I heard very clearly, “You are not present in the rest of your life like you are in session”.   Oh Wow!  That was so right!

I might have mentioned before, I tend to be a little ADD or what my Dad would call “scatter brained”.   It has been hard for me to stay focused for very long on any one thing.  If I plan to clean the house, I plan for a whole day.   Just going for a dust rag in the laundry room can pull me off track for hours.   Can you relate?  I wrote about this in my prior blog “Divine Planning” that details how I overcame distraction and overwhelm to accomplish my goals.  https://mailchi.mp/72f985462dee/divine-planning

In session, for some Divine Reason, I am held captive by Spirit and completely focused and present.  It is not something I have to strive to do.  It just is.  Of course, I wouldn’t be able to even do this work if I wasn’t able to be completely present.    I have to be present to be in the Presence of the Source of All knowledge and solutions.   Even as words are coming out of my mouth, I can hear and feel Spirit.

I recall when I first began leading workshops and speaking in front of groups how nervous I would be.  I had to practically have the entire workshop written in front of me for fear I would forget what to say or lose my place.   It didn’t take me very long to realize Spirit will feed me what to say, just like in session.  I only need a few notes to keep me on track.  If I enter a void, I simple say, “What’s next?” and receive.

You cannot be thinking and be in The Presence at the same time.  You cannot be in “receiving mode” and “thinking mode” at the same time.

Back in the tub…  I said to Spirit, “Okay!  I’m going to be very present now with shaving my legs”.  Within a few strokes I found my mind wandering as it so often does when I’m doing “mindless” task.   I retorted,  “Wait a minute”!  When I’m doing things that require no thinking or focus, I’m daydreaming or planning!”   I wonder how many times I’ve cut myself doing this! 

Side story…  I was wrapping up an “Evolution of Free Health” seminar one night that only 2 attended (both doctors) because of the weather.    In short, the workshop is about how the body serves us as a messenger, responder; a conduit to Source and vehicle.  It IS NOT a creator.   It tells us very clearly when what we are doing or thinking… creating is out of alignment with our Highest Good. 

When we are in receiving mode, we can know what is out of alignment and make the correction before we need “louder knocks”.   We can know what foods and supplements our body wants at any given time for maintenance and repair.   We can know how to move the body and mind into right balance and enjoy our God-given health.  

In summary, I said.  “Does this mean we do not need doctors?  NO.  We came for a human experience and we will probably keep having accidents and acute situations come up”.  In response to this, one of the doctors interrupted to say, “We do not have to have accidents.  We have them because we are not present”.   Bingo!  He is right!   This reminded me that in many European countries people drive without tons of traffic lights and stop signs and have very few collisions.  The roundabouts are crazy!  What are they doing we are not doing in the US?  They are being present with driving!

I got it! The key for hearing Spirit clearly in my personal life was the ability to become present.    So I began to chase presence.  I started to be more present with everything.  My body was one of my best tools for experiencing presence.  Just the practice of grounding, brings us present with our body and Mother Earth.   Being grounded in body means, your spirit body is completely in your physical body.   Your physical body does not operate well if you are not grounded.  It’s akin to being short-circuited.

Right now, stop what you are doing and focus on the bottoms of your feet meeting the surface you are standing own.  It might help to be barefooted.   Pay attention the sensation of being supported.   This requires no “thinking”; just your focused attention.   Do you feel the heaviness in your feet or calves?  Are your feet tingling?  This is your sign you are now grounded.  Grounding brings with it a stable, calm feeling.   Remember the feeling so you can know when you are not grounded.  Anxiety is a clear sign you have stopped breathing and come ungrounded.    A deep breath and grounding can clear anxiety before it escalates.  Panic attacks, seizures and fainting can happen from being in an extremely ungrounded state. 

Other practices I that helped me cultivate presence:

*Being present with food.   Years ago I was introduced to Food Meditation with a group.   In this powerful journey, with eyes closed; using all of our other senses, we fully experienced the piece of fruit we had chosen; the texture, the smell, the taste and even the memories it evoked.

Blessing, and honoring our food with our presence, allows the Source Good/God that is present in all things to be expanded.  Our enjoyment without judgment allows our bodies to wring out all the good and release what it does not need.  Our bodies were designed to do this!  We clog the wheel of this natural digestion process with our indifference and judgment.      

*Being present with handwashing dishes.  I have always loved to wash dishes by hand and even more so when I’m really focused on it.  There is something very soothing and calming about having my hands in a sink of warm suds.   Give it try!

*Being present with holding a door handle or walking over a threshold; or locking the door.  How many times have I gone back home because I wasn’t present with shutting the garage door only to find it closed! 

*Being present with my feet on the damp cool earth in the middle of summer as I walk barefoot on a forest floor.   My fav!

*Yoga on Mother Earth.   Becoming fully aware of how the grass feels under my feet.  Or, the warm tingling experience of sundrenched concrete against my body while in corpse pose.   Did you know that concrete is a powerful conductor of Mother Earth’s energy?

*Becoming present with the trees as I breathe.   They seem to breathe in and out with me.

*Becoming present with all the sounds around me; from the soothing movement of water, to the lawn mowers drone.   Being with the noise, rather than resisting it allows all sound to become part of a peaceful meditative experience.   This is what I took away from Zen meditation practice.

*Becoming present with my animal friends.   One of my favorite times was bathing my precious Molly on the floor with a bucket of warm sudsy water and wash cloth.  She loved the stroking and extra attention.  And, I loved the feeling of her pleasure.  We can miss priceless gifts in everyday activities when we are not present.

*One Minute Meditation was a powerful tool that was recommended by my mentor years ago.  It has helped me and so many of my clients in different ways.  One way and the focus of this blog today is honing the skill of entering into “Presence on Demand”; moving  easily from “thinking mode” into “receiving mode” just by coming completely present with the breath (your spirit).  

Some have completely forgotten how to breathe.  Watch a baby breathe.   The belly expands with the inhale and collapses on the exhale.   If your shoulders rise on the inhale and the belly doesn’t move, you are not breathing effectively.   For women who have been taught, it is not “lady-like” (like me) to let the belly pooch out, you may have gone your entire adult life never taking a deep breath.   Under stress we tend to hold our breath.   When we are learning something new, we tend to hold our breath.  With practice, your response to any stress will be to breathe.

You may also set an intention to bring into the conscious mind any negative thoughts that are running you from behind.  Here you have a choice and can change your mind.  More on using this application of the One Minute Meditation:  https://mailchi.mp/4720f7b40981/conscious-creation

If you breathe through life you will breeze through life.

The process…

Set a timer to go off every hour.   Focus on deep breaths.   You may want to try breathing in for a 4 count; filling the belly and bring the breath up to the head and hold for a 4 count.  Then release the breath completely for a 4 count.  Do this for 2 to 3 weeks or as long as it takes to develop the habit of breathing deep and through stress.

I have not stopped thinking nor would I want to.  Thinking is one of the most awesome perks of being human.   When you are completely aware of your thoughts, you can change them or leave them behind in an instant.  Our “thinking mind” is a gift that can feel like a curse until we get control of it.  Practicing presence will get you there.   You will be able to enter into “receiving mode” when necessary.   Before you know it, breathing through life will become your way of life and “Presence on Demand” will be easy and natural. 

I pray this is helpful.   If you have any questions, reach out.

Blog – Conscious Creation

I received a message from Spirit for a client the other day.  She suffers from digestive distress.  I heard…
“Do you want to be free?  You will have to get free from chronic negative thoughts.   They sabotage your health and well-being and disrupt peaceful digestion of “what is”.   Make up your mind”.
If your thoughts and actions are out of integrity with what you say you want, you will never have what you want.  In this case, the client says she wants health and well-being but doesn’t expect to have it.  Doesn’t believe she can have it.  Her thoughts and spoken words question if it is truly possible.  She is denying what she wants when she asked, “Will I always struggle?”  She is focused on the struggle…
The struggle is a result of “early programming”.  Of course, we all want health and well-being.  But what if there is a part of you that is constantly telling you it is not possible based on your childhood experience to have it?  And, what if this thought is running in the background so that you are often not “aware” of it?  Then you are constantly opposing what you say you want…unknowingly. 
Science says, what we focus on becomes… We are creating unconsciously until we move into the conscious mind what is running us from behind.  It takes an intentional, conscious effort to do this and then realign or remove the thoughts that are opposing our good. One Minute Meditation is a powerful tool for doing just this! 

You cannot change what you are not aware of.  You may be very surprised at how often you are thinking about what you “do not want” when you become totally aware of your thoughts.  One Minute Meditation was a miracle for me in the baby days of my practice.  Stepping into my most fulfilling Highest Work, Spirit made it clear I would need a clear mind.  
It goes like this.  Set an intention to hear the thoughts you are often not aware of.  Every waking hour stop (set a timer) and focus on your breath for one minute.  Have a journal with you.  NO judgment of the thoughts is allowed; you would just be judging a child that “learned” the untruth about themselves. Just notice them and go back to your breathing.  Afterwards, write them down and re-align with what you want. 
For instance; if you are thinking about how a co-worker is stressing you out, you are lining up with what you do not want.  You can tell.  Your body responds with constriction.  You hold your breath.  You tense up.  This energy is not in alignment with health and well-being.   It is sabotaging your body’s inborn ability to heal itself.   Realignment example:  Say… “Peace is always at hand.  I choose peace.”  Breathe in peace…
I pray you find this helpful. 
In love, gratitude and service,


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Clearing the Mind of What’s Running from Behind

Spring into Spring with a Delicious Detox Lemonade from my upcoming  “Delicious Daily Detox Cookbook”.  Stay tuned for the release in April! (See Recipe at the end)

 I received a message from Spirit for a client the other day.  She suffers from digestive distress.  I heard…
“Do you want to be free?  You will have to get free from chronic negative thoughts.   They sabotage your health and well-being and disrupt peaceful digestion of “what is”.   Make up your mind”.
If your thoughts and actions are out of integrity with what you say you want, you will never have what you want.  In this case, the client says she wants health and well-being but doesn’t expect to have it.  Doesn’t believe she can have it.  Her thoughts and spoken words question if it is truly possible.  She is denying what she wants when she asked, “Will I always struggle?”  She is focused on the struggle…
The struggle is a result of “early programming”.  Of course, we all want health and well-being.  But what if there is a part of you that is constantly telling you it is not possible based on your childhood experience to have it?  And, what if this thought is running in the background so that you are often not “aware” of it?  Then you are constantly opposing what you say you want…unknowingly. 
Science says, what we focus on becomes… We are creating unconsciously until we move into the conscious mind what is running us from behind.  It takes an intentional, conscious effort to do this and then realign or remove the thoughts that are opposing our good. One minute meditation is a powerful tool for doing just this! 

You cannot change what you are not aware of.  You may be very surprised at how often you are thinking about what you “do not want” when you become totally aware of your thoughts.  One Minute Meditation was a miracle for me in the baby days of my practice.  Stepping into my most fulfilling Highest Work, Spirit made it clear I would need a clear mind.  
It goes like this.  Set an intention to hear the thoughts you are often not aware of.  Every waking hour stop (set a timer) and focus on your breath for one minute.  Have a journal with you.  NO judgment of the thoughts is allowed; you would just be judging a child that “learned” the untruth about themselves. Just notice them and go back to your breathing.  Afterwards, write them down and re-align with what you want. 
For instance; if you are thinking about how a co-worker is stressing you out, you are lining up with what you do not want.  You can tell.  Your body responds with constriction.  You hold your breath.  You tense up.  This energy is not in alignment with health and well-being.   It is sabotaging your body’s inborn ability to heal itself.   Realignment example:  Say… “Peace is always at hand.  I choose peace.”  Breathe in peace…
I pray you find this helpful. 
In love, gratitude and service,


 Green Tea Lemonade with Fresh Mint and Stevia

10 regular green tea bags
12 cups purified water
1/4 cup of fresh stevia leaves
1/4 cup of fresh mint leaves
3 large lemons juiced (or 1/2 cup of juice)
2 tsp Bragg’s apple cider vinegar*
Organic liquid stevia to taste (optional)

In a 4-quart sauce pan, muddle mint and stevia leaves in a little lemon
juice to release flavors. Add water, balance of lemon juice and tea
bags. Bring to boil then remove pan from heat and steep tea with lid
on for 4-6 minutes. Stir in vinegar and liquid stevia to taste. Strain
tea into a large pitcher. Serve over ice and garnish with lemon wheel
and sprig of mint. Delicious and soothing served warm.

Note:  This vinegar actually neutralizes any bitterness from non-sugar sweeteners.

photo credit/Karen Guthrie

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