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Picking the Scab

picking the scab

We always want to pick at the scab, don’t we?  When we do, sooner or later we make it bleed.  If we had just let it be, it would have healed much more nicely without so much pain.

Life is like that.  Life brings us what we judge as “boo boos” and then we pick them until they bleed and sometimes hemorrhage causing even more pain.   The boo boo has a purpose as all “seemingly” good or bad events do.   If we just be still; stop thinking, analyzing, STOP PICKING and be with it – “let it be”, it can then reveal its purpose; the message it is bringing and the REAL healing begins.

Irreconcilable Differences

VIDEO: Shocking video about Muslims in Luton

Posted by Britain First on Thursday, November 6, 2014

All these events are knocking on Heaven’s door saying, wake up wakeup wake up! Every religion speaks of our oneness and being created in the image of God and most religions have nit-picked what doctrine works best at controlling “their” people.  I have often wondered through my life why the world has so many different views and versions of various religions. (This book was a real eye-opener for me.  “The New Revelations” A Conversation with God by Neale Donald Walsch).  If Christians adhered to all biblical doctrine, many things would be very different today. Women would never be able to vote, polygamy would be alive and well and slavery would still be justified; to name just a few examples.

The core message of all religions that we are to love one another unconditionally (love without judgment) has been lost and buried in the many translations. Violence is escalating because we have missed the mark (definition of sin), pulled the cover over our collective heads and are sleeping very hard. With every horrific event we are waking up. I recall a passage in the bible where Jesus says, “Be grateful in all things”? I never really understood this until recently. It means to me now, be grateful in ALL THINGS – THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE UGLY. “There is a purpose unto Heaven for everything”. All events in life are knocking on our door of awareness of our oneness with all of Creation.

With the escalation of events, I’m reminded of this little “nugget” a client gave me awhile back – “The harder the knock – the bigger the nugget”. Collectively, our door is being BANGED on, so the opening of the door is very near.  Emma Curtis Hopkins said it like this, “When the storms come thickest (according to the seeming) the peace of your soul is nearest”.

The peace is knowing who we are.  We are not these temporary bodies warring with one another. We are infinite energy, eternal – God energy. This collective knocking is just like the “rock bottom” or darkest hour some have to reach in order to wake up and look up.  It may look like all hell is breaking loose! And in a sense it is.

When the knock gets hard enough, uncomfortable enough; when we can no longer tolerant the lie we’ve been living, we will all answer it and we will see ourselves truly. We will recognize each other as each other – all precious individuations of God with unique personalities and gifts that the whole world needs and cannot do without.  We are God’s hands.  We will know our infinite worth as we realize we are irreplaceable to God – each and every one.  Heaven will reign on earth. THIS IS THE BIG NUGGET. We cannot believe we are one and then live separately; this is what we are waking up to. It is impossible to be hot or cold on this.  I think this is what Jesus meant by being “Lukewarm”.

If we believe we are made in the image of God, then what kind of God do we believe in? Do we believe in a God of hate and fear or a God of Love? If we believe in the God of hate who can be found in many religions, then we are justified in our judgment, murder of mankind and the condemnation and punishment of our children. The God of Love can also be found in these same religions. This question often played in my mind as a child and even as an adult trying to connect the dots between the fearful God of hate in the Christian bible with the God of Love also in the Christian bible. “What kind of father would condemn and torture his children to a fiery pit for eternity as punishment “? My mind just couldn’t reconcile this with the loving God the bible also spoke of (the one that loves all the little children of the world)?” Even in this world the torture of children is unacceptable.

If we live for eternity, the God of hate will take away all opportunity for us to be used for Good for eternity if we decide not to accept the doctrine (one of many) we’ve been asked to believe. In our fiery pit we are useless to God – forever. I can’t make sense of this. Wouldn’t a loving Father forever want his children to wake up, be happy and be productive in the Kingdom of Heaven doing Good works in eternity? Would He ever cease to help us wake up?

I believe in the God of Love, one that never gives up on Love.  I believe I am made in that image and so is everyone else.  If we are all made from THAT, then we must be connected by THAT.  If this is true, then Only Love is justified.  I’ve come to the conclusion at least for myself, it is impossible to believe in a God of Hate and Fear also a God of Good and Love. This is the battle ongoing in the world – trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. Love and Hate/Fear will never co-exist harmoniously.

Unconditional love is the only thing that heals (or wakes the sleeping); not any attempt to “fix” people or coerce one into any school of thought.  Jesus’s core message was to love our brothers/sisters as ourselves without judgment.  The ability to love others as Jesus commanded starts with loving ourselves this way; forgiving ourselves first for the judgment we have placed on ourselves.  We cannot extend what we don’t believe we have. The judgment of ourselves is the judgment we project on to the world. And because we are one, we are always only judging oneself.  Jesus knew there was only one answer – LOVE and He knew we were ALL THAT.

I am often asked this question. “So what do we do? Just roll over and allow these people who hate us and want to kill us to have their way”? NO – Sleeping people can reap A LOT of havoc and cause much harm. This precious gift of life on earth in every form deserves to be respected and protected from harm and suffering.  I’m reminded here of another bible passage that takes on another meaning in the light of “oneness”.  “Do onto others as you would have done to you”.  Could it be that our judgment of ourselves and our belief that we deserve to be punished fuels the need to punish?  We have all heard this, “Hurt People Hurt People”.

The solution is to LOVE ourselves and everyone unconditionally while we protect ourselves and never forget that they are us and we are them – WE ARE ONE. We can decide to stop all judgmental, hate talk and LOVE as Jesus LOVED us. This is the LOVE that IS healing our world and LOVE ALWAYS WINS.

Toxic Thinking & Cancer


Good information.  Check out #9 – 1 and 8 will die of cancer “globally”.  In the US, cancer is “often” NOT listed as the cause of death.  Listed may be; pneumonia, stroke, heart attack, infection, etc.  This practice skews the statistics of cancer survivors, making it seem we are winning the “so-called” war on cancer, when in reality the epidemic is growing.  All of this information is great and preventative, however, I would also add to this that years of worry and toxic thinking may cause more cancer than we know.  Unhappiness and health cannot co-exist.  Unhappiness affects the body at cell level.  Science is now proving this…

What an amazing year it has been!  Food Revelation launched “Food Is Talking” and “Food Compatibility Testing 101” workshops were created and are going strong.  The books are on the way.   I am so grateful to be living in these amazing times!  I am so grateful to be living and extending my passion and purpose!  My passion is Food – My purpose is empowering others to empower themselves. The message is spreading like wild-fire and being embraced – “We Are What We Eat & Think“!  This quote has made the rounds a lot lately, “Happiness is an Inside Job”.  So is Health!

Our state of health is hugely dependent upon the quality of food we provide these bodies.   We have tried to maintain them on chemicals and it has not worked.  If chemicals were the answer to illness, then the people taking the most prescriptions and eating the most chemicals would be the healthiest.  We now know this absolutely is not the case.  Conclusion… chemicals are not compatible to the human body.  The farther away we get from our natural diets, the more medicine we take the sicker we become. Collectively we’ve forgotten what food is for, which is understandable, given what we’ve been taught and accepted as truth up to now.  Truth is always changing.

“If we all worked on the assumption what is accepted as truth is really true there would be little hope for advance”.  We would become extinct. – Orville Wright

 We cannot escape the fact our natural, organic bodies require natural, organic food. Food is more than something to satisfy the taste buds; it fuels our energy stores and maintains our health.  The connection between what we eat and our health cannot be severed.

The light bulb went off in my mind this year and illuminated this new idea:  What we “think” is just as important to our health as what we eat (if not more so).  We create with our minds what we experience in our world.  We are made in the image of our Creator (call it God, Source, etc.) and so we ARE co-creators. All matter and experience is only possible because of this limitless, inexhaustible energy.  It is the only constant and only changes form, like water and vapor as we create with our minds. Our creations; every invention, technology, belief system, etc. started with a thought, an idea.

It is our minds, fueled by infinite Source that continues the evolution of the human experience on this planet.  It is our minds that created this epidemic of chronic disease that is running rampant in our world today.  It is our strong belief (a “thought” we accepted as truth), that illness is a natural state of aging or is inescapable because of genetics. This collective belief has fueled the “evolution of illness” and created one of the largest industries in the world – Healthcare or better said “Sick Care”. We have come to believe no matter what we do, we will eventually require medicine (chemicals) to maintain a gradually declining quality of life.  As Mike Dooley has so famously coined, “Thoughts Become Things” and so they have.  To change the reality we have created, we only need create a new one.    So what will we create in 2015?

This “light bulb moment” not only changed my life, but many others over the last few years. “NO ONE Good food is Good for every “body” all the time”.  Our bodies are unique.  Our DNA is unique.  Every creation on this planet is unique. That must also mean that not one good supplement, one good diet, one good healing facilitator, doctor or medical protocol is right for everyone.  Each body has different nutrient requirements that change constantly depending on our physical and mental state of health.  Even our spiritual health has an effect on the body. Our nutritional needs are also influenced by what we ate yesterday or last week; for instance; if you consumed 1 cup blueberries yesterday, chances are you will not need the nutrients provided by this fruit today.

Variety IS the spice of life for us humans!  With that being said, there also is NO ONE “so-called” bad food that is bad for every “body” all the time.  Some bodies are very compatible with “so-called” bad foods like; chocolate, caffeine, wine, meat, grains, dairy, etc.  It’s not about “Good or Bad”, it never was; it is only about “Compatibility”.  Can you hear the non-judgment in that?

We have the inborn ability to know what is compatible and highly compatible to our bodies at any given time.  If we can release all the clutter in the body (toxins) so we can receive clear communication; leave our judgment behind (get our minds out-of-the-way); and change belief systems that no longer serve us or our bodies; we can allow our bodies to do what they know how to do, heal themselves.  Illness or wellness is not just a physical state; it is also a state of mind.  No diet will bring lasting health to a body where a mind stays focused on illness.  Our thoughts must be in alignment with health to create health.  Where your focus goes, energy flows.  Thinking healthy, loving thoughts about your body and the food you are providing it and striving for food compatibility are crucial keys to good health!

You might be asking now, “What makes any food, so-called “good” or “bad” incompatible to the body?  Foods can become incompatible for various reasons; #1 digestive distress (the body cannot digest the food).  The body has no use for a food it cannot digest or assimilate.  Or #2 the body’s requirement for that nutrient profile is already met for the time being.  Or #3 a true allergy or intolerance exist.   Any incompatible food can eventually become a sensitivity, allergy or intolerance if over consumed (moderation and variety is key).  Rarely are we born with an allergy; they develop over time as we continue to consume foods the body does not need for whatever reason.  On the other hand, highly compatible foods are balancing and corrective to the body.  Knowing what these foods are and eating more of them can correct conditions before they present with symptoms and escalate.

It’s OUR job to know what our unique bodies need and don’t at any given time.  Only WE can create balance and health in our bodies.  Lower animals do not judge their food good or bad and in the wild they eat intuitively.  They don’t eat things that make them sick if given a choice. Of course, thanks to man they are not always given that choice.  Many of our pets suffer from the same ailments has their human friends and are directly related to the over consumption of an unnatural diet. Not only are we also born with the intuition to know what to eat, humans have the ability to adapt to our environment and food supply.  Our ideal diet may change and evolve but one thing is still true, Mother Nature provides the most compatible source of food for all animals.

Another “Ding Ding” this year.  As we evolve, which is what we are constantly doing, our nutritional needs are also changing.  I believe (based on what my client’s highly compatible foods are telling me) we are collectively evolving into vegetarians and vegans, naturally.  The explosive momentum the vegetarian/vegan movement has gained over the last decade is confirmation.  It is becoming clear our survival on this planet will depend on our collective decision to embrace a more loving, respectful, “greener” way of living and eating.   Not only is the innate cruelty involved in the mass production of meat (factory farming) making its way into the light, we are starting to realize raising massive amounts of animals just for food is not sustainable and mysteriously, our bodies are following suit….unconsciously. Clients are often not surprised to hear they are not highly compatible or even compatible with meat and they will exclaim, “So that’s way I can take it or leave it” or it simply does not appeal to them anymore.

Sometimes the incompatibility with meat is pointing to an over acidic state in body (all meat is acidic). Many bodies still require some nutrients only animals can provide.  This becomes obvious when some clients test highly compatible for meat or any animal product.   And, I’m sure the human body has many nutrient requirements that science simply is not aware of, that can only be supplied by nature in its many forms as plant or animal.  Evolution is a slow process, and through it, we can be kind to all animals, including the human one by being an informed consumer and striving for cruelty free choices.

2015 is bringing with it a powerful shift in perceptions.  How we perceive our food and our bodies is one of many. What we think (our unique perception), followed by the action we take, affects the collective mind.  Has we improve our own state of health, we are improving the world.  We are one.  Just like a wave is part of the ocean, each ripple affects the ocean.  As we remember how to heal our bodies, we remember how to heal the world.  It is eating for compatibility (without judgment) that allows our bodies to heal naturally. The world will naturally heal as we leave judgment behind and remember who we are:  We ARE one, We ARE the change – So BE IT!