The Evolution of Veganism

Vegan-ism is an Evolution –

A process that is escalating as collective consciousness rises.

However, meat consumption is in our collective DNA.  We have been consuming meat for a long, long, time.  As a “Food Intuitive” and “recovered judgmental vegan”, I have come to realize that every “body” is different with its own set of nutritional requirements.  And, what each body needs at any given time changes depending upon our ever-changing physical, mental and even spiritual state.

Over the years and hundreds of “Food Compatibility Charts” later, it has also become very clear that many human bodies have not yet completely adapted to a 100% vegan diet.  A good many still require some foods only animals provide. And there may be those that will always require some animal products.

Collective consciousness has grown leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.  It is this growth that is fueling the vegan/vegetarian movement.  The vegetarian diet is now accepted by the main stream with the strict vegan diet following in its footsteps.

Still, when people test highly compatible for animal sourced food, their body is saying it still requires it; however, not in the “oversized” portions being consumed today.  The average body can assimilate easily about 20 grams of protein at a time (from all sources; plant or animal).  Much more than that is burdensome.  6 ounces of salmon is 35 grams of protein.  1 cup of yogurt can be 10 – 23 grams of protein.  The lower the fat content the higher the protein density.

Denying our body what it still requires can lead to deficiencies that at the very least can keep us from performing optimally at a physical and mental level.  And, worst case scenario lead to illness. At that point, what animal are we being cruel to?

Unlike many other animals, the human body is very adaptable to whatever food source is available; otherwise we would have become extinct long ago.  Adapting takes time.  Evolution is slow.

The exciting news; I’m finding that “most” everyone is compatible and can achieve optimum health with a vegetarian diet.  “Cruelty Free” options that do not involve death for the sake of consumption are out there (if we so choose to search it out).  If meat is required, it can be sourced humanely in a way that respects and honors the animal providing it; again a choice.

“Farm to Table” eating is making a comeback – BIG TIME!  More and more people are finding creative ways in the city to raise their own chickens and gardens.  Produce co-ops are “cropping up” (couldn’t resist:) in every town.  Eating locally means fresher options and supports our local economy and community.

The vegan movement has brought into the light the horrific cruelty by factory farming conglomerates; an industry that has existed “in the dark” for decades.  Now it is hard to ignore anymore how meat arrives on the plate.

With the evolution of veganism we are creating a world less and less tolerant of “cruelty to animals”.  As we become less tolerant of cruelty to lower animals we also become less tolerate of cruelty to the human animal.

If you are entertaining a plant-based diet, it’s because you are ready. Just be kind and patient with yourself.  It’s a process and a very personal one.  If you are wondering if your body has made the shift to a vegetarian or vegan diet you can know through “Food IS Talking” intuitive food compatibility testing (go to to learn more).

It’s important to love and respect everyone’s journey including your own. This is called unconditional love; the pure definition – “the absence of judgment”.  Powerful thing to love unconditionally; it creates loving conditions.   The Intuitive Chef

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