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CAFOs Workers Suffer From PTSD

The Human Victims of Factory Farming

What was not addressed in this article is the psychological effect to the factory worker.  Can you imagine taking part daily in the pain and suffering of any being and it not having an effect on how you view life and the world?  We know that soldiers experience PTSD as a result of being in the battlefield, taking part and bearing witness to the atrocities of war.  The atrocities experienced in large CAFO operations must have a similar effect. (http://www.texasobserver.org/ptsd-in-the-slaughterhouse/).  Factory farming as it exist today is a secretive, cruel industry that is taking a toll on our planet and our health.   And, it is just not necessary.  Government subsidies, advertising and greed have created a huge industry whose only interest is profit.  (http://www.pcrm.org/search/?cid=2586).  Logic should tell us a pound a hamburger should cost more than a pint of blueberries.   Good Food For Thought…