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Fungus is an amazing, beautiful and often delicious life form.  All life forms are here to serve and thrive.  Parasitic fungus that invades the human body is “serving” as a very important messenger.  It is delivering a lifesaving message that if left undelivered leads to chronic disease and even death.

As a food and medical intuitive, I have known for some time that fungal overgrowth in the body is a very common condition today that goes most often overlooked and unchecked by the medical establishment. Our high sugar, processed food, fast food; fast paced stressed out life style has created this hidden epidemic.

It is the most common condition affecting about 60% of the clients I test for food compatibility (people with fungus are not compatible with foods that are fungus, feed fungus or harbor fungus).

I recently ran across this study by the Mayo Clinic, totally confirming in 1999 that most all sinus infections are fungal. (

Fungus overgrowth can also result in pneumonia, cancers and a host of auto-immune disorders.   Viruses and fungal infections are not eliminated with antibiotics; however they are often mistakenly treated like bacterial infections.   The over-use of antibiotics actually encourages more fungal growth by killing off the body’s stores of “good” bacteria (nature’s army), further suppressing the immune system.

The over-use of antibiotics has created “Super Bugs”.

Fungal infections are very common in cancer patients who immune systems have been intentionally suppressed by cancer treatments like chemotherapy.

OBGYNs now regularly prescribe a strong probiotic (good bacteria) along with an antibiotic to avoid yeast infections (fungus overgrowth).

Fungal infections begin with an imbalance in the body and thrive on acid and sugar.  When the body becomes too acidic, it becomes prime “real estate” for fungus, bacteria and viruses.  Bodies with fungus crave sugar and carbohydrate rich foods liked baked goods.

I love this analogy a client gave me.  He said, “Now I get it!  It’s like a swimming pool.  When the pH is out of balance, it grows stuff.  When the body is out of balance, it grows stuff”.

The imbalance is a result of what we eat and what we think.  Stressful thoughts affect the body at the cell level, making it hard to maintain a healthy pH no matter what the diet.  (

The body knows exactly what it needs to create balance and optimize every system and function.  If we can know what the body needs and provide it; eliminate what it doesn’t need from the diet; and get the mind out of the way; it will do what it is designed to do – make repairs and regenerate.

There is only one way to rid the body of fungus; cut off the food supply and raise the body’s pH.  The fungus will then leave to find a more hospitable host or it will die.  All of life is striving for life; even fungus.

Below are some helpful diet tips to restore balance to the body and kick your unwelcome guest to the curb.  Most of the following information is based on hundreds of “food intuitive” sessions over the last 4 years and “revelation” (knowledge revealed – not learned).

NOTE: Not all of the foods suggested below for consumption are compatible with every body.  Our bodies are as unique as our DNA with ever-changing needs depending on what is going on physically, mentally and even by what was consumed the day before.   For instance, if you ate a pound of spinach yesterday you may not be compatible with it today.   If you want to know exactly what your body wants you can contact me at

  1. Eliminate all sugar including honey and maple syrup.  If you need some “sweet” use Stevia or Birch Xylitol (Zyla is one brand)
  2. Eliminate all grains with the exception of quinoa.
  3. Eliminate all potatoes and winter squash, corn, carrots and sweet peas. (Steamed or boiled sweet potatoes are compatible to some people with fungus).
  4. Beets are good in moderation with protein.
  5. Eliminate nightshades (zucchini, eggplant, white potatoes, pumpkin and most peppers).  The acidic body is also inflamed (acid eats flesh inside and out).  Nightshades irritate inflammation.
  6. Add lemon to the diet.  Lemon water, lemon on veggies, etc.  If upper GI is inflamed take it slow at first until it cools off a little.  You will know if the lemon burns going down.  Once assimilated it is alkalizing to the body.
  7. Eliminate processed table salt.  Replace with Himalayan or real sea salt for alkalizing minerals.
  8. Eat a lot of green stuff; asparagus, cucumber, spinach, swiss chard, kale, sea veggies.
  9. Cook most veggies (steam, sauté, roast “al dente”) or drink them processed in a smoothie (whole veggies – not juiced). The inflamed body needs its energy for repair.  Easy to digest food saves energy.  Ask your health care provider about adding a multi-enzyme supplement if you consume mostly cooked food.  Enzymes are found in raw food.
  10. Limit fruit to berries and cherries (low sugar).  One to two ½ cup servings a day with protein and fat (smoothie is perfect).  No dried fruit.
  11. Restrict starches to one serving per meal (good rule to follow for life).  For instance: don’t have lentils with quinoa or sweet potato.
  12. Eliminate all process foods and baked goods.
  13. Eliminate cashews, peanuts and anything in the orange family (harbor fungus)
  14. Eliminate all legumes except lentils and occasionally lima beans and spit peas.
  15. Eliminate mushrooms and sprouts (fungus and harbor fungus).
  16. If a meat eater, reduce or temporarily eliminate meat and most dairy* until the body is balanced.  All animal sourced food is acidic with the exception of *yogurt, *kefir and *cottage cheese. Turkey is the least acidic.  Eating too much meat is one way to get out of balance fast.  Replace meat with high protein veggies like; lentils, quinoa, hemp hearts, nutritional yeast, asparagus, kale (power house), all greens* broccoli, seeds, avocado.  *For some reason, mustard greens have never tested compatible to my clients with fungus.
  17. Read labels for hidden sugar (plant-based milks often add sugar).
  18. Eat lots of garlic, onion and leeks.
  19. Do not drink beverages 30 minutes before or after meals.  Doing so dilutes the digestive juices necessary to digest food (good life long rule).  Never, ever drink high pH water at meal time.  It will neutralize stomach acid and totally interrupt digestion.
  20. No alcohol, fermented veggies or beverages (kombucha).
  21. Eliminate coffee or replace with a lower acid, chicory blend (French Market from Louisiana is my fav).  If you drink a lot of coffee or caffienated beverages – do not eliminate it suddenly unless you want to suffer.  FYI – Some bodies love a little caffeine.
  22. Important note:  As the body finds it balance normal compatibility is restored.  It is important to add healthy acidic foods back into the diet to maintain optimum balance. The body can be too alkaline as well (harder to do – but possible).  Normal average alkaline to acidic ratio for healthy pH maintenance is 60% alkaline and 40% acidic.

Most Important Tip:  Gratitude

Be grateful to the fungus for the message it has delivered.  Without the undesirable symptoms the fungus has produced, you would not know of the imbalance in the body until serious disease sets in.  Be grateful for all dis-ease.  Disease is not the enemy.  It is always sending a lifesaving message.  Receive the message, make corrections and be well.

Health is Natural – Chronic Disease IS NOT.

Here are some “Good” signs the body is balancing and fungus is retreating.

Usually within the first week of cutting out the food supply and lasting 2 – 4 days:

  1. Cold-like symptoms
  2. Headache
  3. Unusual feelings of anger or irritation (unhappy fungus)
  4. Tired

Within 3 weeks on average:

  1. Hair shredding and dandruff stops.
  2. Skin is hydrated and fine lines disappear.
  3. Sleeping through the night (less nighttime bathroom interruptions).
  4. Clear headed (brain fog has lifted).
  5. Weight loss as body releases toxins and fungus. (A balanced body does not store toxins.  An out of balance body does not release them.)
  6. Abundant energy
  7. People start asking – What are you doing?  You look amazing!

It is my truest desire this information is a blessing to those seeking wellness.  I believe these miraculous bodies are always striving for life and when provided with the right tool-kit they thrive!

Here’s to your Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

Gail Blair/The Intuitive Chef

Food Revelation



All the above is based on my experience as a food and medical intuitive.   I am not a medical professional.  The information above does not in any way serve as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.  If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare provider.  If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek immediate medical attention.  You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of information given here or any other related written or verbal information from Food Revelation, The Intuitive Chef or Evolution of Free Health.



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