7 Missing Links to Abundant and Sustainable Health: Missing Link #1

Okay!  it is time…finally!  My website and newsletter are being re-vamped, I’m getting all my ducks in a row in anticipation of the launch of the second book in the Evolution of Free Health series.  Progress on this has been stalled several times over the years.  Life happens and change happens…right?   Ironically, that is the subject of today’s post.   And…Divine Timing is always perfect!

My “Intuitive Chef” journey began with foodRevelation.com in 2012 and the “FoodISTalking” Intuitive Food Compatibility charts.   Like all journeys the road did not stop there.   12 years have gone by already!  It has certainly been a wild ride, packed full of revelations!   I share these “Divine Downloads” here at Revelations & Recipes; the new name for my blog that is also a book in the making.

Over the first 7 years of this journey, I had 7 BIG reveals.  I call these, The 7 Missing Links to Abundant and Sustainable Health, the title of my next book in the Evolution of Free Health series.  The first one I released in a cookbook format, Quinoa Cookbook Journey.  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MSY3XGP/

Some of these missing links are so logical, you will wonder as I did, how we could possibly forget some very basic, simple Truths, like the one I’m about to share.   And, then some of them are mind-blowing and life-altering. 

I will be sharing all 7 of these missing links with my clients and readers over the next few months.   If you feel inspired, please share these with others!  We are moving out of the Evolution of Dis-ease and quickly into the Evolution of Free Health!

The first Missing Link arrived early on as I worked through multiple “FoodISTalking” Intuitive Food Compatible charts with clients.  It became apparent that what the body needs is constantly changing.   Imagine that!  We’ve all heard the old saying, “The only thing we can count on is death and taxes.”   In reality, the only thing we can truly count on…is change.

It is easy to forget this simple truth when we find ourselves in a challenging situation…

“Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies or our experiences.”

This means not one good food or one “so-called” bad food could possibly be good or bad for every “body” all the time.   Food compatibility changes as change happens.   

For instance, the world says raw food is great for you!  However, if you have a serious digestive issue like diverticulitis or a leaky gut, raw food could send you to the hospital.  This is what happened to my sister-in-law when she was listening to the so-called experts tout the benefits of a raw food diet.  She didn’t know she had diverticulitis.  

Let’s say your life just delivered you a boat load of change, like an injury or illness. Or, you become pregnant, or get fired from your job, or move to another country.  Or maybe your suddenly inspired to become a body builder.  Your nutritional needs will change…sometimes drastically!

If you eat too much of any one food, it may become temporarily incompatible or “on the line” of compatibility.   This comes up often with the intuitive food charts (it happens also when you don’t like something).  The food chart tells us what you’ve been eating too much of.  It’s saying, “I don’t need any more of that.”  If you keep eating what you don’t need you will develop a food sensitivity.    If you leave this food out for a while, it will come back into compatibility.   We could see this if the food sensitivity test (like the Alcat) were run more often.  But they are expensive and insurance would not pay for it.

Any blood work or test is just a snap shot in time.

A diagnosis is just a label to describe a symptom that Is currently happening so a medication can be prescribed.  Without a label and insurance code, the insurance company will not pay for the medication.   Your diagnosis can change and become obsolete based on the action you take.

Not one good healing modality, medicine, natural remedy, or dosage is good for every body all the time. 

Not one good healing facilitator (even me) is perfect for everyone.
And the list goes on and on…

We are unique individuals and so are our bodies.  A “one-size-fits-all” approach to health is never going to work for every “body.”   Your body has requirements and solutions that are unique to you.

Our bodies are in decay mode, detox mode, healing mode or thriving mode.  But they do not stand still.  What we eat and “think” largely determines the mode we are in at any given time…the topic of the next Missing Link.    

The good news?  With every change comes opportunity for healing and growth.