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What is Right Action


What is “Right” Action?

The synergistic events of my day are defining it.  I found a “God Note” today I jotted down some weeks ago as I was de-cluttering the kitchen counter-top.  A “God Note” is a spontaneous, inspired thought; the kind that show up randomly when you least expect it.   Sometimes they arrive in dreams and sometimes during waking hours, when my mind is free enough to hear them (I was washing dishes this time).  This thought followed on the heels of a passionate conversation with a friend (you know what they say about politics and religion…).  We were debating what “right action” is, in these seemingly very chaotic, stressful times.  It may even seem we are backsliding today.  We are not.  What is still bubbling under the surface is only coming into the light to be seen.  The darkness cannot survive the light.  I digress…

The note was this:

Right action, any action can be energetic, physical or both.  For instance, thoughts and prayers are energetic action.  The thought cannot be seen, but the results are made manifest.   Some people “act” more energetically (prayer warriors, lightworkers, etc.) and some have more physical roles.  Both are profoundly important for creation.

Physical action is always born of thought, even if it is bubbling under the surface of our unconscious (in the dark).

Every creation (manifestation) begins with a thought, just as we are a thought of our Creator.

“Right Action” is born of loving thought.  Loving thoughts and actions are heart-based and honor the oneness that we are, regardless of circumstance.

Then I opened this today from Renaissance Unity:

Today’s Meditation

Dear God,

I deeply desire that love guide my life.

Love for myself, the people around me and this planet.

Love that is beyond words or thoughts, beyond intellectualizing.

You are the source of me, the fountain of my life.

May this core of love expand until only love remains.

Express yourself fully, in and through me.

And, so it is – Amen

Rev. Kelly


And, then I opened another email from Rev. Karen at Unity on Greenville.  This verse was at the bottom:

“Let me give you a new command:  Love one another.  In the same way I loved you, you love one another.  This is how everyone will recognize that you are my disciples – when they see the love you have for each other.”  John 13: 34-35

If this is not a clear message, I don’t know what is…

No matter what action we take – Let Love lead.



Voting "Mindfully" and "Intuitively"


It is election time again and it has never been more important to VOTE.   If you are having trouble making a decision – I hope this helps give you clarity.

Many of you already know me as the “Intuitive Chef” so what I am about to share will probably not come as too big a shock.  I’m sure some will think I’m completely insane.  I gotten to a place in my life (a very peaceful place I might add) where I no longer make decisions based on what others think.

It’s only fear (EGO – Earth Guidance Only) that causes us to hold tight to our gifts and prevents us from sharing them with the world.  How selfish is that? The world needs us to share our gifts NOW!   Its only fear that keeps us stuck in the “same old, same old”, afraid of change.  You know the old saying, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself”.  And, here is another good one, “The only constant is change”.

This is me being fearless.  I came out of the closet with my intuitive gifts on Facebook in 2013 and I haven’t looked back.  My website was completely re-vamped in 2015 to reflect my Highest Work.  Since then, life has shown me, I absolutely did the right thing!  I read this quote the other day online and it is so true, “Life always tells the truth”.   What is your life telling you?

There is no way I’m letting fear get in the way of this important message:  We must BE the change we want to see in this country and worldwide.  This may mean changing how we do things, including voting.

In 2014, I voted intuitively for the first time and I’ve been voting this way ever since.  I use this divine gift to guide me daily in every aspect of my life, why not use it to vote?  We all have this gift.  It’s part of our God-given inheritance.  And, if I am aware of my intuitive gifts then I know there are many others that are aware or starting to become aware of theirs.  I can’t think of a more important way to use this gift, well yes I can, but this is definitely at the top.

The fact is, even if we did our homework (which I’m sure many voters don’t) it’s still really hard to get past all of the deception to make an educated choice.   And, our educated choice is only as good as the education.  We know from past experience, what we’ve learned may not remain true.   For instance; science is continually evolving along with man.

You can’t believe everything you hear from the AD campaigns.  People don’t also tell the truth.  Voting “party” is most ineffective; it just creates more polarity and in no way guarantees the character or motives of a candidate.

Listening to opinion gets you nowhere; everyone has one.  The news stations lean to one side of the other – CNN is “so-called” liberal and FOX is considered “conservative”.  And BIG money controls what is reported.  Many big issues you will not hear discussed unless you listen objectively to all sides.   How many actually do this?  Even if you do, what you consider important still may not be addressed.  Many HUGE issues are not being talked about today.  A candidate is not obliged to answer a question never asked.  And, politicians are experts at “not answering the question”.

See “Voting Mindfully for Freedom” for what “I consider” important questions to ask of our candidates and more voting tips:

We can no longer afford to vote blindly based on party or based on what others think.  We can no longer afford to “follow the leader” if we want to see progressive change.  Change for the “Good” of ALL of mankind and the planet.  If you are ready for a change, then the only way to have it is to make a change.

On Election Day, we are not just voting for president.  We have lots of decisions to make and each one counts.  The president does not operate independently.   I want to elect individuals that have the “highest good” of the “people” and the “planet” as his/her top agenda.  Of course, sometimes we must choose between the lesser of 2 evils (or more).

We are not under a dictatorship; the end result of following the leader.   It is my prayer this country remains a free democracy that supports and honors all life and our God-give right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   This can only happen if we exercise our God-given “free will” to think independently and objectively and then act.

Voting Intuitively Tip #1:  Our mind is our most powerful tool.  “Nothing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first”.  What we “think we know”, our opinion or judgment will affect our answers.  The person that “knows” the least will find it easier to receive “pure” answers.   Objectivity is learned.  It is something I have gotten good at over time.  It is imperative in my work.   (I share in my workshops, tips for learning objectivity.)

Before testing anything, take a deep, mindful cleansing breath to clear and ground.  When emotionally charged, we have been taught to “take a deep breath” before reacting. Why? It clears our mind.  It may help to speak out loud, “I don’t care what the answer is – I only want the Truth”.

I receive the answer in my head (that wasn’t always the case).  You may receive your answers another way.  I then use another method for verification.  (Very important step!  Sometimes my mind still gets in the way.  I’m human).  There are many divining tools you can use including your body.  You have a way of receiving answers in your body whether you are aware of it or not.   (Stay tuned for more tips on cultivating your intuitive skill or call me).

Voting Intuitively Tip #2  When asking for Guidance, “the answer is only as good as the question”.  This was a powerful lesson I learned early on as an intuitive.  For voting, I needed a question that takes into consideration that in some cases, none of the choices are very good ones.  However, one choice is better than all the others.  For instance; often times the best choice has no chance of getting elected and voting for the “best choice” could be a vote that helps elect the “worst choice”.

The question that arrived: “Which choice has the best chance of tipping the scales towards the highest best good of the people and the planet?”

I print out the ballot.  I state my intention (the question above) and ask “Is this the right choice” of every candidate and record the answers on the ballot.

Some “intuitives” will be able to just go to the booth and vote intuitively on the fly.    I do better in the peace and quiet of my personal space (probably a result of my “hermit” years).    I’m chuckling right now as I imagine people standing in the voting booth with pendulums and dowsing rods….LOL.  I take my ballot with me to the voting booth.  By the way, I always vote early to avoid long lines.

When voting this way, the answers cross all parties, which does not surprise me.  There are good choices on all sides just like there are bad ones.

Keep this in mind:  Just because your choice does not get elected, do not be discouraged.   It takes time and many votes to shift the collective.  However, each vote shifts the collective consciousness.  So keep voting!

If you are interested in knowing more about developing your own intuition or voting intuitively, I am happy to share my journey and what has worked for me.

Awareness and Gratitude equal the most exquisite FREEDOM!

In closing, here is a simple affirmative prayer to support world peace and this election:

The light of Truth, Peace, Love and Unity shines bright on our world
– So Be It and So It IS!

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven's DoorA friend set this to me today.  I was flabbergasted!

Total confirmation of the messages I’ve been receiving and posting since 2012.


Every chaotic, loud, seemingly ugly event is Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Love will open the door.

Make room in your heart for all things. A door cannot swing open where there is no room. It will simply hit a wall and slam shut again.


Wishing you much Peace, Harmony & Joy!


Underneath It All We Are All The Same

Invisible man

Like the “Invisible Man”, our outer rags take on many forms, but underneath it all we are all the same – Invisible Energy; an individuation (a personalization) of Source Energy; God Energy.

Every creation is unique in personality and form yet still part of THAT ONE.  All that ever changes is the wrapper “The rag”.  We might judge someone’s rags dirtier or cleaner than our own, but the rags; the wrapping does not change what is underneath…”

Thank you Millie Smith for this perspective.

The Children Are Our Future

The children are our future

Interesting – just as I was about to start on this blog the title flowed in.  Right behind it the entire song (with a couple revisions).

I love the way our Creative Source provides just what we need when we need it.


“Greatest Love of All”

I believe the children are out future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them a sense of purpose to make it easier

Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody’s searching for a hero

People need someone to look up to

I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs

A lonely place to be

And, so I learned to depend on me


I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows

If I fail, if I succeed

At least I’ll live as I believe

No matter what they take from me they can’t take away what’s really Me

Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.

I’ve found the greatest love inside of me

The greatest love of all is easy to achieve

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all

If by chance that special place that you’ve been dreaming of

Leads you to a lonely place

Find your strength in love

Thank you Whitney Houston!


Here is the rest of the story…..

My granddaughter (6 years old) and her father, my oldest son from Phoenix, AZ  came to visit me in Texas for 2 weeks this summer.  At the end of that visit, I immediately took off for another 2weeks to CA and spent more time with her and her mother.

This is the first time I’ve spent so much one-on-on time with my granddaughter or been so aware (in observation mode) of the lessons playing out and coming full circle.

It was a trying time.  One filled with frustration and even a little anger.     I struggled with remaining unattached (neutral).  Something I thought I had more of a handle on.  Over the last 5 years, as I have become ever more aware of who I am and who we are in each other (LOVE), inner and outer peace has become a way of life.   Many of the emotions that bubbled up I hadn’t felt in a while.  My peaceful world was rocked!

I know this; if I am feeling anything but love (who I am) I am definitely in school.  It is my cue to pay attention.  Something very enlightening (it will lighten me up) is occurring.  If I will detach, be still and watch it unfold rather than jumping in the boat with the emotions, I will be in a position to see the “what fors” (why is this happening) and BE the solution.  The solution will flow through me.

I woke up one morning about halfway through this journey with this command; connect to my granddaughter’s Higher Self and ask her what she is showing me and let Guidance lead.  In meditation I received this:

“She is showing me all the ways I missed the mark as a parent.  I am being given another opportunity to get it right.  And I need to NOW.   Specifically, I am being asked to resume a role I have played before in many lifetimes; a teacher of children.”

The rich experiences (some seemingly really bad) delivered in this lifetime are the very experiences necessary to help me uncover and become the compassionate and understanding leader I am still becoming (BE – coming).   I received this beautiful mantra not long ago as a reminder of what all experience is:

“I see the world and myself without judgment and I see the gift of all past judgments as the gift of compassion and knowledge”.

As a single mother of 3 children and according the world I failed at mothering or so it seems.  The anger and frustration I’ve been feeling is the left over guilt and self-judgment rising to the surface to be released.   I cannot see or use the gifts of experience if I’m in judgment of them.

Many judge those who fail as unsuitable teachers when in fact can be the most suited.  Some may say, “Who are you to tell me what to do.  You obviously did it poorly yourself”.  Some of the best teachers and therapist are the ones who learned the hard way.  They can relate to others on many levels of understanding based on experience.  It can truly be said, “I know how you feel – I’ve been there”.  Hindsight is 20/20.

This summer event with my granddaughter brought to the surface all the knowledge I have gained from experience in this life and others.   We have only one job as parents to the children arriving today on this planet; to protect them and help them uncover their true identity and purpose in the world.   As my granddaughter uncovers, we all uncover – the world uncovers.  We are one.

This is what experience and Guidance has uncovered:

  • A good leader must be well respected. To be well respected, we must treat ourselves and others with respect.  I’ve learned to ask, “Am I loving, honoring and respecting myself and others with this action?”
  • Mutual respect is born of trust; the trust that says, “I can count on you to “be impeccable with your word” (Miquel Ruiz).   I can count on you to be fair, I can count on your love and I can count on you to admit when you are wrong”.  We will all make mistakes.  If we don’t, we are not growing.
  • A good leader is a good role model. We must BE what we want to SEE.   You’ve heard the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do”.  It never works.
  • Sometimes “leadership” takes precedence over being “liked”. Children need a strong leader and as such, you may not always be viewed as a friend.    Your children may not always like your decisions, but they will grow to trust you.  Friendship will be a natural result of a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.
  • Being present with our children is paramount. Anything that dulls our senses takes us out of our body (ungrounds us) and makes us “weak-willed”.   Raising children is not for the “weak willed”.    We are moving into a time when our role as a strong leader will need to be fully activated.  If you are being pushed around by your children, you are being pushed to activate your role.   Attention seeking behavior is a sure sign you are not being present.
  • Children need clear boundaries. It is their security blanket.  Without boundaries they are lost in the wilderness, flapping in the wind with no developed sense of direction or purpose. This is true in all of nature.  Children learn from cause and effect; consequence of action just like all of us.  Boundaries let them learn in the safety of their own home until they are ready to fly on their own in the direction of their purpose.  Boundaries set and maintained consistently give them the safety net that allows them to spread their wings with confidence.
  • The resistance to setting boundaries stems from weak will.  As long as no boundaries have been set, no lines have been crossed.  You may feel absolved of the responsibility of maintaining a boundary.  Example: telling a child if you behave you can do this or that or if you misbehave you are “in trouble” is ambiguous – it’s a moving target.  There are no clear boundaries.
  • Allow your children to learn naturally by making it very clear the “cause and effect” of their behavior.  Do not make promises you have no intention of keeping. If you say what you mean and do what you say consistently, children will learn early on they are responsible for the cause and effect of their own actions.  They will learn how to bring peace and joy to themselves rather than conflict and strife.  They will feel safe knowing they can rely on your word (any promises).
  • From experience I can tell you maintaining healthy boundaries WILL NOT get easier as children get older.    Without learning the lesson of “cause and effect” children may view the world around them as the cause rather than the effect of actions.  The parent and eventually the world becomes the enemy.   They will fight for control without ever realizing it was within them all along.  As a result, they may have to learn as adults (like many of us) without a “safety net” the Truth through painful experiences.
  • When a boundary is crossed, let the consequence be swift, sure and appropriate. I don’t believe anymore hitting a child or promoting fear is ever appropriate (another thing I was wrong about).   Fearful people become people to fear.  Love becomes associated with hurt.  Love never hurts.
  • Learn to say NO and mean it when NO is the most appropriate response. This is something I also learned the hard way.  It wasn’t too long ago I believed that saying NO to our children should be avoided if at all possible.  I WAS WRONG.  It is so freeing to be able to do that – Admit when I’m wrong.
  • Teaching our children that NO means NO with no excuses or regrets will allow them the freedom to easily say NO when appropriate without fear as adults.   How many often say YES to things for all the wrong reasons?  We become “yes men” when we are not comfortable with saying NO.
  • Rather than allowing children to just project “spew” their frustration and anger (this is what a bully does) insist they take a deep breath and share how they feel instead. For instance; they can say, “I’m feeling mad” instead of just BEING mad.   Much behavior is learned (learning how to be).  If they are projecting, check yourself and their environment.
  • Teach your children to use their breath to clear their mind before they speak. This is one of the best tools they will ever learn.  The Breath of Life clears the energy of highly charged emotions.
  • When they are clear (unattached from the emotion), together you are then able evaluate the underlying root of the emotion.  They may be bored, tired, confused, frustrated, embarrassed, etc.   A discussion can then take place as to how best to release these energies and restore peace and harmony (Truth).   If there is energy present that is not in alignment with love – school is in for all concerned.    The question is, “What is this event showing me?”
  • Observe and listen closely to your children. They have a lot of good stuff to share; a ton of knowledge they have brought with them to this life.  They see perspectives we do not.  They are in touch with more than their 5 senses.   They are powerful teachers.

Big Revelation! The children arriving today are completely unattached from any generational emotional cords, “karma” (unlike our generation and beyond).  They are more uncovered and unfettered than ever before.  They do not have to learn the hard way.  Our job is to help them remain uncovered and untethered to any idea of how the world would define them, so they have the freedom and confidence to fully express the Gift they are to the world.  We need them to BE this GIFT – NOW!

From birth to 5 – 7 (it varies from child to child) children are little sponges.  They soak in everything!  By the end of this time they will have decided how the world works.  This is the time to instill in them they are the cause and their experience is the effect.   Depending upon the level of worldly teaching already experienced, it may take a little longer for some than others to undo the programing that says, “The world is happening to me”.   I know this for sure – It will happen fast as you step fully into your leadership role.

If you have reached a critical state of conflict with your child they are asking loudly for you to become a leader.   Big change calls for a big step.  Plan something big, like a family vacation.  Be present and consistent with every activity and action during this time.  Also be prepared to follow through with set consequences when boundaries are crossed.  The big stuff has the biggest impact.   With small children, it may only take one BIG consequence to re-establish firm boundaries.  If you are willing to sacrifice the big stuff to maintain clear boundaries, surely you are going to follow through on the small stuff.

It was not what I planned, but I did recognize a BIG opportunity to make my boundaries very clear with my granddaughter during our vacation together.   She knows I mean what I say now, when I cut our out of town horse retreat short.  She lives and breathes horses!  Not having spent much time with me, she wasn’t sure how far she could push my boundaries (trust in my word).  She found out she could count on my word when we packed up and left the day after we arrived.   I will not have to do this again.  She knows she can count on me to deliver on all promises.

Cause and Effect is the chalkboard we work out Life’s Lessons.  Do yourself and your children a favor and let them learn the easy way.

I am tempted to say I wish I knew then what I know now.   I know enough to know all things serve a Good purpose and happen in perfect timing.  Our experiences are mandatory or they would not have been.   I am grateful for every one and look forward to What’s Next?

Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

We Are Born of the Light and Develop in the Darkness…

It is time for us to remember who we are. All the seemingly meaningless shootings we are experiencing today are shining the light brightly on who “we are not”. They are knocking HARD on our door of awareness; asking us to open our hearts and minds to the truth of our Oneness.
We are each other’s keeper. We are brothers. The idea we are separate is at the root of the tragic events so prevalent today and all the wars of the past.
This brother in Orlando committed this hideous act of violence because he did not know himself. In his delusion he has judged himself right and “judged” others wrong. He has judged himself separate, “better than” and “more worthy”. 
Isn’t this exactly what we have been taught by the world to do? He just took it a lot farther than most of us. Many still do find the killing of innocents acceptable under the “right” circumstances and history is full of examples.


How can we stop this escalation of violence?

It is the energy of “judgment” that fans the flame of judgment and war. Violence will cease as we release our judgment that some are more worthy than others;  as we release our need to be right at ALL cost.  As we love one another without condition.  Until then we will continue to create more and more “hard knocks” until Love opens the door.  

Peace and unity starts with just one open mind.  One mind willing to see themselves clearly. One mind joined with one heart in unity.  

Our thoughts are powerful energy and they feed the collective mind. As one changes their mind, others will change theirs until there is an avalanche of change. Every “thought” and action counts.

This does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves from our delusional brother.   We must for now.  We can do this without hate and without judgment.  As we remember our brother, our brother will remember us.

Jesus showed us so clearly “who we are” and “how to live”.  Isn’t it time we got it?

Jesus said, “Forgive him, for he knows not what he does”.  He does not know himself.

Jesus said, “Love your enemies”. They are us – we are one.

Jesus also said, “Be grateful in all things”.

How can we find gratitude in this event?  What is there to be grateful for?

I can be grateful the Light of Truth is being revealed through the darkness   It is revealing the Love in people of all races and walks of life. So many are responding with Love..

I look forward to the day the world is fully developed and the contrast of darkness is no longer…

Voting Mindfully for Freedom & Peace

Elections 2016

We are at a crossroads in this country.  It is time for BIG change which means we have to take a hard look at what is NOT working and make new choices.   To find solutions that WORK we must be willing to think outside the box and THINK FOR OURSELVES.

We can no longer afford to let someone, some group or our government do the “thinking” for us.

Americans are really MAD and ready for change.  Anger is the most powerful, passionate energy and catalyst for change there is.  It is necessary and creates revolution that furthers human evolution.   This country is in a severe state of “dis-ease” and I’m not talking about just illness.  It is a collective “state of being”, physically and emotionally.   The very thing many are resistant to is the cure – change..

Nothing changes until we change our mind.

Republicans and democrats argue over control; too much control or not enough control. They are both right about one thing – We have a major control issue.  As the parties continue to argue the root issue remains hidden from view.

Our government, political process and media have become a puppet to a small minority of people holding the majority of the wealth in this country and beyond.

The only reason we have ever needed a government “governing” in the first place, is to protect ourselves from those who would seek to “control” us; remove our individual and collective right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   Greed is threatening our freedom.

The United States is now living under a form of socialism.

Definition of socialism according to Merriam-Webster: “A way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies”.

What we now have is a society in which the government is owned and “controlled” by huge corporations and conglomerates rather than individual people and companies.

After watching 4 televised debates (2 democrat and 2 republican) it became apparent to me we are only going to hear what the party wants us to hear. In these public debates the candidates are not obligated to answer questions that are not asked. To make an educated vote we must research for ourselves the issues that are most important to us and pay close attention to who is legitimately addressing them and who is not.

Here are my top 14 issues (I tried to keep it to 10:).   These are issues you may not hear discussed if only listening to one side (and some, NO candidates are discussing):

#1 – In 2010 it became legal for campaigns to be funded by unlimited corporate and personal campaign contributions to super PACs (Political Action Committee).  If you don’t know what a super Pac is or how they work, here is a good place to start: 

The Question:  Do super PACs represent a “Conflict of Interest”?  If a candidate is not representing the corporate interest of the super PAC why would the super PAC be interested in financing the candidate’s campaign?

I believe this is the biggest issue.  It is a root issue and colors all decisions made by government; economic, defense, health care, social, environmental, and judicial.

#2 – The US became the sickest country out of the top 11 industrialized countries in the world in 2014. (

The Question:  How can we be so sick when we have the most expensive health care system in the world?

Connecting the dots: 

According to the health industry was once again the most profitable industry in the US in 2015.

In 2013 the FTC objected to a merger between Sysco & U.S. Foods arguing the combined company would “control” roughly 75% of the “foodservice marketplace”.   The food we “eat out” is effectively controlled by 2 companies.   The majority of Americans eat out A LOT.    This merger between the 2 was blocked in June of 2015.   Read all the details here:

Here is another interesting read:

And here:  “Today, just four large packing companies process 83% of cattle raised for beef in the United States.  Four others process 64% of the hogs.  In the early 1900s, when 5 firms controlled 66% of meatpacking, public outcry led Congress to pass the Packers and Stockyards Act, a law whose goal was to curtail the power of meatpackers by preventing them from manipulating prices and engaging in practices that discriminated unfairly against independent producers”.

Another Good Question:  How do huge conglomerates, wielding so much power and control over a nation’s food supply fit into a “Free Trade” democracy?  And, is it legal?

Main stream media controls our health in several ways.  The majority of advertisements are for drugs, health care and big food industries.

#3 –  There seems to be a huge conflict between what our government says is good for us and what the government supports with our tax dollars.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) in 2013 recommends 45 grams of protein a today for the average female (with the exception of lactating or pregnant women) and 55 for the average male.

(I found this info initially on the CDC website in 2013.  I now get re-directed to the USDA when I try to access this info on the CDC website…interesting.   I located the data at the website above for this blog and since my original post this link has disappeared…even more interesting.)

If you follow the USDA dietary guidelines ( and you are a meat eater, you will have consumed about 88 grams of protein in a single day (most from acidic sources).  How does this happen? Many plant foods are also good sources of whole protein (just like meat).

6 ounces (recommended serving) of sirloin has more whole protein than some women need in a single day.

In 2015 the World Health Organization (WHO) labeled meat as a carcinogen.  The bulk of U.S. Department of Agriculture subsidies (our tax dollars) support the huge meat and dairy industry; along with the corn, soy and wheat industries.  Much of the subsidized grain crops feed the meat, dairy and egg industry.  “85% of all subsidies are received by the top 16% of farm households”* 

It seems this practice created to support farmers during the great depression no longer serves the small farmer and hasn’t for a long time.  Subsidy dollars artificially deflate retail prices on meat and dairy; supporting an already fat market that hugely contributes to America’s obesity and chronic disease epidemic.

Current subsidy practices create an environment where the small, local farmer growing essential health supporting crops cannot compete.

Have you ever wondered how a pound of hamburger meat can cost less than a pint of organic blueberries? Logically, it makes no sense.

Corn is the largest subsidized crop and is also grown to make high fructose corn syrup. This chemically modified sugar can be found in practically everything from sodas to baby formula and is solidly linked to chonic disease; obesity, diabetes and now heart disease.

*This is a good read with lots of backed-up research on the subject of government subsidies

  Agriculture subsidies are “controlling” our food supply.

 Question:    Do you feel government subsidies are in alignment with what is good for the health of Americans and if not, what would you do to change the current situation?

#4 – According to Hillary 33,000 deaths resulted from gun violence last year and yes this is tragic.  According to the statistics below we are losing more than 12 times that many to a cause that NO ONE is talking about.

The media has many running scared for vaccinations when a few people die of the flu.  We let ourselves be doused in toxins for fear of contracting Lyme disease.  Now we have Ebola and the Zika virus to fear.  FEAR SELLS.  What you didn’t hear mentioned in the debates from either side, are these mind bending statistics (on our government website):

According to the FDA (siting studies from the Institute of Medicine and Jama in 1998) over 100,000 people die annually from ADRs (Adverse drug reactions) making it the 4th leading cause of death in American.  (These are now classified as “unintentional injuries”).  Also reported in the same article, in January of 2000, from 44,000 to 98,000 deaths occur annually from medical errors. 

Note:  I haven’t found any more recent statistics on the FDA site since the one referenced in the FDA link above.

According to a study released in 2013 by the Journal of Patient Safety, deaths caused by medical error are more likely around 400,000 and is now the 3rd leading cause of death More than cancer and heart disease.,_Evidence_based_Estimate_of_Patient_Harms.2.aspx

More here:

Question:  It seems not only is our health care system not affording us good health, it is detrimental to our health and life.  Why do you believe are our government and media are silent on this deadly issue?

#5 – The U.S. still has 33 to 48 million people without health care (depending on who you listen to).   The “Affordable Care Act” has not accomplished what it set out to do and for many insurance became less than affordable.

 Question: Do you believe health care should be a privilege and a right as a US citizen.  And if so, what is your plan to provide and pay for it?

No matter the answer, the demand for health care would plummet if our health care system was focused on “health”.  The solution to our health care crisis is to get healthy.  As long as this huge conflict of interest exist between what is good for our health and what is good for the health care industry’s shareholders we will have an industry focused on “sick care”.

#6 – Not every candidate is talking about the major issue of corporate tax loopholes that allow huge U.S. corporations to avoid paying income tax (billions of dollars) while small business and the middle class wage earners foot the bulk of the tax bill.

Donald Trump boasted in the first presidential debate that avoiding paying taxes, “Makes him smart”.

Can you imagine what we could do with the billions of sheltered tax dollars?

Question:  Should large profitable corporations and billionaires be legally allowed to avoid paying income tax?

#7 – A fair minimum wage has been an issue for a long long time.

People complain about our tax dollars going to fund welfare programs.  If minimum wage had kept up with inflation (as “cost of living” raises do) we would need a lot less welfare.

The national minimum wage has increased only by $2.10 since 1997 (almost 20 years).  The $5.15 minimum wage went unchanged from 1997 to 2007 – 10 years without an increase!  I wonder how many employees would stay with a company for 10 years without a raise?

Question:  Do you feel someone willing to work full-time in this country should earn a “living” wage?

#8 –  The sky rocketing cost of college is a huge financial drain on families and leave many graduates with debt that may take decades to pay.   Is this really necessary?  There are many important jobs in this country that do not require a college degree. For those who desire one, the internet and experience can provide one at NO COST.

Do we really need to go into debt to learn?  If you can pass the test and do the work, shouldn’t that be enough? Has our worth in life come down to a college degree?  It wasn’t so long ago when anyone could climb the corporate ladder on merit and create a rich life.

Question:  Do you feel every American citizen should earn a college degree to be worthy of a living wage?  And, how do you propose to pay for it?

#9 – Social Security is always a hot topic.  It has been proposed that raising the retirement age to 70 is a good idea because people are living longer.  Heaven forbid we should live long enough to collect what we have paid in.   We may be living longer, however many seniors, due to chronic disease today are not healthy enough to work and have no retirement beyond social security.  Many have lost their life’s savings and pensions due to economic crisis and corporate downsizing.

Our elderly are suffering physically and financially.  Those that can work are discouraged from earning “too much” money.  As of 1983 seniors started paying income tax on social security benefits if earnings and SS totaled more than $25K.  Not a lot of money by any standard.   The social security program was originally designed to be income tax free.

We have been giving our money over to a retirement system that is not taking care of our seniors and gets farther and farther out of reach for future retirees.  As it stands today many seniors can’t afford the basics of life.

Question:  What would you do to bolster the current system and insure Americans receive the benefits paid in while they still have retirement years left?

#10 – The U.S. leads the world in incarcerations – even more than communist China.  How does this happen when the population of China was 1.357 billion in 2013 compared to the  U.S. at 318.9 million in 2014 (huge difference)?    Bernie Sanders mentioned this disturbing fact, but he left this out:  How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

Question:  Should “for profit” corporations be allowed to influence our legal and prison system?

#11 – Mental illness in regards to service veterans and mass shootings came up during the republican and democratic debates over the issue of “gun control”.   I agree with the republicans but not for the obvious reason.  Disarming people again is not addressing the “root” of the problem.

There is a complete disconnect between “mental” illness and other “physical” illness. Somewhere along the line we have forgotten the brain is part of the physical body and is affected by food and toxins just like the rest of the body.  

 Mental health issues are at epidemic proportions along with all chronic disease.  

 Question:  What would you do if you are elected to restore the physical and mental health of Americans?

#12 – Those resistant to the idea of climate change are resistant to change, period.  A handful of huge corporations making huge profits on fossil fuels have the bucks to influence Washington.  We can no longer deny we must come up with cleaner, sustainable alternatives that bring back balance to our planet.  Our future literally depends on it.

The huge meat and dairy industry is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gases, water waste and contamination.

Question:  Do you believe clean, sustainable energy and sustainable farming is a goal we must realize if our children and future generations are to have clean air to breathe, clean nutritous food to eat and clean water to drink?

#13 – The option of “straight ticket voting” is a big issue for me.  I call this the “lazy man vote”.  I was guilty.  Many children are brought up to vote “party”.  As I have become more responsible for my life, this doesn’t work for me anymore.  Not only does it seem lazy – it is irresponsible.  Of course, if we did not still have a 2 party system this would be a moot point.

If you are going to vote shouldn’t you at least have to think?  Taking this option out alone would solve the issue of voter manipulation of those not mentally competent to vote either by handicap or ignorance.

Question: Does straight ticket voting have a place in a free election process?

#14 – Obama promised if elected (the first time) he would make sure Genetically Engineered food (GMOs) would have mandatory labeling.  This didn’t happen.   Monsanto has been protected by our government even as the American people have spoken very loudly on this issue.

“A total of 19 EU countries have “opted out” of growing genetically modified (GMOs) crops within all or part of their territories. “Many of EU countries have strict laws against GMOs out of public health and environmental concerns, and all 28 European nations require GMO labeling“.

Question:   U.S. companies must label GMOs to sell their products in Europe.  Do you believe Americans should have the same right to know what they are eating?

You might have noticed defense did not come up in my top 14.  I’m not big on war.  I believe all war is a result of people trying to control people or the money.  The U.S. has only been at peace for 21 years Total since its birth.  Apparently, war is not the answer; however it is good for the economy.

What we resist persist.  War is resistance to peace. As long as we live in resistance we will need a defense.  I absolutely believe we should honor and respect the brave souls defending our country with as much support as they need on and off the battle field.

The real solution to any problem is always found at the root. Greed and control is at root of all the issues addressed above.  We will find solutions when we elect and whole-heartily support those interested in exposing the root instead of covering it up.

All of the events in the world are serving as a “wake up” call and the knocking has become very loud.  We are waking up to the realization America is out of alignment with Truth.  The truth that we all exist within an Abundant Universe and are connected to all of creation.  Like all other big wake up calls in history, I have faith as a country we will awaken and make the changes necessary to reach the next stage of our evolution – Peace.

Voting Mindfully Tips:

  • Be willing to change your mind when something does not resonates with your truth; your conscience. Just because something was true before doesn’t necessarily make it true today. For instance; women once were considered incompetent to vote and at one time owning people (slaves) was considered perfectly fine.
  • Do your homework. You can’t believe everything you hear.  This means listening to all candidates on all sides and seeking out the truth.  Different media outlets and “fact checking” websites will have different variations of truth.   In the end you will resonate with what is true for you.
  • Determine what issues are most important to you. Listen carefully to all sides to determine how important they are to the candidates.
  • Resist listening to media “opinion”, biased opinion or interpretations of the debates.  Form your own opinion; be a “free thinker”.  We give up our rights and can run right off a cliff when blindly following the leader or popular opinion.  It has happened before.
  • When in doubt, go with your gut. We have a natural “bullshit” barometer built in.  When we learn how to really use this gift, lying will be obsolete.
  • Once you have made your decisions, it is important to ask one more question. Does this person I would like to see elected have a snowball’s chance in hell?  If we cast our vote for the person with no chance, we give our vote to the opposition.  Vote for the person most in alignment with your truths that has a decent chance of winning.   If we do this with every election big and small, eventually we will have a country again for the people, by the people.



The Heart of Love

valentine heart with wingsAs this Valentine’s Day approaches I am aware this year as never before of what Love Is Not.   I am so grateful for all of the experiences in my life that provided the contrast to see clearly the distinction between Love and love masquerading.

Pure, Unconditional Love is reflected in many things and in many ways.   Our pets are a fine example of what Love is. They give their love freely without judgment no matter what.

Unconditional love starts with unconditional love of self.  It is impossible to give what we do not have.  When we love ourselves unconditionally we give ourselves permission to be loved unconditionally by others.  When we love ourselves unconditionally we become the reflection of what Love is to the world.

Unconditional Love is the Healing Balm that Heals Everything – 

The Healing Begins with Love of Self.

If you are in a relationship that feels like “anything but love” or you keep finding yourself in the same abusive, suppressive relationships, ask yourself these questions:  Are you loving yourself unconditionally?   Are you judging yourself?  Have you forgiven yourself?

Unconditional Love Does Not Bind – It Gives  Love Wings.

You can never truly forgive others if you are withholding forgiveness from yourself.   Without forgiveness of self you will always judge others by how you judge yourself.  Example:  If you judge a part of yourself ugly, you will judge that part in others.

As you fall more and more in love with yourself, you become less and less tolerant of causing harm to yourself or allowing others to do harm to you; just as you would be intolerant of any harm to a loved one.

Reflect today on what may be love masquerading as hurt and fear in your life.   Love does not hurt or cause fear in ourselves or others.   This is a good measuring stick:

 Love is patient, love is kind.

It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.

It does not dishonor others,

It is not self-seeking,

It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.

It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

My prayer today:  Divine Love, Creator, Source, Father, Mother, God – May this life reflect your Perfect Love.   Amen.



2016 The Year of Harmony & Health


New Year Change2016 holds so much change and promise and it starts inside each of us.

I attended a New Year’s Eve Burning Bowl Service last night at a beautiful little church (Unity on Greenville in Dallas, TX).  If you are wondering what a “Burning Bowl” service is; it is a special time to release to the Universe beliefs that no longer serve you or the greater good.

You may be holding onto thoughts that have kept you from enjoying your God-given inheritance of Peace, Joy, Bliss and even Health.  This is a good time to let them go.  As you let them go, you make room for new ideas and higher solutions.

As the pastor stated, “Gratitude is key.   It is impossible to be in a state of gratitude and be angry, resentful or unhappy”.  The more grateful we are, the happier we become.

It takes Faith to be in gratitude. The Faith that all is working in our favor, no matter what it looks like.  We learn from our experiences and then we get to choose better ones; ones more in harmony with the truth of who we really are – PURE LOVE made in the image of our Creator.

While listening to an incredible songwriter and singer last night, her words kept reverberating in my head.  I must share….

“You have the power to plant any flower and watch it grow”. -Robin Hackett.

Maybe this year you want to plant the seed of health.  Mother Nature provides our “nature-made” bodies with the tools we need in “nature-made” food.  If our mind and body can find harmony we find health.

Our bodies are governed by the same laws of nature as all of creation. When creation is in harmony it thrives.  When it is out of harmony it dies.

We may have an expiration date, but pain and suffering like gratitude and happiness is a choice.

All of creation is connected.  Every action affects the whole.   It is the same with our bodies.  What we EAT and “THINK” is the action that determines the effect on our “whole” body, mind and soul.

As we learn how to find balance and harmony within our bodies and minds; not only do we begin to heal ourselves – we begin to heal OUR WORLD.

It starts with just one.  YOU saving yourself.  You are the change.  BE that! And the world will follow.

I hope you enjoy the delicious, nourishing recipe below.  And I pray for your health and happiness in 2016.

Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

The Intuitive Chef

Getting Ready to take this to a New Year’s Celebration!   Adding brocolli for something green…

The Best Mac & Cheese Ever!  (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)                   Serves 6-8

4 cups cooked gluten free macaroni, shells or penne (Ancient Grains is great!)

2 cups So Delicious Coconut Milk Beverage (plain unsweetened or make your own)*

1/3 cup nutritional yeast

3 tablespoon tapioca flour or arrowroot

1 teaspoon Bragg’s apple cider vinegar

½ teaspoon Dijon mustard

1 teaspoon sea salt

¼ teaspoon white pepper

1 teaspoon onion powder

½ teaspoon garlic powder

½ teaspoon smoked paprika

4 tablespoons Earth Balance Buttery Sticks (or real butter for vegan version)

Preheat oven to 350F.  Cook pasta according to package directions minus 2 minutes.  Drain and stop cooking process by placing in bath of cold water.  Set aside while you make the sauce.

Whisk together balance of ingredients in sauce pan.  Gradually bring to high simmer while stirring constantly.   It only takes a minute until it starts to thicken.  Remove from heat immediately.  CAREFUL! If you cook too long it will become thin again.  Remove from heat.

Place pasta in a 2 quart casserole or 8 x 8 glass baking dish and pour sauce evenly over pasta.   Dot top with butter and sprinkle with sweet paprika or smoked paprika for a smokey gouda kind of flavor.  Bake for about 20 minutes or until bubbly and starting to turn crisp a little on outside edges.  Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.

Tips:  Substitute cauliflower florets instead of pasta for a grain-free version.   Serve sauce over broccoli, or on pizza; drizzle over nachos.  Options are endless!  For vegetarians, add a little shredded cheddar on top to completely fool everyone.   Delicious, Cheesy Decadence!

*Process together 1 can of lite coconut milk and 3 cups of water.


The Miracle of Giving with Pure Intent

I realized recently the sheer power of GRATITUDE.  How it multiplies every gift.  Gratitude was the MIRACLE that fed 5000 with only 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread.   Jesus understood that abundance is free-flowing and never-ending.  It is Gratitude and Unconditional Love that opens the flood gates.

Can you imagine the abundance we can create in this world if every Holiday gift was given in the same LIGHT (or energy) as Jesus gave?

We’ve been taught that GIVING IS RECEIVING and this is true.  We always receive “the energy” of  what we extend.

Some “seem” to give very abundantly and end up financially and emotionally broke after the holidays.

How does this joyous, beautiful time turn into anything but?  Could it be the energy of intent in the giving did not match the Highest Vibrations of Love, Gratitude and Abundance?

The only Pure intent is Unconditional Love (love without condition or any other intention). Our Truest Desire is to Love and Be Loved this way – no matter what we may be showing the world.  Marianne Williamson put it this way,

“Everything that is NOT Love is a CRY for Love.”

This Holiday season ask yourself:

“What is my intent in giving this gift?”

“Does it resonsate with my Truest Desire?”

“Does it resonate with Pure Intent?”.

It may sound silly at first, but if you are very honest with yourself you might be surprised at some of the answers that flow in…..

Your first response to these answers may be to judge yourself when you realize your intent is not pure – Resist this urge.  You just received a Gift that you can now multiple. 

This energy of Pure intent  is “felt” at the heart center – Not with the mind.

Truth resides in the heart

A gift given from the heart resonates with the Truth at the heart of everyone and “multiplies”.   This is what the world truly needs – For Truth to shine bright.  So give this season in the energy that multiples.

Here are some examples of intent you may ask yourself.  Am I giving this….

  1. To increase business – cash flow?
  2. To bring a smile to someone?
  3. To bring to myself a smile?
  4. Because that person may give me a gift?
  5. To help me feel better about myself?
  6. To make an impression?
  7. To fill a physical need someone may have?
  8. To fill a void in my life?
  9. To extend sheer Joy?
  10. To bring laughter?
  11. Because it is expected of me?
  12. Fill in the blank……

May your Holiday be blessed with Unconditional Love & Abundance!