The Quinoa Cookbook

Quinoa Cookbook Journey: 21 Shockingly Delicious Recipes to Honor the Taste Buds and the Body (Evolution of Free Health)

At first glance this book may look like your typical cookbook (if you consider quinoa typical). I assure you it is not.  What makes this cookbook unique? It was written by a very creative, Plant-Based Chef turned “Food and Medical Intuitive”. How creative? Intuitive Chef Gail Blair has been lovingly labeled, The plant-based chef  for “Meat-Lovers” and “Vegetable Haters”. Her recipes surprise and amaze even the most skeptical, die-hard meat and potato lover; including me. The bonus of her “intuitive gift” is a gift that keeps on giving.  If you think “healthy” means suffering through tasteless, cardboard box meals, you are in for a big treat! There is a divine reason Gail was a master chef before her “gifts” kicked in. No-one wants to suffer on the road to health. As a client, I can attest with Gail you don’t have to.

– John Sklar M.D./Pain Specialist and creator of Pathways to Releasing Pain