The First Missing Link: Time Does Not Stand Still and Neither Do Our Bodies

This first missing link is a “crucial piece” and it is this; Every “BODY” is completely unique. We have completely unique DNA. Every minute in time is unique and “its effect on the body” and how the mind perceives it – is unique. Ever wonder why we don’t like the same movies, TV shows, décor, food, clothes, or people? (The list is as endless as we are) Because, I’ll say it again WE ARE UNIQUE.

So how can one so-called “Good” food, diet, fitness regimen, doctor (allopathic, holistic or otherwise), medicine, supplement, healer or spiritual guru have all the answers to every person’s unique, “ever-changing” needs? It is Impossible! It could only be possible if we were all clones and time stood still. We do have some cloning going on, but we still haven’t figured how to make time stand still and still function on Earth.

A blood test, allergy test, food tolerance test, ANY lab test can only tell a person what is going on with their body at that moment in time (it is only a snap shot).  The result becomes obsolete as the body constantly shifts its needs according to it physical and mental environment – Even as it heals. 

Time does not stand still and neither do our bodies.

What nutrients the body needs changes day by day also depending on many factors and even by what we ate yesterday.  The body requires a variety of nutrients for optimum health.  When it comes to food – Variety IS the Spice of Life.  

The body is always striving to maintain balance and it tells us what foods it needs to do this.  “Only our body” can tell us what it needs at any given time.  Just like all animals we have the built-in ability to discern our diet needs; we’ve only forgotten our natural way as we have learned the world’s way of being.  And, just like all animals we also have this in common;

Our natural organic body is ONLY compatible with natural, organic food.

“The more man-made our food supply becomes the sicker we become”.

We have been provided with all we need for optimum health and it comes from one of our greatest pleasures – Nature-Made Food! No Modification required. If we can discern exactly what foods our body needs and “doesn’t”, and get our mind out of the way; our body will do exactly what it is miraculously designed to do; heal, maintain and thrive!

The “Evolution of Free Health” is about re-discovering our natural, inborn ability to intuit what our body needs for natural, abundant health.

Coming up next:   More on the 2nd Missing LinkWe are What We Eat & “Think”.

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