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Irreconcilable Differences

VIDEO: Shocking video about Muslims in Luton

Posted by Britain First on Thursday, November 6, 2014

All these events are knocking on Heaven’s door saying, wake up wakeup wake up! Every religion speaks of our oneness and being created in the image of God and most religions have nit-picked what doctrine works best at controlling “their” people.  I have often wondered through my life why the world has so many different views and versions of various religions. (This book was a real eye-opener for me.  “The New Revelations” A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch).  If Christians adhered to all biblical doctrine, many things would be very different today. Women would never be able to vote, polygamy would be alive and well and slavery would still be justified; to name just a few examples.

The core message of all religions that we are to love one another unconditionally (love without judgment) has been lost and buried in the many translations. Violence is escalating because we have missed the mark (definition of sin), pulled the cover over our collective heads and are sleeping very hard. With every horrific event we are waking up. I recall a passage in the bible where Jesus says, “Be grateful in all things”? I never really understood this until recently. It means to me now, be grateful in ALL THINGS – THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY. “There is a purpose unto Heaven for everything”. All events in life are knocking on our door of awareness of our oneness with all of Creation.

With the escalation of events, I’m reminded of this little “nugget” a client gave me awhile back – “The harder the knock – the bigger the nugget”. Collectively, our door is being BANGED on, so the opening of the door is very near.  Emma Curtis Hopkins said it like this, “When the storms come thickest (according to the seeming) the peace of your soul is nearest”.

The peace is knowing who we are.  We are not these temporary bodies warring with one another. We are infinite energy, eternal – God energy. This collective knocking is just like the “rock bottom” or darkest hour some have to reach in order to wake up and look up.  It may look like all hell is breaking loose! And in a sense it is.

When the knock gets hard enough, uncomfortable enough; when we can no longer tolerant the lie we’ve been living, we will all answer it and we will see ourselves truly. We will recognize each other as each other – all precious individuations of God with unique personalities and gifts that the whole world needs and cannot do without.  We are God’s hands.  We will know our infinite worth as we realize we are irreplaceable to God – each and every one.  Heaven will reign on earth. THIS IS THE BIG NUGGET. We cannot believe we are one and then live separately; this is what we are waking up to. It is impossible to be hot or cold on this.  I think this is what Jesus meant by being “Lukewarm”.

If we believe we are made in the image of God, then what kind of God do we believe in? Do we believe in a God of hate and fear or a God of Love? If we believe in the God of hate who can be found in many religions, then we are justified in our judgment, murder of mankind and the condemnation and punishment of our children. The God of Love can also be found in these same religions. This question often played in my mind as a child and even as an adult trying to connect the dots between the fearful God of hate in the Christian bible with the God of Love also in the Christian bible. “What kind of father would condemn and torture his children to a fiery pit for eternity as punishment “? My mind just couldn’t reconcile this with the loving God the bible also spoke of (the one that loves all the little children of the world)?” Even in this world the torture of children is unacceptable.

If we live for eternity, the God of hate will take away all opportunity for us to be used for Good for eternity if we decide not to accept the doctrine (one of many) we’ve been asked to believe. In our fiery pit we are useless to God – forever. I can’t make sense of this. Wouldn’t a loving Father forever want his children to wake up, be happy and be productive in the Kingdom of Heaven doing Good works in eternity? Would He ever cease to help us wake up?

I believe in the God of Love, one that never gives up on Love.  I believe I am made in that image and so is everyone else.  If we are all made from THAT, then we must be connected by THAT.  If this is true, then Only Love is justified.  I’ve come to the conclusion at least for myself, it is impossible to believe in a God of Hate and Fear also a God of Good and Love. This is the battle ongoing in the world – trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. Love and Hate/Fear will never co-exist harmoniously.

Unconditional love is the only thing that heals (or wakes the sleeping); not any attempt to “fix” people or coerce one into any school of thought.  Jesus’s core message was to love our brothers/sisters as ourselves without judgment.  The ability to love others as Jesus commanded starts with loving ourselves this way; forgiving ourselves first for the judgment we have placed on ourselves.  We cannot extend what we don’t believe we have. The judgment of ourselves is the judgment we project on to the world. And because we are one, we are always only judging oneself.  Jesus knew there was only one answer – LOVE and He knew we were ALL THAT.

I am often asked this question. “So what do we do? Just roll over and allow these people who hate us and want to kill us to have their way”? NO – Sleeping people can reap A LOT of havoc and cause much harm. This precious gift of life on earth in every form deserves to be respected and protected from harm and suffering.  I’m reminded here of another bible passage that takes on another meaning in the light of “oneness”.  “Do onto others as you would have done to you”.  Could it be that our judgment of ourselves and our belief that we deserve to be punished fuels the need to punish?  We have all heard this, “Hurt People Hurt People”.

The solution is to LOVE ourselves and everyone unconditionally while we protect ourselves and never forget that they are us and we are them – WE ARE ONE. We can decide to stop all judgmental, hate talk and LOVE as Jesus LOVED us. This is the LOVE that IS healing our world and LOVE ALWAYS WINS.