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Gail’s “Intuitive Chef” journey began unfolding in 2009 as a plant-based chef., birthed in 2011 was the natural result of following her creative passion - recipe creation and cooking. Shortly thereafter, she experienced a “spiritual awakening” and discovered her intuitive and spiritual gifts.  As a food and medical intuitive, she has helped hundreds all over the U.S. and Canada remember their God-given health and in-born intuition through private sessions, private and public cooking classes and workshops. Many revelations have been revealed along the way.  Her latest book, “Quinoa Cookbook Journey” (see link below) is the first book in a series entitled “Evolution of FREE Health”. It provides a gentle and tasty glimpse into these revelations and the resulting experiences.  Being revealed next in this series is, “The 7 Missing Links to Abundant Health”. Gail currently lives in a small town in North Texas with her furry friends Molly and Mo.  In addition to the joy of cooking and recipe creation, she finds great pleasure in long leisurely meals with family and friends, reading, writing; quiet walks in nature and sleeping under the stars. For more about Intuitive Chef Gail -

The Evolution of Veganism, Continued…


I have written before about the “Evolution of Vegan-ism” and how evolution takes time.   The human body is an animal and this animal has been eating meat for a long time.  So it makes sense that converting to a vegan diet will take the human body a period time to adapt.  There is more to the story – as always…

The idea that humans were originally herbivores or vegans has never set quite right with me.   It was a puzzle with a missing piece.  My mind loves to solve puzzles, but this one was beyond my human brain to make sense of.   Of course, over the last 6 years, I’ve realized the human mind is so limited.  We are limited by what we know and experience.  Yes – humans have a tendency to block information that doesn’t align with what we already know.

Revelation is information revealed (divinely delivered).  It happens when you least expect it.  It happens in my sleep a lot (when my mind is less busy), but sometimes, messages come out of nowhere and smack me in the face.   This was one of those.  I thought I was meditating on one thing, but the Universe had different ideas.

What dictates the human animal’s natural eating tendency is our “roots” – where we originated.  Early Eskimos (Arctic people) would have starved to death without the whale; while other large mammals like elephants and giraffes thrive as herbivores in warm climates where Mother Nature’s bounty is plentiful all year round.  Polar bears in the Arctic are carnivores, where plant life is scarce. Other large bears are omnivores and eat plant and animal.  Creation adapts to its environment.

Over time, we have been vegans, vegetarians, but mostly omnivores – adaptable.  And, the body evolves as it adapts.  Thank goodness, or the human animal would have become extinct just as lower animals who have not adapted to changed environments.

As we have evolved, our food availability and variety has been hugely expanded.  Over-time, we have collectively needed less and less meat.    We have reached a point in our evolution where most humans can be healthfully sustained on a vegetarian diet and some on a strict vegan diet.  This is the “Evolution of Vegan-ism”.  It has been a natural, slow progression.

Still, there are some who require meat for optimum health.   If you need more protein than average healthy human (men 55 grams a day and women 45 grams) you may have cold-weather roots.

What does enough protein look like this day and age?  6 ounces of lean sirloin (what the USDA says is a serving) is about 45 grams of protein; all the protein the average woman needs in a day.  Keep in mind, that most foods contain protein and some plants are complete proteins like kale, lentils and quinoa, to name a few.  It is easy to see how our diets can easily be too protein heavy.

What happens when we give the body something it doesn’t need or too much of anything? The body must work very hard to process it out.  That food becomes a burden.  While the body is busy processing out what it doesn’t need, the energy required for maintenance and repair is not available.   The over consumption of protein from the most acidic source (meat) has created a big burden on the body, leaving the body inflamed, tired and vulnerable to disease.

Each “healthy” body has a baseline for food compatibility and your roots will  have a lot to do with what this looks like (by the way – all animals have a baseline compatibility).  Our baseline takes time to change – to evolve.  From the baseline foods, some will be “highly compatible”.  These foods are re-stocking the body’s tool box; they contain the nutrients that are missing for maintenance and repair.

What is “highly compatible” will change daily according to what is going on physically, mentally and even by what you ate yesterday (you stocked the tool box).  If you can know what the highly compatible foods are before you go grocery shopping you can always be restocking your tool box.  Powerful! This is prevention at its best! You have the ability to know and part of my purpose is helping you uncover this ability.

If you are striving to become completely vegan and your body is saying you need meat, you may want to consider taking it slow.  Go vegetarian first and very slowly convert to all plants.  This transition can take up to 5 to 6 years (this has been my experience – I’m Scottish.  I would be happy to share my journey upon request).   If you are rooted in a warm climate this transition can be quicker.  During this transition you have the option of making cruelty-free choices.  Look for small local farmers or raise your own chickens for fresh eggs. KNOW YOUR SOURCE.  Cruelty-free, organic dairy and eggs are getting easier and easier to find as the cruelty, inherent in the large factory farming conglomerates is exposed to the public.

This intuitive work has forced me to give up what I thought I knew about nutrition (about a lot of things!). I’ve had to leave my judgment at the curb.  By letting go – I receive new information.   One of the biggest revelations – What every “body” needs is different.   Think about this – If your body needs something only an animal can provide and you do not accept this gift of nourishment, what animal are you being cruel to?  All animals have purpose, just like all of Creation.  Sometimes that purpose is to provide nutrition.  Be grateful and thankful animals have helped us thrive all this time…

Coming up next….

“When Did Variety Become the Spice of Life”.    And, how the collective body has adapted to survive the “Age of Sugar”.

Wishing you much peace, joy, LOVE & abundant health!

Gail Blair/The Intuitive Chef

Evolution of FREE Health Starts Now!

It’s finally done!  Man, what a journey it has been.  My goal was to have this birthed by Thanksgiving but the Universe had a Christmas delivery in mind.  This is not the first time I have had a Christmas birthing.  My daughter was born on Christmas day!

I am now accepting pre-orders for the “Special Edition” hardcover, full color book at  Just look for the book cover for ordering information.

In the event this baby decides to arrive late, I will be sending out laminated post cards with this amazing carrot cake recipe on the back to announce the expected arrival.  Don’t forget to include the shipping address and if it is a gift, I am providing gift cards as well. (For bulk orders contact me at

The e-book will be available in the next few weeks everywhere; Amazon, B&N. etc.

The Quinoa Cookbook Journey is more than a cookbook; it also tells the abbreviated story of the amazing journey that lead me to wellness and realizing my intuitive and clairvoyant gifts.  This is the first book in the “Evolution of FREE Health” series.  Stay tuned for the next cookbook; “Food IS Talking”, The 10 Most Compatible Foods Cookbook, followed by “Evolution of FREE Health”, The 6 Missing Links to Abundant Health.

This is what a few clients are saying about the “Food IS Talking” experience (Intuitive Food Compatibility Testing and THE FOOD):

“At first glance this book may look like your typical cookbook (if you consider quinoa typical).  I assure you it is not.  What makes this cookbook unique?  It was written by a very creative, Plant-Based Chef turned “Food and Medical Intuitive”.   How creative?  Intuitive Chef Gail Blair has been lovingly labeled, the plant-based chef for “Meat-Lovers” and “Vegetable Haters”.   Her recipes surprise and amaze even the most skeptical, die-hard meat and potato lover; including me.   The bonus of her “intuitive gift” is a gift that keeps on giving.  If you think “healthy” means suffering through tasteless, cardboard box meals, you are in for a big treat!  There is a divine reason Gail was a master chef before her “gifts” kicked in.  No-one wants to suffer on the road to health.  As a client, I can attest with Gail you don’t have to.”

– John Sklar M.D./Pain Specialist and creator of Pathways to Releasing Pain


“For years I’ve tried every diet in the book, lose some weight without enjoying food and then gain it right back. Gail’s Food Compatibility Consultation was an eye opener. For the first time I now understand what specific foods my body needs to be healthy. I was able to bring my body into balance within 10 days. The bonus was losing 10 pounds exactly where I wanted to lose them while eating as much as I wanted with the foods compatible for my body. Gail is a genius at creating recipes that are delicious, easy to make and family friendly. I can’t say enough about how freeing it is to finally understand what I need for my body. The fun part is that Gail’s intuitive approach along with a great big helping of common sense is served with a side of humor.”

– Marie Guthrie/CEO – Executive Leadership Strategist/Quantum Leader Foundation Program


“I thank God often for bringing Chef Gail Blair into my life. I started seeing her for intuitive food compatibility testing about 10 months ago. I had been very sick for months. I saw several doctors and even a holistic doctor 2000 miles away. I was afraid to look in the mirror at my frail reflection and eating wasn’t often a
comfortable experience.

Her intuitive food charts took the guess work out of eating. I focused on the foods my body needed and was quickly needing a new chart with exciting new foods on it that I’d hadn’t dreamed were part of my natural diet. I committed to the healing process,
no matter what ideas I’d held about the surprises on the chart. Dairy and coffee took a leap of faith, but I love them both now. I am back up to a healthy weight and I LOVE food!

I have had the unique opportunity to have sampled a lot of Chef Gail’s cooking. Her food is amazing! She loves what she does and you can taste it in her meals. I love everything I’ve had so far and I can’t wait to see what comes next!”

– Kristen Vega/Richardson, TX

Enjoy a sneak preview of the Quinoa Cookbook Journey!

Hi there! This is Intuitive Chef Gail Blair, coming to you from a little town in the heart of North Texas. I never dreamed I would be writing a quinoa cookbook! Heck, 10 years ago I didn’t even know what quinoa was! If anyone had told me 5 years ago where my passion for cooking and love for food would lead me, I would have said that someone is CRAAAZZZY!

This passion led me on a journey of self-discovery and along the way I found my true calling: helping others discover for themselves their natural health and “intuitive” gifts. Yes, health is natural – chronic disease is not.

Why is Quinoa the star of this cookbook? It is a complete protein (like meat and dairy); making it a vegan’s best friend and perfect for anyone looking to reduce their meat intake. AND, it is easily digested, low glycemic, nutrient dense, and alkaline to neutral in pH. It cooks in as little as 15 minutes and freezes perfectly. It also happens to be super versatile! Having very little flavor on its own, it’s like a painter’s blank canvas just waiting to be painted. So that’s what I’ve done! Created Quinoa Art!

As you cook your way through this little book, enjoying every blissful bite, you will be learning how to create balance in the body. As in all of life and nature, balance is crucial to flourishing health.

You will find enclosed a surprisingly delicious collection of traditional casseroles, side dishes and desserts; along with some very creative, natural ways to enjoy full-flavor food without punishing the taste buds. Many recipes are re-vamped holiday traditions. Each one has been test-driven by the most discerning foodies across the U.S.

My Motto – “The taste buds don’t care if the food is plant,
animal or healthy as long as it’s delicious!”

Most of the recipes in this little book are simple and designed for families to cook and enjoy together. Some a little more challenging, but easy to follow. Who doesn’t like a fun, delicious challenge? Many are “all-in-one” meals. I knew you wanted to hear that!

All of them are gluten-free, vegetarian and/or vegan friendly. And, most of them freeze very well; so even the single person or small family can enjoy the luxury of having something healthful and delicious every day!

This book is also the natural result of over 400 “Intuitive Food Compatibility Sessions” over almost 5 years now. It is an accumulation of what has been revealed intuitively (revelation) and learned along the way through experience. Three common
threads run through most sessions:

1. Many bodies are “malnourished” (obesity is a primary symptom of this – YES);
2. Many bodies are “unbalanced” (too acidic – at the root of all chronic disease) and
3. Many bodies are “over-proteinated” (a new word that means the body is getting WAY too much protein from mostly acidic sources).

Order your copy today for the rest of the story….

Wishing you all much Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health this holiday season and always!
Intuitive Chef Gail Blair


Carrot Cake with Butter Cream Frosting
Vegetarian/Vegan Option                                                                                             8-10 Servings

2 ½ cups cooked and cooled quinoa
4 tablespoons ground flaxseed + ½ cup water
⅓ cup full-fat canned coconut milk (or unsweetened, plant-based milk)
⅓ cup pure maple syrup or raw honey
8 drops Now Better Stevia organic liquid (or to taste)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons cinnamon
¼ teaspoon sea salt
1 cup shredded carrots
¼ cup raisins, dried currants or chopped dates (dates are low glycemic)
½ cup chopped walnuts or pecans (optional)
Coconut oil or grass-fed butter

  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF. Coat 8 x 8 inch baking dish with a fine layer coconut oil or butter.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together flaxseed and water. Allow mixture to stand at room temperature until thickened to an “egg-like” consistency, about 5 minutes.
  3. Whisk into flaxseed mixture; milk, syrup or stevia, vanilla and spices. Stir in carrots, quinoa, raisins and nuts. Pour into prepared pan and spread evenly.
  4. Bake for 35-40 minutes until set. A toothpick inserted should come out clean. Remove from oven and let cool completely before frosting.

Butter Cream Frosting

¼ cup unsalted butter, softened (Earth Balance Butter for vegan version)
½ cup cream cheese, softened (Tofutti cream cheese for vegan version)
¼ cup organic confectioners sugar (or ¼ tsp Now Better Stevia organic liquid, or to taste)
Splash of lemon juice
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

With an electric mixer beat the butter and cream cheese together until smooth and blended. Add stevia, lemon juice and vanilla. Whip until sugar is completely incorporated and frosting is very smooth and creamy. Or, just put it all in a food processor and
process until creamy.

Cut room temperature or cold carrot cake into squares and serve with a big dollop of frosting and a few julienned carrots. Or, spread frosting on cake before slicing. In the picture I stacked 2 pieces and spread frosting between the layers for a traditional





The Blessings of Blessing…

carrot-cake-editedThe glorious Holiday Season is upon us again.  I can truly say I am looking forward to this season with joyous anticipation I did not experience in many seasons past.  A change of perception (a new way of seeing things) brings joy and lightness to my life.  Speaking of lightness…

This season holds a lot of Light AND fear.  For some, one of those fears is the fear of food; the fear of gaining weight; the fear the food may cause harm to the body.   Fear turns food into the enemy and robs us of the joy of our holiday feast.

Food is one of the greatest blessings of this earthly experience and we are meant to enjoy it.  We are meant to love ourselves with it.

So how can we bring back the joy of food into our lives and maintain healthy, happy bodies?

Concentrate on balance (not deprivation).  And, release all judgement.

All of nature thrives when in balance.  Our body is a miracle of Nature.    How can we enjoy everything we love this season and maintain balance?  It is really quite simple:

Plan ahead.  The day before and the day of your holiday party nourish your body with body balancing foods.  Most vegetables and fruits are alkalizing and have the ability to neutralize excess acid. To maintain a healthy body and blood pH we must eat more alkaline foods than acidic. We have the ability to literally have our cake and eat it too when we understand how to balance.

Start your holiday feast with a salad and then eat some of all the foods you REALLY LOVE and leave the rest.  If you are eating “mindfully” you will know when you have had enough.

Speaking of being mindful.  Be present with the food.   Taste it – Savor it!

In this way we are respecting and honoring the food and every creation that helped to bring it to our plate.  This honor, respect AND the sheer pleasure we receive from the food raises the food’s vibration (the life force energy – more on this below).

And, there is this.  When we are not mindful, we tend to over consume.  Try disconnecting from anything that distracts you from your experience with the food, like; watching TV or reading.  This simple practice alone is a powerful weight loss tool.

Of course, in the company of others, it is impossible to completely disconnect and we wouldn’t want to.  Communion with others feeds our soul.  However, you can still take a few seconds to enjoy each bite!

Most important!  Allow the food to bless you – no matter what it is. 

Judgment is the lowest vibration on earth and Love is the highest.  Keeping this in mind; what do you think happens when we judge our food and its effect on the body?

We compromise the body’s ability to glean from the food all the life-sustaining nutrients it contains that could be blessing our bodies.   We lower the vibration of the food and our body’s ability to use it.  The food becomes exactly what we fear – the enemy.

Gratitude, love and appreciation are expansive energies and increase the Good in ALL things.   (If you have attended one of my workshops you have seen how dowsing rods can measure the energetic effect of blessing the food).

I have a challenge for you this Holiday Season Let the judgment of food and your body go.  Bless everything on your plate, NO MATTER WHAT and relish in the abundance of good food and company.

One client took this challenge to heart during a vacation cruise and actually lost weight.  Who loses weight on vacation; especially on a cruise ship?!?

Your gratitude and love brings the food into harmony with the body (makes it compatible).   There is a very Good reason we have been blessing and honoring food since the dawn of man in some form or another.   Can you imagine what would happen if we blessed ALL events for the Highest Good of all concerned rather than judging them?

This Holiday season, may we look for and find the Good in all things.  Bless every event, including glorious food and the miracle of it to bless our bodies with vibrant health.  Enjoy all the abundance of the season in peace, joy and gratitude.

Here is my blessing.  Feel free to use it, share or create your own:

Thank you Sweet Spirit for all of this abundance!  Thank you every creation that took part in this one.  Thank for the blessing of perfect nourishment this food now provides these bodies.  Thank you for these bodies that know exactly what to do with this abundance.  And, thank you for the sheer pleasure of this experience!  In immense Appreciation, Love and Gratitude – Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!  SO BE IT – And, SO IT IS!!!

If you would like to know more about how you can live in harmony with your body as our Creator and Nature intended, call me.   It is not too late to create perfect balance in your body before the holidays or master the simple tools to maintain it.  We came to this planet with the perfect body for our journey and this perfection comes in all shapes in sizes.  Optimum weight for “your” body is a natural result of a body and mind in harmony.

A Balanced Body Is A Healthy Body!

Having a food chart to assist me on my journey to optimal health and wellness, has made all the difference.  While my focus was never on losing weight, it was a natural and effortless result of having and using my personal food chart.  I look and feel better than I have in 20 years, and my energy, vitality and well-being are off the charts.  I am so grateful for Gail and her gifts and the difference she is committed to making in the world.  A forever grateful client!  Jen Smith/Waxahachie, TX

  Lastly, I wrote all the above last night and woke up today to this prayer by Miguel Ruiz.  I love Divine Synergy and Confirmation.

Today Creator, I promise to make a new agreement with my physical body.  I promise to love my body unconditionally as my body loves me.  I promise to protect and take care of my body.  I will never again reject my body, abuse my body, or be ashamed of how it looks.  From now on, I will accept my physical body as it is.  I will enjoy my body, and be grateful for all the pleasures of life it gives me.

Forgive me, Creator, for believing all the lies about my physical body.  Forgive me for judging my physical body against a false image of perfection.   Forgive me for everything I haven’t liked about my physical body.

Today, Creator, help me to see my physical body as a living temple where you live.  Help me respect my body, to love and honor my body.  I know that to treat my physical body with respect, love and honor is to respect, love and honor your creation.  Help me, Creator, to give my physical body whatever it needs to live in perfect health, harmony, and happiness with you.  Amen

Wishing you all Immense Joy, Peace & LOVE this Holiday Season and Always!

Intuitive Chef Gail Blair

P.S.  The luscious carrot cake pictured above is from my book, “Quinoa Cookbook Journey”, 21 Shockingly Delicious Recipes to Honor the Taste Buds and the Body. Go here to purchase:

Voting "Mindfully" and "Intuitively"


It is election time again and it has never been more important to VOTE.   If you are having trouble making a decision – I hope this helps give you clarity.

Many of you already know me as the “Intuitive Chef” so what I am about to share will probably not come as too big a shock.  I’m sure some will think I’m completely insane.  I gotten to a place in my life (a very peaceful place I might add) where I no longer make decisions based on what others think.

It’s only fear (EGO – Earth Guidance Only) that causes us to hold tight to our gifts and prevents us from sharing them with the world.  How selfish is that? The world needs us to share our gifts NOW!   Its only fear that keeps us stuck in the “same old, same old”, afraid of change.  You know the old saying, “There is nothing to fear except fear itself”.  And, here is another good one, “The only constant is change”.

This is me being fearless.  I came out of the closet with my intuitive gifts on Facebook in 2013 and I haven’t looked back.  My website was completely re-vamped in 2015 to reflect my Highest Work.  Since then, life has shown me, I absolutely did the right thing!  I read this quote the other day online and it is so true, “Life always tells the truth”.   What is your life telling you?

There is no way I’m letting fear get in the way of this important message:  We must BE the change we want to see in this country and worldwide.  This may mean changing how we do things, including voting.

In 2014, I voted intuitively for the first time and I’ve been voting this way ever since.  I use this divine gift to guide me daily in every aspect of my life, why not use it to vote?  We all have this gift.  It’s part of our God-given inheritance.  And, if I am aware of my intuitive gifts then I know there are many others that are aware or starting to become aware of theirs.  I can’t think of a more important way to use this gift, well yes I can, but this is definitely at the top.

The fact is, even if we did our homework (which I’m sure many voters don’t) it’s still really hard to get past all of the deception to make an educated choice.   And, our educated choice is only as good as the education.  We know from past experience, what we’ve learned may not remain true.   For instance; science is continually evolving along with man.

You can’t believe everything you hear from the AD campaigns.  People don’t also tell the truth.  Voting “party” is most ineffective; it just creates more polarity and in no way guarantees the character or motives of a candidate.

Listening to opinion gets you nowhere; everyone has one.  The news stations lean to one side of the other – CNN is “so-called” liberal and FOX is considered “conservative”.  And BIG money controls what is reported.  Many big issues you will not hear discussed unless you listen objectively to all sides.   How many actually do this?  Even if you do, what you consider important still may not be addressed.  Many HUGE issues are not being talked about today.  A candidate is not obliged to answer a question never asked.  And, politicians are experts at “not answering the question”.

See “Voting Mindfully for Freedom” for what “I consider” important questions to ask of our candidates and more voting tips:

We can no longer afford to vote blindly based on party or based on what others think.  We can no longer afford to “follow the leader” if we want to see progressive change.  Change for the “Good” of ALL of mankind and the planet.  If you are ready for a change, then the only way to have it is to make a change.

On Election Day, we are not just voting for president.  We have lots of decisions to make and each one counts.  The president does not operate independently.   I want to elect individuals that have the “highest good” of the “people” and the “planet” as his/her top agenda.  Of course, sometimes we must choose between the lesser of 2 evils (or more).

We are not under a dictatorship; the end result of following the leader.   It is my prayer this country remains a free democracy that supports and honors all life and our God-give right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   This can only happen if we exercise our God-given “free will” to think independently and objectively and then act.

Voting Intuitively Tip #1:  Our mind is our most powerful tool.  “Nothing was ever created that wasn’t thought of first”.  What we “think we know”, our opinion or judgment will affect our answers.  The person that “knows” the least will find it easier to receive “pure” answers.   Objectivity is learned.  It is something I have gotten good at over time.  It is imperative in my work.   (I share in my workshops, tips for learning objectivity.)

Before testing anything, take a deep, mindful cleansing breath to clear and ground.  When emotionally charged, we have been taught to “take a deep breath” before reacting. Why? It clears our mind.  It may help to speak out loud, “I don’t care what the answer is – I only want the Truth”.

I receive the answer in my head (that wasn’t always the case).  You may receive your answers another way.  I then use another method for verification.  (Very important step!  Sometimes my mind still gets in the way.  I’m human).  There are many divining tools you can use including your body.  You have a way of receiving answers in your body whether you are aware of it or not.   (Stay tuned for more tips on cultivating your intuitive skill or call me).

Voting Intuitively Tip #2  When asking for Guidance, “the answer is only as good as the question”.  This was a powerful lesson I learned early on as an intuitive.  For voting, I needed a question that takes into consideration that in some cases, none of the choices are very good ones.  However, one choice is better than all the others.  For instance; often times the best choice has no chance of getting elected and voting for the “best choice” could be a vote that helps elect the “worst choice”.

The question that arrived: “Which choice has the best chance of tipping the scales towards the highest best good of the people and the planet?”

I print out the ballot.  I state my intention (the question above) and ask “Is this the right choice” of every candidate and record the answers on the ballot.

Some “intuitives” will be able to just go to the booth and vote intuitively on the fly.    I do better in the peace and quiet of my personal space (probably a result of my “hermit” years).    I’m chuckling right now as I imagine people standing in the voting booth with pendulums and dowsing rods….LOL.  I take my ballot with me to the voting booth.  By the way, I always vote early to avoid long lines.

When voting this way, the answers cross all parties, which does not surprise me.  There are good choices on all sides just like there are bad ones.

Keep this in mind:  Just because your choice does not get elected, do not be discouraged.   It takes time and many votes to shift the collective.  However, each vote shifts the collective consciousness.  So keep voting!

If you are interested in knowing more about developing your own intuition or voting intuitively, I am happy to share my journey and what has worked for me.

Awareness and Gratitude equal the most exquisite FREEDOM!

In closing, here is a simple affirmative prayer to support world peace and this election:

The light of Truth, Peace, Love and Unity shines bright on our world
– So Be It and So It IS!

Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Knocking on Heaven's DoorA friend set this to me today.  I was flabbergasted!

Total confirmation of the messages I’ve been receiving and posting since 2012.


Every chaotic, loud, seemingly ugly event is Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Love will open the door.

Make room in your heart for all things. A door cannot swing open where there is no room. It will simply hit a wall and slam shut again.


Wishing you much Peace, Harmony & Joy!


Crazy Good! Vegetarian Rueben Sandwich (Vegan Option)


Rueben sandwich

My children call me the “Sandwich Queen”.  I have a knack for recreating healthy versions of sandwiches from some suprising ingredients.  This is one of my all time favorites!

Remember! The tastbuds don’t care if it’s healthy or not – Only that it is delicious!

My healthy version of the classic Rueben Sandwich created at a little, hometown cafe for myself and the girls:   (No one ever misses the meat!)

Start with 2 slices organic whole grain rye bread. (Check out Dave’s Killer Bread “Rockin Rye” or Rudi’s).

Smash ripe avocado generously on both pieces of bread.

Add a thin slice of Swiss cheese to both sides (provolone is good too)*

Add grass fed organic butter or spray coconut oil to medium hot griddle or large iron skillet. Add bread.*

Pile on top of one slice of bread in skillet:

1 medium well basted egg (be careful not to brown egg) or sliced boiled egg.
Sliced tomatoes (sprinkle with a little garlic sea salt and cracked pepper.
Grilled onions & sauerkraut (purple kraut makes it beautiful!)

Swirl on a little mustard or Russian dressing to taste: I like mustard.*

Grill sandwich until bread is toasted (I like it really crispy).

Press sandwich together and slice.

Serve with a salad or light slaw to balance the acidity of the bread, egg, cheese and tomatoes.  This is a heavy sandwich.  Keep the dressing light; use some lemon or lime and a splash of olive oil.  Season with garlic sea salt and cracked pepper.

*Note: For vegan version use spray coconut oil instead of butter.  Add more avocado instead of egg and cheese. Use dairy-free dressing and pile up the veggies!

I can only eat half of this sandwich – very filling. No one is walking away hungry.

Carb Rule:  Carbs that do not get used or stored as fuel convert to fat.  To avoid this only eat 1 serving of starchy carbs per meal; like bread, rice, pasta, whole grains and potatoes. Serving this sandwich with fries for instance would be “carb-overload”.   If weight loss is your goal, following this one simple rule will produce amazing results!


Hope you enjoy this rendition of the classic Rueben.

Wishes you much Joy, Peace, LOVE & Health!

The Intuitive Chef

P.S. If you want to know exactly what your “unique” body wants for optimum health, visit me at: to learn more about “Food IS Talking” Intuitive Food Compatibility Testing.



Underneath It All We Are All The Same

Invisible man

Like the “Invisible Man”, our outer rags take on many forms, but underneath it all we are all the same – Invisible Energy; an individuation (a personalization) of Source Energy; God Energy.

Every creation is unique in personality and form yet still part of THAT ONE.  All that ever changes is the wrapper “The rag”.  We might judge someone’s rags dirtier or cleaner than our own, but the rags; the wrapping does not change what is underneath…”

Thank you Millie Smith for this perspective.

3rd Missing Link to the Current Health Care Puzzle: Humans are Animals

Humans are animals

Somewhere along the line we have forgotten what our body is and IS NOT.  Our body is not who we are; it houses who we are.  Who we are is beyond our body; beyond all thought and form.  Beyond human comprehension.

However, this organic animal form we inhabit is governed by the same “Laws of Nature” as all animal forms until we fully realize WHO WE ARE.  (I’m jumping the gun here on the 5th missing link).

What differentiates the human animal form from other animal forms with the exception of a few?  Humans are conscious or “aware” of themselves and their thoughts – some more than others.

Wild animals living in the wild; eating their natural diets do not suffer from chronic, painful disease.   They live and then they die short, natural deaths.

On the other hand, domesticated animals experience many of the same chronic ailments as the human animal and suffer long, painful deaths. Why?  They are eating many of the same unnatural and incompatible foods and toxins as their human friends and are affected by the stress that is a constant companion for much of humanity.

We have let industry convince us toxins and chemicals are compatible with our natural organic bodies.  THIS IS NOT TRUE and it never was.   Humanity arrived on this planet like all other animals with all we needed to be happy and healthy and there is plenty to go around.

If it doesn’t seem that way it is because the same BIG industries we’ve let convince us toxins and chemicals are compatible to our bodies are the same BIG industries profiting BIG TIME from our sick bodies.   Connect the dots here:

It only takes one day watching “prime time” or day time TV AND the commercials to figure out who owns main stream media and what they want us to know:  the drug companies, big food industry, law firms and health care conglomerates.

A huge conflict of interest exist between what is good for our health

And what is most profitable.  

 For example:  Oncologist are the only medical doctors allowed to profit directly from chemotherapy drugs; bypassing the middle man (the pharmacy).

The slow-dying, decaying human animal has become very profitable.

Like all animals, we are either in a state of thriving or decay.  We never stand still.   If we are decaying (dying), Mother Nature steps in to facilitate this natural process.  (See more on this here:  “All of Nature Supports Life – Even in Death” on this blog page). Instead of reversing the decaying process with “life-sustaining” measures, BIG industry has found a way to profit “long-term” by sustaining decay.

The symptoms of decay IS “dis-ease”.  This natural process is treated as the enemy by the medical community.  The “perceived” enemy must be destroyed at all cost (even at the cost of our health).   The “war-torn” body becomes too tired to sustain health.

The war on disease is a war we will not win, because there is no enemy.  The body is always doing the right thing.  It is always striving to live even at the expense of body parts.  All dis-ease and its symptoms are just a message that an imbalance has occurred within our body and decay has begun.  (More on this in Missing Link #4).

Balance is the key to thriving on this planet.  This is true in all of nature.  When our planet’s soil and water is out of balance they will not support life.  When any “body” is out of balance it will not support life.  When a body can no longer support life it becomes food for other life.  Have you ever wondered why we do not see more dead animals lying around or how a human body dissappears if left to nature?

Too stop the dying cycle, balance must be restored.  It sounds simple; however the human mind creates many blocks to balance and health.  Most Lower Animals do not have any blocks to healing running in the back ground of their subconscious.  They don’t have a subconscious.  They live in the “present moment” with no worries; no concerns for the future and no past regrets.

Have you ever noticed it doesn’t matter if you are gone for an hour or a day, your dog will always greet you as a long lost friend.

However, our pets do absorb and are affected by non-beneficial energy (chronic negative thought patterns) of their human companions.  Animals are very intune to energy; it is how they communicate. They may learn commands, but it is energy they trust.  The very sensitive ones are the equivalent of human “empaths”.

The stress of non-beneficial energies can manifest in our pets as disease.   Stress and its role in disease is now well researched and documented. When these non-beneficial energies are cleared and the animal is fed exactly what it needs, they heal fast; that is, if they want to be on this side of the dirt.  The same is true for the human animal when the mind is not blocking the body.

It is our human brain that causes us so much pain.

 Read more on “Food IS Talking” for animals here: 

Like lower animals the human body knows exactly what it needs and doesn’t at all times for health and healing.  Lower animals (less conscious) eat instinctively – they don’t think, they know.   Our superior human brain has gotten in the way of this natural “knowing” or “intuition”.   In this forgetfulness we have given over our responsibilities to “others”.

IT IS TIME we took back the responsibility for our own health.

The health of our planet depends on it!

As we start to demand and eat what is compatible to our bodies, industry will oblige.  There is no money to be made in what doesn’t sell.  As you vote with your wallet, balance will be naturally restored to your body and to the planet.  What is compatible to us is compatible with Mother Nature.

You have the ability to discern for yourself what your “unique” body needs at any given time.  This is what “Food IS Talking” is all about!  To learn more visit

We are Born to Live and Dance the Dance of life.

We did not come here to spend long, painful years dying.   When what we “Eat and Think (most importantly – what we think) is in alignment with happiness and health we are dancing with life.

Blessings of Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!


Stay tuned for the 4th Missing Link:   “All Illness and Pain is Sending a Message – What is it?”




The Children Are Our Future

The children are our future

Interesting – just as I was about to start on this blog the title flowed in.  Right behind it the entire song (with a couple revisions).

I love the way our Creative Source provides just what we need when we need it.


“Greatest Love of All”

I believe the children are out future

Teach them well and let them lead the way

Show them all the beauty they possess inside

Give them a sense of purpose to make it easier

Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be

Everybody’s searching for a hero

People need someone to look up to

I never found anyone who fulfilled my needs

A lonely place to be

And, so I learned to depend on me


I decided long ago, never to walk in anyone’s shadows

If I fail, if I succeed

At least I’ll live as I believe

No matter what they take from me they can’t take away what’s really Me

Because the greatest love of all is happening to me.

I’ve found the greatest love inside of me

The greatest love of all is easy to achieve

Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all

If by chance that special place that you’ve been dreaming of

Leads you to a lonely place

Find your strength in love

Thank you Whitney Houston!


Here is the rest of the story…..

My granddaughter (6 years old) and her father, my oldest son from Phoenix, AZ  came to visit me in Texas for 2 weeks this summer.  At the end of that visit, I immediately took off for another 2weeks to CA and spent more time with her and her mother.

This is the first time I’ve spent so much one-on-on time with my granddaughter or been so aware (in observation mode) of the lessons playing out and coming full circle.

It was a trying time.  One filled with frustration and even a little anger.     I struggled with remaining unattached (neutral).  Something I thought I had more of a handle on.  Over the last 5 years, as I have become ever more aware of who I am and who we are in each other (LOVE), inner and outer peace has become a way of life.   Many of the emotions that bubbled up I hadn’t felt in a while.  My peaceful world was rocked!

I know this; if I am feeling anything but love (who I am) I am definitely in school.  It is my cue to pay attention.  Something very enlightening (it will lighten me up) is occurring.  If I will detach, be still and watch it unfold rather than jumping in the boat with the emotions, I will be in a position to see the “what fors” (why is this happening) and BE the solution.  The solution will flow through me.

I woke up one morning about halfway through this journey with this command; connect to my granddaughter’s Higher Self and ask her what she is showing me and let Guidance lead.  In meditation I received this:

“She is showing me all the ways I missed the mark as a parent.  I am being given another opportunity to get it right.  And I need to NOW.   Specifically, I am being asked to resume a role I have played before in many lifetimes; a teacher of children.”

The rich experiences (some seemingly really bad) delivered in this lifetime are the very experiences necessary to help me uncover and become the compassionate and understanding leader I am still becoming (BE – coming).   I received this beautiful mantra not long ago as a reminder of what all experience is:

“I see the world and myself without judgment and I see the gift of all past judgments as the gift of compassion and knowledge”.

As a single mother of 3 children and according the world I failed at mothering or so it seems.  The anger and frustration I’ve been feeling is the left over guilt and self-judgment rising to the surface to be released.   I cannot see or use the gifts of experience if I’m in judgment of them.

Many judge those who fail as unsuitable teachers when in fact can be the most suited.  Some may say, “Who are you to tell me what to do.  You obviously did it poorly yourself”.  Some of the best teachers and therapist are the ones who learned the hard way.  They can relate to others on many levels of understanding based on experience.  It can truly be said, “I know how you feel – I’ve been there”.  Hindsight is 20/20.

This summer event with my granddaughter brought to the surface all the knowledge I have gained from experience in this life and others.   We have only one job as parents to the children arriving today on this planet; to protect them and help them uncover their true identity and purpose in the world.   As my granddaughter uncovers, we all uncover – the world uncovers.  We are one.

This is what experience and Guidance has uncovered:

  • A good leader must be well respected. To be well respected, we must treat ourselves and others with respect.  I’ve learned to ask, “Am I loving, honoring and respecting myself and others with this action?”
  • Mutual respect is born of trust; the trust that says, “I can count on you to “be impeccable with your word” (Miquel Ruiz).   I can count on you to be fair, I can count on your love and I can count on you to admit when you are wrong”.  We will all make mistakes.  If we don’t, we are not growing.
  • A good leader is a good role model. We must BE what we want to SEE.   You’ve heard the phrase, “Do as I say, not as I do”.  It never works.
  • Sometimes “leadership” takes precedence over being “liked”. Children need a strong leader and as such, you may not always be viewed as a friend.    Your children may not always like your decisions, but they will grow to trust you.  Friendship will be a natural result of a relationship built on mutual respect and trust.
  • Being present with our children is paramount. Anything that dulls our senses takes us out of our body (ungrounds us) and makes us “weak-willed”.   Raising children is not for the “weak willed”.    We are moving into a time when our role as a strong leader will need to be fully activated.  If you are being pushed around by your children, you are being pushed to activate your role.   Attention seeking behavior is a sure sign you are not being present.
  • Children need clear boundaries. It is their security blanket.  Without boundaries they are lost in the wilderness, flapping in the wind with no developed sense of direction or purpose. This is true in all of nature.  Children learn from cause and effect; consequence of action just like all of us.  Boundaries let them learn in the safety of their own home until they are ready to fly on their own in the direction of their purpose.  Boundaries set and maintained consistently give them the safety net that allows them to spread their wings with confidence.
  • The resistance to setting boundaries stems from weak will.  As long as no boundaries have been set, no lines have been crossed.  You may feel absolved of the responsibility of maintaining a boundary.  Example: telling a child if you behave you can do this or that or if you misbehave you are “in trouble” is ambiguous – it’s a moving target.  There are no clear boundaries.
  • Allow your children to learn naturally by making it very clear the “cause and effect” of their behavior.  Do not make promises you have no intention of keeping. If you say what you mean and do what you say consistently, children will learn early on they are responsible for the cause and effect of their own actions.  They will learn how to bring peace and joy to themselves rather than conflict and strife.  They will feel safe knowing they can rely on your word (any promises).
  • From experience I can tell you maintaining healthy boundaries WILL NOT get easier as children get older.    Without learning the lesson of “cause and effect” children may view the world around them as the cause rather than the effect of actions.  The parent and eventually the world becomes the enemy.   They will fight for control without ever realizing it was within them all along.  As a result, they may have to learn as adults (like many of us) without a “safety net” the Truth through painful experiences.
  • When a boundary is crossed, let the consequence be swift, sure and appropriate. I don’t believe anymore hitting a child or promoting fear is ever appropriate (another thing I was wrong about).   Fearful people become people to fear.  Love becomes associated with hurt.  Love never hurts.
  • Learn to say NO and mean it when NO is the most appropriate response. This is something I also learned the hard way.  It wasn’t too long ago I believed that saying NO to our children should be avoided if at all possible.  I WAS WRONG.  It is so freeing to be able to do that – Admit when I’m wrong.
  • Teaching our children that NO means NO with no excuses or regrets will allow them the freedom to easily say NO when appropriate without fear as adults.   How many often say YES to things for all the wrong reasons?  We become “yes men” when we are not comfortable with saying NO.
  • Rather than allowing children to just project “spew” their frustration and anger (this is what a bully does) insist they take a deep breath and share how they feel instead. For instance; they can say, “I’m feeling mad” instead of just BEING mad.   Much behavior is learned (learning how to be).  If they are projecting, check yourself and their environment.
  • Teach your children to use their breath to clear their mind before they speak. This is one of the best tools they will ever learn.  The Breath of Life clears the energy of highly charged emotions.
  • When they are clear (unattached from the emotion), together you are then able evaluate the underlying root of the emotion.  They may be bored, tired, confused, frustrated, embarrassed, etc.   A discussion can then take place as to how best to release these energies and restore peace and harmony (Truth).   If there is energy present that is not in alignment with love – school is in for all concerned.    The question is, “What is this event showing me?”
  • Observe and listen closely to your children. They have a lot of good stuff to share; a ton of knowledge they have brought with them to this life.  They see perspectives we do not.  They are in touch with more than their 5 senses.   They are powerful teachers.

Big Revelation! The children arriving today are completely unattached from any generational emotional cords, “karma” (unlike our generation and beyond).  They are more uncovered and unfettered than ever before.  They do not have to learn the hard way.  Our job is to help them remain uncovered and untethered to any idea of how the world would define them, so they have the freedom and confidence to fully express the Gift they are to the world.  We need them to BE this GIFT – NOW!

From birth to 5 – 7 (it varies from child to child) children are little sponges.  They soak in everything!  By the end of this time they will have decided how the world works.  This is the time to instill in them they are the cause and their experience is the effect.   Depending upon the level of worldly teaching already experienced, it may take a little longer for some than others to undo the programing that says, “The world is happening to me”.   I know this for sure – It will happen fast as you step fully into your leadership role.

If you have reached a critical state of conflict with your child they are asking loudly for you to become a leader.   Big change calls for a big step.  Plan something big, like a family vacation.  Be present and consistent with every activity and action during this time.  Also be prepared to follow through with set consequences when boundaries are crossed.  The big stuff has the biggest impact.   With small children, it may only take one BIG consequence to re-establish firm boundaries.  If you are willing to sacrifice the big stuff to maintain clear boundaries, surely you are going to follow through on the small stuff.

It was not what I planned, but I did recognize a BIG opportunity to make my boundaries very clear with my granddaughter during our vacation together.   She knows I mean what I say now, when I cut our out of town horse retreat short.  She lives and breathes horses!  Not having spent much time with me, she wasn’t sure how far she could push my boundaries (trust in my word).  She found out she could count on my word when we packed up and left the day after we arrived.   I will not have to do this again.  She knows she can count on me to deliver on all promises.

Cause and Effect is the chalkboard we work out Life’s Lessons.  Do yourself and your children a favor and let them learn the easy way.

I am tempted to say I wish I knew then what I know now.   I know enough to know all things serve a Good purpose and happen in perfect timing.  Our experiences are mandatory or they would not have been.   I am grateful for every one and look forward to What’s Next?

Peace, Joy, LOVE & Health!

Acid Eats Flesh – Inside and Out

Alkaline Acidity ScaleMost of you realize by now much of the information I share with you comes to me in the form of “revelation”; in other words it is not “learned” but revealed. Today I will be talking about about how the body becomes painfully inflamed and how to put out the fire within.

All disease begins with imbalance.  Imbalance in the body is created by what we ingest into the body and by what we “think”.

Toxins in our food, environment and “toxic thinking” create excess acid in the body.
It is well known that a healthy body pH is alkaline (over 7).  Body pH is different than organ pH.  The body pH ideally should match the blood pH; however anything over 7.0 (neutral) is alkaline and health supporting.

We know acid burns our skin.  We know that skin products that are not “pH balanced” may cause irritation.  Yet, many are unaware that acid affects the inside of the body just like the outside.

Acid eats flesh – Inside and out.   If your skin comes in contact with battery acid, it will burn – a lot!  If you have excess acid in the body, it will burn a lot! Just like any well trained “fire fighter” the inflamed body has only one goal – to put out the fire before it sucks out all life force energy.

Our “life force” energy courses through our body and within our oxygenated blood.  The human blood must remain alkaline within a very tight range between 7:40 – 7.45 to support optimum life force energy.   Even a slight deviation and the body becomes vulnerable to disease.  Note:  you will find slightly different opinions on this.  These are the numbers revealed to me.

Becoming too alkaline is much harder to do with diet than being too acidic.  Our outside environment is more acidic than ever and stress is a constant companion for many.  Still it is possible to become too alkaline when body systems malfunction or by eating too much alkaline food over an extended period.

The health of our body is dependent upon creating and maintaining a healthy body pH.  Testing the body pH regularly can alert us to an imbalance before this imbalance leads to inflammation and disease.

Your doctor may order a blood pH test to confirm serious illness.  At this point the body is radically compromised.  It makes more sense to know on a regular basis what the body’s pH is and know how to make corrections before the blood pH is affected.

Example:  Remember, life sustaining blood pH has a very narrow window. Excess acid in the body must be neutralized before it hits the blood.  How does the body do this?  It pulls alkalizing minerals from the bones; the cause of osteoporosis.  You can live for a long time with brittle bones, but not with acidic blood.

The body is always doing the right thing.  It is never the enemy as some “schools of thought” would have us believe.  It is protecting life even at the expense of body parts.  

Another example:  the over-production of cholesterol is directly related to inflammation in the body.  Cholesterol is the “Band Aid” the body uses to patch inflamed arteries before they can spring a link; much like a tire patch.  When an artery springs a leak you bleed to death.  You can live with narrowed arteries for a very long time.

A chronically acidic body inflames every digestive organ until they are paralyzed and diseased.  These organs become unable to perform their function of digesting and assimilating nutrients.  The body becomes malnourished as they scream for relief.

Acidic cells are unable to effectively absorb nutrients and water.   They are like “river rock”.  Everything just washes over them.   Healthy cells are like little sponges.  They hydrate and absorb nutrition easily.

A sure sign of excessive acid is excessive urination.  Does water run right through you?  Do you get up more than once a night regularly to go to the bathroom?  You may not be able to retain water.

When the body is very acidic, “you CAN drink too much water”.   Excessive urination taxes the kidneys and throws electrolytes out of balance.

Not only are “river rock” cells unable to absorb nutrition the compromised digestive system is unable to process and release toxins.  If toxins are allowed to accumulate in the digestive organs, death would be quick and sure. The body must then store these toxins in a safer place; our fat cells. Fat becomes the buffer that protects the body from imminent death.

The body is always doing the right thing..

The body will not release these toxins until it is healthy enough; has enough life force energy to safely carry them away.

Sometimes this never happens and the toxins are taken to the grave.  A body in strife uses a lot of life force energy until it is used up.

The acidic body is a decaying body.   A decaying body becomes the perfect food for our smallest predators; fungus, viruses and bacteria.   Read more about this here:

The body is either thriving or dying.
It never stands still.

Another very good indicator of an acidic body is disportionate weight gain.  For example; if you see a man walking down the street who looks perfectly fit and normal from the back and 9 months pregnant from the front you can be sure this man is full of toxins and probably fungus too.

Toxins are stored in the fat cells. Where you carry your fat, you store your toxins.


Science has made the correlation between heart disease, diabetes, etc. and disportionate waist size.  Now it’s time to connect the dots.  Acid, toxins and disease in the body go hand and hand.

The good news;

While the acidic body is unable to release toxins – The alkaline body is unable to store them.  The healthy, balanced body is able to do what it is miraculously designed to do; release what is not compatible and health supporting.

If you are a client, you know I have the ability to intuitively discern the body pH (many of you do too).  Many of you have tested this ability by testing yourselves with litmus strips (available at any pharmacy).  I’m grateful for all of you that have confirmed for me that I can trust my guidance.

It is easy and “health-saving” to know what your pH is on a weekly basis (before grocery shopping).  The best time to test with a litmus strip is between lunch and dinner.   Keep in mind any substance ingested close to testing time will affect the outcome. For the most accurate test, it is best not to drink or eat anything with 2 ½ hours of testing with the exception of distilled water.

To “maintain” a healthy body pH, concentrate on eating 60% alkaline foods and 40% acidic.   If the body is too acidic you will need to eat even more alkaline foods to bring it back into balance.

What foods are alkaline and acidic?

 All meat is acidic.  All animal products are acidic with the exception of cottage cheese, yogurt and grass- fed butter which are neutral (I have found a French made sheep feta that is also neutral). Neutral 7.0 and does not affect your pH.

Most grains are acidic with the exception of quinoa (really a seed) and some of the “ancient grains”.

All sugar is acidic except for honey.

Many oils and most nuts and seeds are acidic (coconut and olive oil; almonds, flax, pumpkin and sesame seed are some exceptions).

All alcohol is acidic. 

Many legumes are acidic (lentils, kidney and lima beans are some exceptions)

Most fresh fruits and veggies are alkaline or low acidic (lemon is very alkalizing. Cranberries and oranges are acidic).

Simple rule;

For every serving of acidic foods eat 1 to 2 servings of alkaline.  For instance; eat beans and rice and a big salad, or a 4 ounce wild caught salmon filet with baked potato and asparagus.   Or, if you eat all acid one meal eat all alkaline the next.  You can eat anything you are compatible with and maintain balance with a little planning.

  Balance & Happiness is the Key to Good Health!

Here’s to your Joy, Bliss, Happiness & Health!

Intuitive Chef Gail Blair

Empowering Others to Empower Themselves

I am not a doctor or licensed nutritionist.  The information provided in the form of tips, recipes, and nutrition advice does not qualify as a substitution for your medical doctor’s advice. I encourage you to trust your instincts and do what feels right to you, but seek guidance from your doctor concerning your health and wellness.