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Man’s Attempt to Duplicate Nature is a Big Fail!

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It has come up to me several times over the course of the past year that “something is missing” with GMO produce, and “hydroponic” grown produce.  Some science tells us there is no difference between what Mother Nature creates and what man creates.   What’s the missing link?  Mother Nature’s miraculous influence.  We do not know exactly every detail that is necessary in designing a food source that is perfectly compatible to the human body, but Mother Nature does.   Being able to intuitively test the vibration of different foods and the compatibility to the body, it’s become apparent to me that just because man can mimic nature and nutrients in food, without Mother Nature’s touch the body doesn’t recognize the food as compatible.  It makes logical sense the natural organic human body and any animal or plant for that matter requires a natural organic food source to thrive.  This food source is provided by Mother Nature.   The Kingdom of Earth cannot survive without Her.   The world is not getting healthier as a result of all the technology designed to “bypass” nature.  Our survival on Earth depends on working WITH Mother Nature not against her to restore our natural balance and state of well-being.  Good Food for Thought..

ABC News – "Red Meat Can Take Years Off Your Life"


This is refreshing and exciting.   A “Main stream media story” that’s actually comes out with it – Americans eat too much meat and the wrong kind, “processed”.  I wish they would have taken it one step farther to include the unhealthy nature of “factory farmed” meats.  These animals are raised on GMO grain, animal byproducts, antibiotics and hormones in an unnatural environment with no room to move, sleep and eat, surrounded in their own feces, and may never see the light of day.  Factory farmed animals are tortured everyday of their short lives before being slaughtered without any thought to the animal’s suffering. This is what ends up on the average American dinner plate.  I’m not just talking about red meat, I talking about all farmed meat, chicken, fish, etc.

So along with cutting back on meat, you may want to consider the source of your meat.  I can’t imagine anyone that I know or love would eat this garbage if they knew where it came from.  If you have a strong stomach, watch “Meat Video”.   This is an example of what really goes on to bring your meat to the table. Factory farming’s main interest is profit not health.  If Americans would vote with their wallets and stop buying this bad excuse for meat, this industry would go away and be replaced by real farms again.  Of course, information is key.  Get educated.     Mercy for Animals is a great place to start.  Their tireless efforts to end animal cruelty has resulted in many positive changes, but there is still a lot of work to be done.  FYI all food borne illness (food poisoning) starts with meat.

People ask me all the time – “Why did you decide to give up meat” (2nd question – what do you eat for protein? – EVERYTHING!)

It started for health reasons.  I couldn’t lose the 20 pounds I had gained when I hit 50. and I had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and a very bad family history of heart disease. And guess what?  I have always be health conscious and physically active. It was a gradual process, but along the way I became more and more aware of where our meat was coming from.  Besides all the health benefits I’ve realized, what was most unexpected was the savings on my grocery bill.  I lost my job in May of 2011.  If meat had been a staple in my diet, I would have starved.  I can eat on $20.00 a week now if I have to.

I volunteer cooking classes monthly at a local charity for underage mothers.  The girls asked me at our last class when I was going to teach them how to cook meat and my response was, “when you can afford to buy REAL meat”.   The fact is, the average American cannot afford to eat organic, naturally raised meat.  I will be teaching them this semester how to cook meat, because I have learned I have to meet them where they are to make a difference. They will learn how to buy meat and about moderation, but my focus will still be on plant-based cooking.  I want to teach them how to be healthy and happy.  All I can hope is, they will take what they’ve learned with them to the grocery store.

I’m not saying you can’t be healthy and eat meat.  Everyone is different and has a right to their own opinion. But I do think moderation and eating mindfully is key.  If we would just think before we eat instead of mindlessly stuffing our faces, most chronic diseases could be avoided.  And, I think everyone would agree that  animals shouldn’t ever suffer.  It is no longer acceptable to torture animals to manufacturer drugs and cosmetics.  It’s against the law to torture a domestic animal.  Why should it be acceptable to torture animals to produce a food that does us more harm than good?  We have choices – they don’t.  You can choose to eat cruelty free.

Good Food For Thought….

SAY NO to GMO – You have until February 27th to make your voice heard!

Government of the people, by the people, for

the people, shall not perish from the Earth”.

Abraham Lincoln

Make your voice heard at: www.federalregister.gov/articles/2011/12/27/2011-33009/dow-agroscience-llc-availability-of-petition-plant-pest-risk-assessment-and-environmental-assessment

 and at http://www.cornucopia.org/2011/12/action-alert-say-no-to-dow-chemicals-ge-corn-petition/ to sign a petition

 going directly to President Obama and US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Learn more about GMO foods at http://www.saynotogmos.org/
 Dear Readers – I put in my 2 cents below  – Will you speak up?

With the ever-increasing cancer rates, obesity, and chronic disease in our country, I find it hard to fathom the connection between what we eat and our health is not being made.  Health care cost is at  epidemic proportions along with all the disease and with no end in sight.  According to CMS.gov the National Health Expenditure has reached 17.6% of the GDP and an average of $8,086 per person.   The answer is not in forcing people to buy insurance so healthcare providers can get paid for more open heart surgeries  and chemotherapy and big  Pharma can sell more drugs.  I very seldom watch TV anymore and when I do I’m amazed at the amount of drug advertisements.   Every other commercial is a drug for this and a drug for that.  Drugs companies spend billions of dollars convincing the sick, that they have the magic pill.  I was shocked the other day to hear an advertisement for the new drug “Provigil”, to treat “shift work disorder” – really?  Half of the 60 second spot was taken up with the side effect disclosure of which included death of course.  Who benefits from all this advertising?  I don’t think it’s the poor shift worker who now needs more drugs to deal with the side effects of his “shift work disorder” drug. 

The answer to all this madness is not in a pill –  It’s in preventing illness before it cost thousands of dollars.  The answer is in getting healthy.  Supply and demand still works.  Decrease the demand for a product or service and the cost goes down for everyone.

Studies have proven time and again, that pesticides and toxins cause cancer and disease, along with poor nutrition.  Maybe it’s  time our elected officials put our money where their mouth is – how about a few more dollars spent on subsidizing  clean produce?  You say America needs to get healthy and then you subsidize the very foods that are making us sick and fat, like GMO corn.

No benefit will be gained by promoting the market for GM food.  I read the news and I am aware of the problems already surfacing with cross contamination of organic fields for instance, and the fact Monsanto’s pesticide and herbicide formulas have produced crops more and more resistant to the pests and weeds they were designed to resist. The same has happened with antibiotics as the misuse of these miracle drugs has increased, creating stronger and more resistant strains of deadly bacteria.   Where does this end?  When our food source is gobbled up by super bugs or so contaminated it’s not fit for human consumption, or when a new bacterial epidemic wipes us out?

If the government is really interested in the health of America, you will not allow this deregulation.   Corporate profit is the only benefactor of such a decision.

Americans can no longer but on blinders and allow profit to dictate how we eat.   We have the right of not only knowing what is in our food supply, but the right to choose.  I choose good health for myself and by doing so affect the gene pool positively for the next generation.

Demand good food and the supply of bad food will end automatically.   Supply and demand – simple…..

Thanks for reading and sharing……And thank you “saynotogmo.org” for all of your important, thoughtful research.  I’m playing it forward.

With Patience