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Is The Re-invention of Mother Nature Hazardous to Our Health and Our Planet?


Three questions –

  1. If genetically modified food is so safe why the enormous push to keep consumers from knowing it is genetically modified?
  2. Is it possible to improve upon Mother Nature?
  3. Do our natural, organic bodies recognize this modified food?

Lab test may compare and confirm similar nutrient profiles between genetically modified fish and natural wild caught, but can we really know exactly how Mother Nature has created her bounty and duplicate it or improve upon it?

It is one thing to prove the nutrient content of a food, but another to prove the body’s ability to assimilate and use it.  I’m sure we have the ability to test this (I test it intuitively).  Measuring the vibration of the body before and after a meal would be one good way.  If the body is well fed, its vibration (energy) should increase.  Wouldn’t we want to choose the foods that have the highest energy?

Is it scientifically possible to measure the vibration (energy) of food?   I have a feeling we already have this technology and I for one will be searching for it.   Until we all learn to use our built-in guidance system (our intuition), science-based fact is how we make educated decisions about our health.  Today, science-based decisions are no longer a guarantee of safety as $$$ influence the outcomes of scientific research.

The body cannot digest and use foods that are not compatible.  Have we gone so far that the human body doesn’t recognize what we are feeding it?  Could this be one of the biggest factors in our decline in health today?

Good Food for Thought….