Crucial pieces of the “Health Puzzle” have been missing for some time (never really missing – just forgotten).  One of the biggest – The crucial role food plays in our health.  We have hunger pains for a reason.  They remind us the body is hungry for nutrients.  These are the tools our body needs to stock its tool box for maintenance and repair.

These missing links have revealed themselves to me through revelation and experience with hundreds of clients over the years.  The time is right for us to take back control and responsibility for our health.  This starts with uncovering the missing links.

I am revealing all 7 leading up to the book release of  “Evolution of FREE Health”, The 7 Missing Links to Sustainable Health.  Keep up here:

One of the biggest “Aha’s”…

Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies

Every single “body” is unique. Our DNA is unique. Our experience and its effect on the body is unique.  Our nutritional requirements change constantly as the state of our mental and physically body changes. So how can any one “Good” food be good for every “body” all the time?     How can any one diet, fitness regimen, pill or healing modality be perfect for every body “all the time”.  It could only be possible if we were all clones and time stood still.

A blood test, allergy test, ANY lab test is only a snap shot of what is going on with a body at that moment in time.  The test is becoming obsolete as the body shifts its needs according to its physical and mental environment – Even as it heals.  We must meet our bodies ever-changing needs for optimum health.

Over time we have forgotten our natural way of knowing what the body needs. The Food IS Talking method is the first step to remembering.  YOU CAN know for sure what foods the body wants at any given time for balancing and correcting conditions either temporary or chronic.

My life’s purpose is to use the God-given gifts I’ve unwrapped to help others discover theirs and in doing so take back control of their health and life.

You may be asking about now where did my journey began into this “gift of knowing”?

It started in 2009.  I had struggled with serious high blood pressure for years and carried an extra 20 pounds since menopause. I could not lose the weight no matter what I did.  I have been all about nutrition and an avid tennis player for many years so it didn’t make sense to me that I could not control these 2 things.

Then one day I decided to try a vegan diet and consulted a “holistic” minded doctor.  This doctor used a diagnostic tool called “Applied Kinesiology” to find nutritional deficiencies in my body and then prescribed supplements to support healing.  I dropped the 20 pounds in short order, but I still struggled with blood pressure spikes that had to be controlled with drugs.

“My gut” told me there was a permanent, drug-free solution to this problem I just hadn’t found it yet.

I was also losing my hair, FAST, big hunks of it along with the loss of lean muscle mass. My family was concerned – They commented, “I looked fragile”.   It was apparent my body was missing something and the “what” and “why” would soon be discovered.

During the experience with this holistic doctor I became fascinated with Applied Kinesiology (more often called muscle testing).   It is based in the theory that the body has a muscle response to truth and untruth. This may seem a little or if not extremely far-fetched for some but it has been an optional course in Chiropractic schools for decades. Many holistic practitioners, dentist and even MDs use this non-invasive diagnostic tool.

THE BIG REVEAL – Applied Kinesiology “Muscle Testing” is not magic. It is just one of many tools we can use until our natural, only forgotten intuition kicks into full gear.

With these tools I was able to get to the root of my hair loss.   The root cause was imbalance in the body.   The imbalance had created a perfect terrain for fungus.   The same fungus I had been treated for with dangerous drugs a couple of years prior. Apparently, it had not been completely eliminated.

By the way, this was a very dangerous drug. I had to have a liver test every 3 weeks while taking it.   My long beautiful hair got so thin I ended up chopping it off.

With my new intuitive skills and little help from a naturopath my body found its optimum balance as I was able to know exactly what it needed and didn’t’. The fungus had to find another home.   My body was no longer a good host.

My muscle mass returned as I learned and got proficient at using these new skills. I was listening to my body and giving it what it wanted – NOT what the world said was good for me.

Low and behold the answer was not in a pill! The blood pressure issue was completely corrected as my body’s balance was restored through what I ate and as I learned how to de-stress and BE happy (a choice).  As I learned how to focus on what I wanted and not what I didn’t.  I am living the Evolution of FREE Health!

The Vibration of Health & Unhappiness ARE NOT compatible.

Then one day I realized, I no longer needed Applied Kinesiology or any testing tools! I was just getting the answers in my head and then I was feeling the answers.

YES! We “feel” EVERYTHING! We have only forgotten how to feel as we have covered up our feeling barometer (our body) with all kinds of distractions and numbing drugs. Our “felt-perception” (thank you Michael Brown for this fabulous word combo) has become extinct and many seldom get quiet enough to hear the soft voice of inner guidance.

With that big reveal, The Intuitive Chef was born.   The “Food IS Talking” Food Compatibility Testing method was put on paper. I began in earnest helping people one-on-one know exactly what foods their unique body wants and doesn’t with amazing results!

I am always astounded at the speed people reverse conditions that have plagued them for years; like fungus and weight issues. Those who faithfully worked the chart were finding relief from symptoms within a 1 week.

Not only does the body no how to repair itself – It knows how to regulate its weight.

It became apparent really fast, this is a FAST TRACK, a short cut.  Hundreds of people from all walks of life have restored their God-given natural health and sense of well-being through this process.

The time is right for this information to be known to the masses or this gift would not be stepping forward for me and so many others. And, with all gifts, the REAL GIFT is in sharing…

The Intuitive Chef’s, “Food IS Talking” Process is all about self-empowerment

It’s about being in the driver’s seat of your own health

It’s about taking back control!

The Workshops are now available online, in groups and one-on-one.  Go here for more info –

Anyone can learn the process I awakened to.  The first step is re-covering the high vibration of your own health.  This higher vibration brings you more in alignment with your “Higher Truth” and divine guidance.

It takes Practice;

A  Strong Desire to know the Truth;

And, the will to take Complete Responsibility for one’s Health.

Here is one very happy client experiencing her FREE HEALTH!

“Hey, Hey, Hey…… Well, all blood work and test are in and today I saw my doctor. NO DIABETES — clear and basically no thyroid issues either. By the way I went to the dentist about 2 weeks ago and she went to clean my teeth and she was so shocked that there was almost nothing to clean. The dentist came in and said don’t know what you have done but this was great. I just had to tell you all the good news. You told me I was clear of the diabetes and in the four years with doctors and loosing almost 40 pounds I was never told I was clear. Your intuitive gift was such a life and game changer for me. I wasn’t expecting the great dental report. Bonus. I don’t mind at all you using this. My lab reports prove it”. Judy….Dallas, TX