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The Body IS NOT Our Enemy



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The article above is the perfect lead-in for the “2nd Missing Link” to our current “Health Care Puzzle” –

“What We Eat & Think“.  Most Importantly what we THINK.

 I wrote about the 1st one here:  https://goodfood4thought.wordpress.com/2016/03/03/the-first-missing-link-time-does-not-stand-still-and-neither-do-our-bodies/ 

Not everyone’s perfect body fits into a “perceived” perfect  size.  A healthy, balanced body knows how to regulate all systems optimally and this includes weight. What keeps us from optimum health (it comes in all sizes) is what we eat and “think”. Most importantly – what we THINK.
If our thoughts are not in alignment with health – health will elude even the most obsessive “health nut”. If you “think” or live in fear of gaining the weight back, I guarantee you will. I’m sure all of the contestants have lots of experience “losing & gaining” weight. Based on this past experience the fear of gaining weight may run deep.

Where our focus goes energy flows. Focus on weight loss is putting the focus on what you don’t want – weight gain.

If you want to keep the weight off – Lose the fear. Focus on health – not weight. If you eat what “your unique” body wants 80% of the time and keep your thoughts in alignment with health, the body will thrive and the weight will regulate – naturally.

We are the commander of our vessel – not the other way around.

Our body is ALWAYS doing the right thing with what it has to work with (what we give it). It is ALWAYS striving for life. It IS NOT THE ENEMY as the article above would have us believe.

All dis-ease and obesity is sending a message that the vibration (energy) of what we are eating or “thinking” (or both) is not in alignment (compatible) with the high vibration of health. Get the message and heal.

This article is the perfect set-up for the next “medical condition” and the Pharmaceutical answer.

I’m disappointed in this “fear-mongering” article. It makes no mention of the most important and powerful element in creating health or disease “THE MIND”.