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Creating Mindfully with Meaning..

It is not the thought itself that affects the individual or the collective – but the judgment of the thought that creates effect.  The energy of the thought is neutral until we give it meaning.  When we give it meaning it means something to us; it matters to us.  When it matters to us we create “matter”.

We have a Free Will choice in what we do with the thoughts that come into our minds; which ones we want to keep; believe in or give meaning to, and which we wish to discard.  We are creating our reality and future reality with every decision we make mindfully or unmindfully about the thought.  No matter what we create, the thought becomes powerful energy the minute we judge it and that energy is felt and is NEVER PRIVATE.  The energy of the judged thought cannot be contained or harnessed.  Every single one goes out into the Universe and fills the pool of collective energy.  Nothing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first, with meaning….Good Food for Thought.