Crazy Good! Vegetarian Rueben Sandwich (Vegan Option)


Rueben sandwich

My children call me the “Sandwich Queen”.  I have a knack for recreating healthy versions of sandwiches from some suprising ingredients.  This is one of my all time favorites!

Remember! The tastbuds don’t care if it’s healthy or not – Only that it is delicious!

My healthy version of the classic Rueben Sandwich created at a little, hometown cafe for myself and the girls:   (No one ever misses the meat!)

Start with 2 slices organic whole grain rye bread. (Check out Dave’s Killer Bread “Rockin Rye” or Rudi’s).

Smash ripe avocado generously on both pieces of bread.

Add a thin slice of Swiss cheese to both sides (provolone is good too)*

Add grass fed organic butter or spray coconut oil to medium hot griddle or large iron skillet. Add bread.*

Pile on top of one slice of bread in skillet:

1 medium well basted egg (be careful not to brown egg) or sliced boiled egg.
Sliced tomatoes (sprinkle with a little garlic sea salt and cracked pepper.
Grilled onions & sauerkraut (purple kraut makes it beautiful!)

Swirl on a little mustard or Russian dressing to taste: I like mustard.*

Grill sandwich until bread is toasted (I like it really crispy).

Press sandwich together and slice.

Serve with a salad or light slaw to balance the acidity of the bread, egg, cheese and tomatoes.  This is a heavy sandwich.  Keep the dressing light; use some lemon or lime and a splash of olive oil.  Season with garlic sea salt and cracked pepper.

*Note: For vegan version use spray coconut oil instead of butter.  Add more avocado instead of egg and cheese. Use dairy-free dressing and pile up the veggies!

I can only eat half of this sandwich – very filling. No one is walking away hungry.

Carb Rule:  Carbs that do not get used or stored as fuel convert to fat.  To avoid this only eat 1 serving of starchy carbs per meal; like bread, rice, pasta, whole grains and potatoes. Serving this sandwich with fries for instance would be “carb-overload”.   If weight loss is your goal, following this one simple rule will produce amazing results!


Hope you enjoy this rendition of the classic Rueben.

Wishes you much Joy, Peace, LOVE & Health!

The Intuitive Chef

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