Food IS Talking
Intuitive Food Compatibility Sessions

In these sessions you will learn exactly what your body wants and what it doesn’t for correction and maintenance. Knowing this and following the body’s lead puts you on a fast track to correcting imbalances; temporary and chronic conditions.

I call this process Food IS Talking because food compatibility or the “lack of” is speaking volumes about the condition of the body.  The conversation even reveals what you ate yesterday.  You see, if you ate a bunch of something yesterday it may come up not compatible today.  Your body doesn’t need any more of that.  It becomes real clear very soon, that “variety is the spice of life” when it comes to food.

By the way, All Food IS Talking Sessions include delicious recipes to keep you on track. There is a reason I was a chef first.  We have taste buds for a reason.  Without them, we would not eat.  No one wants to suffer on the road to health.

What the body cannot digest it cannot use.
What it cannot use becomes a big burden to the body.  

It doesn’t matter how good or healthy a food may be if the body cannot digest it, assimilate and use the nutrients.  This is how food intolerance and food allergies are created; the continued consumption of foods the body cannot digest or use.  The foods I test on the “Chart of Foods” you receive during the session are ALL GOOD.

After intuitively listening to hundreds of bodies, the most common message is inflammation.  Inflamed digestive organs cannot do the work of digesting and assimilating many foods (especially raw food in its whole state). Too much acid in the body causes inflammation.  Acid burns flesh inside and out.  As the body cools off and the inflammation is eased, compatibility returns – fast!

The average client restores normal compatibility within 3 to 6 weeks.  What this means is the body is now digesting a variety of food and assimilating nutrients.   The body is getting what it needs to make repairs and maintain health.

Remember this – The body is always doing the right thing.  It is not the enemy.  It is sending you messages all the time.  Receive the message; make the corrections and the body will do what it is divinely designed to do – repair and renew.    Food IS Talking is just one way to receive messages until you can receive them yourself.

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Food IS Talking For Pets Too

**Yes!  Pets also have their most compatible foods and suffer from many of the same ailments as their human friends.  The good news – they need a ton less variety.   Go here to read more:

Food Is Talking Workshops

The Food IS Talking workshops puts you Smack Dab in the driver’s seat of your health.  Find out every week before you shop what is missing from your body’s tool kit.  With a fully stocked tool kit, a little exercise and a way to further reduce stress such as meditation, the body can create and maintain balance and health.

Dieting becomes obsolete has you learn how to create balance while enjoying your favorite foods.  Remember, a balanced body maintains its weight naturally.

I know it sounds simple and it is.  All that is required is an open, objective mind, a willingness to learn and practice.

One satisfied client turned Food IS Talking Master!

“After following the food charts, I was feeling much better within a week.  Knowing which foods to eat allowed my body to heal– my gut, my adrenals, and my thyroid.  The fear is gone and I know how to take care of myself.  Additionally, after taking a workshop with Gail last weekend, I know how to test myself for food compatibility. Food is medicine. Thank you Gail!”
Tanya Zolotnitsky/Oakland, CA


In The Workshop you will:

*Discover your relationship with energy and how it relates to food and everything else.

*Experience the powerful energy of the mind in motion with mind-blowing demonstrations.

*Learn to be a Master of your thoughts to Master Food Compatibility Testing and your Life!

*Learn to use the “Food IS Talking” Food Charts to design your optimum weekly grocery list.

*Learn to leverage the Universal Law of Attraction to attract better food choices and eliminate self-sabotaging behavior.

*Learn to use various tools to hone your natural intuitive skills.

*Plenty of Q & A and “hands-on” practice

*Those who attend in person receive the added bonus of enjoying Chef Gail’s delicious, healthy snacks and desserts.

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